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Pet Car in Winter – Is It Always Ludicrously Tough?

Well the answer certainly is no. However, there are certain climatic variables that need your attention right before the winter hits your door. Certainly, you do not have a grizzly bear that will hibernate throughout the winter and therefore, systematic pet care in winter makes a huge sense. Your cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and mice definitely deserve tender loving care as the harsh season is bound to affect them equally as it would to you. Well, thank god, at least you have a choice to wear parka jackets for women throughout the winter. Here are some handy tips to take care of your pets during winter and help them stay warm and cozy just the way they deserve.


Outings in Chill Is No More Thrill

Walking with your dog on a chilly or snowy day is not as easy as you take a stroll in summer days. There are several threats waiting out there. For an example, you may completely miss your balance and become a victim of slip and fall accident if your dog pulls you suddenly. Losing balance on a snow-laden road or ground is quite easy and therefore, you need special precaution to avoid such incidences. Moreover, you might get hurt seriously requiring hospitalization.

Stick To Schedules

Make sure not to overexpose your pets to freezing cold for longer periods. It certainly affects them badly. At times, spending more time in freezing cold temperature may lead to concerns like frostbite, fever, and will certainly give you a run of a lifetime. Taking good care of your pet’s necessities is a top priority yet doing it properly is a must. In addition, certain breeds of dogs require a snug-fit dog coat while going out in the freezing cold. Thereof, make a schedule and stick to it. It is good equally for your dog and you too. As far as cats are concerned, you might observe unusual behavior in reciprocation to the cold out there. However, it is highly recommended to continue with their feeding cycle in a usual manner.


Fur of Furry Friend – Take Care Not To Make It Lackluster

Its fur is prone to absorb moisture and snowflakes whenever your pet walks out. Therefore, always ensure to dry the coat as early as possible. Wiping your pet with a dry towel is the first remedy and you can add a warm touch by blowing your pet dry using a hair dryer. In addition, you need to change the bathing schedule of your pet during winters. Add some intervals to summer bathing schedules so your pet does not suffer from cold and hazards due to overexposure to it.

Taking good care of your pet, a family member is very important. Offering a warm ambiance with cozy space to sleep ensures that winter does not go harsh on them. Make sure to protect them just the way they need to and do not expose them to hazards. It is all up to you how you protect your furry friend. Keep them dry, warm, cozy, and cheerful throughout the winter. Playing with them is one of the promising ways to kill the winter blues forever.

Ladakh – Intermingle With the Cultural Kaleidoscope

Geographical location of Ladakh although farthest, constitutes one of the prominent features that make it a dynamic tourist destination. Ladakh is surrounded by Tibet, China, as well as Pakistan from the three sides. In addition, it was a prime part of the ancient travel route between Tibet and northern India planes. The intricacy of the route and the magnificent Himalaya made it even tougher. However, Ladakh truly has the best picks from various neighboring countries as well as the offerings from the dynasties that ruled. Moreover, most of the Ladakhi population is Buddha follower. The commune with a touch of class and excellent spiritual backbone offers extended hospitality to visitors making Ladakh another home away from home.


One of the fascinating stories from Ladakh refers to a visit of two Englishmen from the East India Company in early 1800. Likely, they were looking forward to the procurement of horses. George Trebeck and William Moorcroft of East India Company, when arrived to Ladakh, requested permission to visit Yarkand. Amazingly yet true, they stayed in Ladakh for over two years awaiting permission to visit and eventually, it was subsequently denied. However, they observed the Ladakhi culture, trade, religion, clothes, and almost every influential element closely during their compulsive stay. Their notes of observations are indeed a reliable resource to learn more about Ladakh these days. Although, their traveling central Asia was in vain, it contributed greatly in creating time stamps in the history.



Thousands of Indian as well as foreigner tourists come to Ladakh every year and Ladakhi welcome them with wide-open arms and hearts. Tourism contributes a major part in the revenue generation and it strongly reflects through the preparedness of Ladakhis to respond to virtually every requirement of guests to the fullest. Enjoying hospitality at its best is a wonderful experience and it indeed plays a vital role in tourists coming back to Ladakh often. Numerous other essentials are catered with equally high priority too.


