The importance of layers

To keep yourself warm the coming winter vacation, one needs the best form of winter clothing to keep warm. To undertake this scenario the best way is to wear layers. It is based on a three model layer, which is the base, the middle and the outer layer. One may also wear a shell after the outer layer if it is not water or wind proof. These three layers will protect the body from the outside temperature and environment which paves way for maximum heat retention. An eye on the changing climatic conditions should also be there. Choosing the right layer, for winter is essential to keep you warm and enjoy the winter vacation.

Base layer

It is the first layer of winter protection and is the layer next to the skin. This layer should be correct in order to stay warm during the winter conditions. This layer must be moisture wicking and provide insulation. This means that if you sweat on account of any activity, the base layer will be dry. An ideal layer in this regard is silk, wool and other synthetic fibers. One golden rule to follow is that never use cotton as the base layer. One can adjust the layers according to the climatic conditions they are part of.

Mild layer

The main purpose of this layer is to provide the body with insulation. The warmth is trapped inside your body, and so you need to ensure that all the items fit correctly which allows the warm air to escape. You could also tuck in the layers. This layer must be thicker than the base layer and once again cotton is a strict no in this regard. One may come across several thinner layers like sweater, jacket or a vest and when the weather changes, maximum flexibility need to be provided.

Outer layer

This is the warmest and the thickest insulating layer. There are many layers to choose from in this regard and it is dependent on the temperature, style, purpose along with weight. This form of layer could be a shawl or a jacket. Say for example winter shawls for women would not be bad option as a outer layer because it provides protection from the cold and chilly winds.


This is the final layer which precedes all the other layers. It is an important layer as it protects you from the rain and the wind. In a way, it is the water and wind proof layer which keeps all the other layers warm and dry. Once again there are other features which need to be considered which are durability, weight, warmth and water proofing

So, the best bet is to dress in as much layers as possible during the winter months.

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