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List of major sweaters for the weekend

Winter wear refers to the term like causal, lounge around and will get dirty. It also means dining out, dancing and dating. No matter the aim should be to create a flattering image without compromising on the comfort aspect. The right women sweater ensures that it provides both. It should be warm, comfortable and look fabulous regardless of the time as well as the place. The primary concerns are matching a style to the body type and learning the pros and cons of each fiber, which the producers are using today. The top brands in the market offer a combination of quality at attractive prices.

Weekend sweater styles

The right style for most weekends is the style which with one is comfortable. Most women prefer to spend weekend time, without concern for the care of their clothing. While most sweaters fall into the comfort category, some fabrics and styles are suitable for the office.



This can be dressy or casual. The advantage to cardigans is that there is no pulling over the head, that can pose a problem to some hairstyles. The disadvantage is dealing with the buttons to put or take them off. For those, who want a good casual cardigan style for weekends; consider those belts or zippers to eliminate the buttons. Sleeve length is an additional option, which can be short or long sleeved


Crew neck styles are the most common pull over design. The collar is rounded and may be large or small. The turtle neck sweaters have an extended neckline that may or may not fold down. Many heavier women should avoid this form of sweaters as this makes them look bulkier.

Fabrics associated with sweaters


Cotton sweaters can be 100 % cotton or cotton blends, which incorporate other fabrics. It is light, breathable and priced right. One advantage of buying a sweater made from a bend of cotton, with a synthetic fiber such as nylon is that they tend to retain the shape better. Though cotton is not warm as the other choices, it works for all seasons and offers the bonus of machine wash ability.


When you visit sweater online shop or shopping, 100 percent wool offers the advantages of warmth. For many people, it may be irritating to the skin. The woolen blends eliminate much of these. Cashmere is wool which is made from the traditional Asian goats and happens to be finer than the traditional wool. It is warm, soft and not as bulky. You have to dry clean or hand-wash the sweaters.

Whatever form of sweater you choose, the comfort factor is the most important because if it is not comfortable to wear, you will not like it.