Ancient trade route played a major role in merchandising as well as in depicting ideas. The rich heritage of Ladakh has a mix of the best of cultures of the neighboring countries. Although, mountainous terrains and extremely bitter climate that add criticality, Ladakhis have smartly learnt their ways and means to overcome it in with buoyancy. The vivacity and endurance of Ladakhis in surviving the toughest challenges truly make them an expression of the best the nature has to offer. This in turn favors the tourism and it indeed has opened abundant avenues to create employment as well as revenue generation resources.

Exploring the hospitality of Ladakhis and the grandiosity of the terrain is simple; all you need is a few clicks, some moments spent on your computer, and smart decisions. Make sure to buy womens winter parka jackets online before you leave for Ladakh, as it is your best protection from the freezing cold temperatures and criticality far beyond the scope of your imagination.

Climate of Ladakh – Are You Prepared To Deal With The Chill and The Thrill?

It is often said that high altitudes and the freezing cold temperature keep visitors away from Ladakh and it certainly is a true expression. Winter is the harshest season of Ladakh and it indeed requires adequate preparations if you are planning to explore the extremities of the season. Parka jackets for women are ideal to protect you from climatic variations and it truly is a handy and reliable resource to enjoy the deliverables of the purest forms of the nature to the fullest. Moreover, summer is ideal season to visit Ladakh and explore abundance of hospitality and vivacity of offerings of the nature. Even wild life of Ladakh is in its magnificence in the summer.


Mountainous rugged terrains of the Himalayas and the extreme freezing temperature make winters harsh and it literally pulls over all the daily activity to a great extent. Temperature drops below the freezing point are quite normal and at times it reaches to -20 degrees or even lesser. Temperature on a winter day is around 2 degrees. Although, Ladakhis suffer from various hazards out of overexposure to extreme cold, they manage to survive through the winter with their uniquely traditional ways and means. However, frostbite as well as skin problems are quite common even after precautions. Tough to deal with temperature truly is a major reason for a huge gap in the lifestyle. Since February, Ladakhis get some relief from the cold. However, December and January are full of snowfall and thick ice on roads making commuting almost impossible.



Ice starts melting since the March and April and it indeed opens the gateways to a paradise on the Earth. It is the moment when tourists start visiting Ladakh and the monetization starts picking up its rapid pace. The sunny side of Ladakh is promising; however, evening and nights are still chilly. Most of the tourist attractions in Ladakh are open since May. With around 16 to 25 degrees pleasing temperature in a day, tourists can enjoy their stay to its best. Temperature drops to around 2 degrees in the night necessitating the huge requirement of warm jackets and woolen winter wear. Summer is the time for fests, celebrations, and enjoying a good time. Folk songs, traditional dances, and loads of other activities are conducted during this delightful part of the year. The charm of warmth and sunny days starts to fade out since October at the dawn of the winter.

Extreme climatic variations observed in Ladakh truly make Ladakhi men and women strong and brave heart. They follow the survival of the fittest instinct even during their daily activities. Harshest winter and the cozy summer are all about Ladakh and its magnificence. Therefore, try visiting Ladakh in early winter if you intend to dare the nature and test your endurance or simply in the summer to explore the best offering of the vivacious nature. Pick of your pick of spending memorable time and rest assured; a warm welcome and immaculate hospitality always waits for you out there in Ladakh.

People and Lifestyle – Magnificence of the Survival Of The Fittest

Dard, the Indo – Aryan race settled in mountainous terrain of the Himalaya during fifth century and that was the genesis of a strong new commune of brave men and women who learnt their way to deal with the glacial chill and the highest altitudes where one can barely breathe. Ladakhi people look quite peculiar with their unique body architecture, round face, and the nose. Moreover, their appearance resembles to Tibetan people. They suffer from several consequences due to their dwelling in high altitude and freezing cold temperature. However, Ladakhis are smart to learn the ways and means to work their way around the odds and enjoy a healthy lifestyle and good living.


Ladakhi men and women indeed are brave and deal with the extremities well. Women wear Goncha, a comfortable woolen robe and a colorful band on the waist. They wear attractive headbands during festivals and special occasions adding immaculately attractive looks. Moreover, they also prefer to wear bright silk robes during these celebrations. Ladakhi men wear pajamas, robes, and hats. The outfit is designed for maximum protection from the bitter cold. Typically, their skin is hard and often chapped and peeled during winter when the temperature drops to -20 degrees or even lesser. Surviving through the winter is itself a herculean task as all the access roads are unavailable due to thick ice. Moreover, general merchandising is also not available.



Most of the Ladakhis follow the Buddhist religion; however, places like Leh, Nubra Valley, and Padum have prominence of Muslims as well as Christians. Buddhist speaking is carved on stones and it indeed expresses the dominance of the Buddhist culture. It in fact, has come out of the various dynasties that have ruled Ladakh in times. Gompas or monasteries are the primary source for education as well as worship of Buddhism. The assorted religious culture of Ladakh goes hand in hand and offers an excellent tradition as a whole. Peaceful and warm hosts from Ladakh truly are a wonderful expression of humanity and hospitality.



Winter is the season when the common monetization activities are quite low. However, from February onwards monetization picks up adding flair to economy. Men and women equally work out there in cold supporting the efforts to meeting their ends. The hard-working commune truly is an expression of the survival of the fittest. Overcoming fringes and handling extremities are quite a tough task in Ladakh, but these men and women find their way out. Tourism is one of the major components that channelize the monetization. Moreover, Ladakhis certainly are acclaimed for their hospitality even when the money in not a consideration.4_women-parka

Visiting Ladakh is an exciting experience and the wide variety of adventure sports activities available here along with high altitudes and extremely bitter temperature make your stay memorable. However, it is strongly recommended to grab long womens parka jackets to add the finest layer of protection from the extremity of climatic variations. Staying warm and cozy need to be the foremost priority and parka jackets certainly allow you to go out there in the dire cold freely.

Be shopaholic

Style is only a term coined to tell about the well known style or a specific trend. “Fashions fade but the style is eternal”. Style is single word that buzzes throughout everyone’s life. Every woman wants to look perfect in her lifestyle. Women are fond of jackets like crazy. Jackets are a necessary part of each woman’s wardrobe. Women of any age can wear elegant jackets to supplement their outfits. They often explore internet to get trendy women jackets of style and design. Women jackets are an extraordinary approach to keep warm as well as a truly trendy. Wearing a jacket, it merits picking deliberately as it has an enormous impact on how Women look. At the point when picking a women jacket one of the first things to consider will be the place you will be wearing it. To pick simply the right shading of jacket, first you ought to consider which colors look great you furthermore which colors will run with the outfit.

Winter Jackets for women are available online in many different designs sizes and colors. Ladies are known for the novelty and advancement in their life style. So much mixture is available on web. Such a large number of jackets are in trend like Parka jackets, sleeveless jackets, leather jackets and numerous more.

4_1_parka jacket

Parka Jackets: Parka is the Perfect Winter Jacket which is even available online. There is a wide mixed bag of modern parkas these days, with having diverse gimmicks. These jackets are fabulous and fantastically versatile implied for day. The parka is a standout among the most dependable sorts of securing outfits available. A parka is dependably thigh-length, almost to the knee, and fur-trimmed. All parkas now work a front zip closure, some with an outside button flap.

Parkas additionally are a fabulous guard against wind. Numerous people adore the simplicity of the parka jacket design with the coziness and comfort that it offers. The coats are produced using manufactured materials nowadays yet at the same time offer the same level of warmth. There is a wide decision of design, styles, shades and sizes of the parka jackets. Parka jackets are intended to give efficient protection from frosty climate. There is a wide mixture of modern parkas, with having diverse gimmicks. A parka jacket is made from synthetic material and entrance is zipped up for closure. The hood is lined with wool in these knee length parka jackets with a lot of pockets as well.


Sleeveless jackets: Style has always been a repetition of idea, but what makes it new is the way to put the trend with tradition. Sleeveless jean jackets are back in current manner and look beautiful. A sleeveless jacket offers an elegant look and a business easygoing that has an inventive Pizzazz. The present sleeveless jacket has adjusted cuts and appearances from the past patterns. Sleeveless jacket outfits can be effortlessly paired with anything to give a cool and easygoing look. In few jackets, the hood is typically separable, which makes it more adaptable and trendier.

Feel the Heat of the Season!

Winter, the season of chill often handicaps many among us due to the constraints of extreme cold and restrictions out of it. However, smart series of winter wear featuring Long Womens Parka coats has answer to these concerns. The hottest and the everlasting trend of Parkas has been the most preferred mode to fight back with the harsh realities of winter and enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, versatility of use makes these coats a true value addition to your wardrobe. Typically, a Parka coat offers extensive protection from cold and many other climatic conditions. In fact, genuine Parkas are even capable of protecting you from snow as well as light rains. Therefore, if you are planning to dare the season, care for a Parka.

Hottest-N-Trendiest – Soft-N-Cozy

Long Womens Parka coats are multifaceted and these are typically designed with due consideration of user requirements. Unlike men’s winter coats, Parkas for women certainly are lightweight and provide equal protection from cold. However, these coats come with trendy designing making them look chic and a perfect charm for the season. Moreover, these coats for women come in many alluring designs, styles, and colors offering an abundance of choices. Whatever the style and class you carry; there always is a precise fit available out there. Although, you need to explore online stores and grab the trendiest Parka, your real companion this winter. In fact, a classy Parka even elevates the standard of living making it magnificent and a class apart you deserve.

1_women parka

Liberate Burdens Forever

You are wrong if you are in an opinion to spend the winter cozily in a home. Several fascinating avenues truly offer freedom to live life magnificently. Moreover, adding vibe to everyday life kills the boredom and sets you free from the conventional limits of maneuvering as well as living your life in your own way. Long Womens Parka coats certainly allow you to go out there and dare the season. Harsh realities are simplified greatly when you pick a Parka for you. Moreover, selection of a perfect Parka that fits is never a concern especially when you know what you are looking for. Gone are the days women when you asked for winter coats, get Parka, and get the ride on the tide. You need be choosy about protecting yourself.

Various clichés need due consideration when you shop for Long Womens Parka. In fact, a good pick comes with excellent style, shell fabric, filling, lining, accessories, and value added features. Make sure to pick every feature with care as missing out any vital element certainly handicaps the level and quality of protection. Parkas available in online stores certainly are designed and sculpted to meet various demands; however, acting smart during decision-making is always rewarding. Moreover, you are spending hard-earned money and you certainly deserve the best value for it. Get your Parka this winter and enjoy the timeless features and advantages. In fact, adding style, class, and luxury to your wardrobe is equally enticing as moving out there in the cold without being wary of cold and the winter.

Yusmarg: The Jesus connection

The Yusmarg hill station is situated at an altitude of 2396 meters in Jammu and Kashmir’s Badgam district and is 47 km from Srinagar. It is a lovely valley covered with pine and fir forests, amid snow-clad mountains. The popular tourist destination, set amid the imposing Himalayan Pir Panjal range, is located on the banks of the Doodhganga, a tributary of the Jhelum. It has the Sunset peak and the Tatakooti peak close by.

A divine place

Yusmarg is well known for another reason. In the Kashmiri language, the name Yusmarg means the meadow of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus Christ had come to Kashmir and stayed at Yusmarg for some time. The haunting two-hour drive to Yusmarg from Srinagar is a clue to what the divine place has in store for the fortunate visitors. The natural setting is fascinating and picturesque. But snowfall can block the road in the winter.

Adventure tourism

It is the right place for adventure tourism. Doodganga has on its banks breath-taking meadow of Tosa Maidan, which nomads use for cattle grazing. A 4-km trek leads to the Nilnag lake surrounded by pine trees. The area has plenty of springs, including the one at Khag, which is known for its curative properties. Another 10-km trek takes the visitors to a frozen lake in Sang-e-Safed valley. Ice covers most of the lake ev

121_Womans Parka Jackets

Lazy wandering

Adventure lovers stay here for a week, stay in tents and trek to various peaks in the region. They can also go in for horse riding and enjoy long rides at reasonable charges. Fishing and photography are other popular activities here. But many tourists enjoy the quietness of the place. Yusmarg is not crowded like most other hill stations near Srinagar. So it is easy for the tourists to relax, wander lazily and aimlessly in the beautiful setting and unwind to overcome the stress and strain of their routine life.

Places of interest

Other places of interest include sunset peak, Mahadiv mountain, Watlab countryside by the Wular lake, Achabal garden, which was the favorite of Mughal Empress Noor Jehan, and Daksum, a walker’s paradise. The valley has the best spring flowers in Kashmir and the rural region has some of the most haunting scenery.

How to reach

The closest airport to Yusmarg is Srinagar, which has regular flights to Shimla, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Delhi. Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station for Yusmarg. It is connected by regular and direct buses to Srinagar. Local buses can take visitors to Chrarar e Sharief in Badgam district.

A mild summer

The summer temperatures in Yusmarg range a minimum of 18 ℃ to a maximum of 30 ℃. In winter, the temperature varies from a minimum of minus 2 ℃ to a maximum of 15 ℃. May to September is the right time to visit Yusmarg. There is snowfall in December and January. Families arriving for a holiday in Yusmarg in summer don’t need too much of protection against weather. The female members can try woman’s parka jackets and feel comfortable enough. During winter though, good protection against cold is mandatory.

How to keep body warm during the harsh cold winter?

Although, winter season is anticipated greatly by the people all over the world, who want to escape the heat of summer season and mud of rainy season, yet they have to prepare themselves for retaining the body warmth. There are many ways in which they can keep the body warm during the harsh winter season. Some of the interesting and exciting ways include the hot cup of coffee or chocolate, staying near the fireplace of the living room with a good book. You can snuggle in the bed with a warm quilt made by your grandmother for retaining the body warmth. One of the best ways to keep body warm also includes wearing several layers of clothing as well as jackets and down parkas.

It is a known fact that the fabrics, which are used for manufacturing your clothes, reflect your sense of style as well as your personality, which mostly depends upon your preferences and tastes. As your body is very delicate, you need to purchase thick overcoats from saving your body from cold harsh winter season and chilly winds. Most of the women use jackets and parks as the undercoats for the winter season. If you have to purchase the jackets and parkas, you can visit internet and key in words, jackets and down parka women on any major search engine for the best deals which are available in the market. If the temperature in your area goes down to 0 degree, you must wear sweatshirts with long sleeves under other winter clothing for the prevention of cold.

133_women jacket

You can combine these garments with trainers or cotton Capri under the jeans. You can wear socks and favorite boots on the feet. You can wear skiing snow shoe when you are going out in the thick snow. For keeping your torso warm, you can wear the jacket of skiing suit. Also, you should never forget the winter accessories such as hats and earmuffs. To complete the winter ensemble, you also need to wear gloves or mittens and scarves.

But, while protecting your body from harsh winter season, you should not fail to take current fashion trends in the consideration. There are many types of women’s headbands, which look very pretty in beanies as well as knitted headbands. There is a very large selection of knitted headbands as well as beanies in the market available in various colours and patterns. You can match them with your winter outfit and make a fashion statement in this festive season. To add texture in your winter ensemble, you can pair a flat textured beanie with a bubble scarf or a colourful scarf as per your choice. When you wear the warm colourful long sleeved top, you can match fingerless or cashmere gloves with them to complete the ensemble.

For winter parties, you can get a pair of excellent flat boots and over the knee heeled boots during the season. You can wear a couple of chunky jewellery to complete this sophisticated and elegant personality.