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How to dress attractively for work

Women in leadership positions, as well as future leaders at work want to be taken seriously. One of the basic things which we notice about every woman is their clothing, and a firsthand impression is created. The same is true for men, but they have a professional uniform which is easy to identify. There are so many clothing and accessories choices for women to make that are easy to miss the mark. They can project something with their appearance that goes beyond being attractive.

In the age old days, women were subject to stringent rules on what they are supposed to wear. Many of our grandmothers did not work outside the home. So they were not subject to know what to wear at their workplace. But the rub of the green is that women have to look attractive in order to make a good impression. However, it must not look provocative as it will send the wrong signal to the people around you. But the good news is that you can still wear something, which reveals the true sense of your personality. It is all about dressing for the appropriate situation, body type along with the occasion. You need to be aware of the latest in the world of fashion ladies winter wear can convey a new sense of fashion.

ladies wear

Skirt and length of dress

The golden rule is to wear a length, which is proportional to your height and appropriate for the situation. The skirt and the dress length should hit just below the knee. The reason is that when you sit down, the skirt hikes up naturally and one would like to cause a distraction.

Tight clothing

Many of us wear tight clothes that are neither too big nor small, thinking that it makes them look thinner. This is a myth as squeezing into a sausage case will not make you look well and the picture is clear in front of you. Clothes should skim your body and fall naturally. Clothes which are tight can call attention to your body flaws where you have done. Dress in tight clothes sends the wrong signal in the work environment.

Fabric and color

The best way to make a statement about who you are is to wear colors which can make you look radiant and energetic. You need to wear the highest quality fabrics that can make you look affordable, it is indeed better to own a few memorable pieces than a set of unforgettable ones. The best colors are determined by the natural skin color, hair and eye color and even your personality.

All the above tips will make a strong personality statement!

The winter wears and protection against cold

There are a lot of outfits that can protect the human body against the cold and hence they are well-known as winter wears. There are different qualities of winter wears as per the material and hence every winter wear has a different capacity to provide protection against the cold. One can choose the winter wear as per his utility, and therefore, there are garments in the market available which range from a smaller amount or a beginning range to heavy amount for the same type of garment but with different quality. There are various winter wear for ladies that can help them to have the work continue despite the severe cold and compromise with one’s health condition. Ladies are the home managers and in case of any compromise with their protection in winter can prove harmful. Here are various garments of winter for ladies.

Ladies winter wear

  1. Sweater: The sweaters are such an important winter wear that without them the winter season seem incomplete. They are the most popular wears that can counter the winter and used for the same. There are a number of beautiful designs, colours, styles and qualities available in the market that can help one to get the same as per one’s budget. The cardigans and pullovers are also a part of the sweaters only. There are also sleeveless sweaters available for the lovers of sleeveless fashions.
  2. Jacket: Probably jackets are the most common apparels that are used for winter as well as monsoon. The jackets made of materials such as polypropylene and acrylic are also useful in heavy snowfall, rain and severe cold. There are end numbers of designs and styles available with various materials. There are also jackets with dual zip and reversible features available that can attract the youth and fashion freaks. In these days jackets made of denim and silk are also much popular and the styles in the same can also be helpful to the jacket lovers.
  3. Cardigans: Basically, the cardigans are a part of sweaters only but due to the front side opening and button system they are more helpful to the females who keep on working with various sorts of jobs.
  4. Shawls: The shawl is nothing but a piece of fabric that can provide great warmth to the body. The simple style of draping it around makes it more useful and stylish also. There are lot of designs and qualities available for shawls. There are a number of materials used for shawl production also.
  5. Accessories: There are a lot of accessories available in the market that can help the males, females and kids be safe in the winter season. There are various accessories and one can go for the accessory suitable to him in terms of colour, quality, style, material and many other elements.

The Queen of Green Hills in India

Uttarakhand offers some of the best tourist locations of the country. It is gifted with natural scenic mountains that attract thousands of people every day. Mussoorie is undoubtedly one of the most preferred tourist locations during this winter season. It is located at the foothills of Himalayas and has lush green forests and mountains. On one end of Mussoorie, the Ganges flows and the Yamuna flows ,on the other end. You can imagine the scenic beauty of such a place which is blessed with these two rivers. You can have the best view of the Himalayan range from this place.


Temperature at Mussoorie : The temperature in this region can fall very low during winters. If you are planning your holiday during this winter season, you have to get the best winter garments. If you have the right clothing for your holidays, you can enjoy them in a better way. You can get the best ladies winter wear online. It is better to be protected so that you do not fall sick with extreme temperature. Especially children would need good winter garments like jackets and socks.

Waterfalls: This region has some of the best waterfalls. There are many breath taking visuals of waterfalls in this tourist hub. Some of the popular waterfalls in Mussoorie are Kempty Falls and Bhatta Falls. Apart from these, there are other waterfalls like the Mossey Falls and Jharipani Falls. You can enjoy the good climate in both summers and winter season. Your children will enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. It will become an unforgettable experience for your family.

It is well connected by rail and road. You can take your own vehicle or hire a cab from the nearest station. Since the region is surrounded by mountains, the roads are likely to suffer from frequent damage due to landslides and other activities. It is advisable to take sufficient precaution while driving in this area. Also in some parts, the roads will get very narrow and you need good experience to drive in these terrains. If you are not sure about your driving skills, it is better to hire a local taxi. Another alternate option would be to go in a train and enjoy the beauty of the mountains without any tension. You can also travel by bus when there is no other option.

The best season to travel to this place is winter. Although some people rush into this place even during summer as most kids will have vacation during this period. The place will be blooming with lush green trees and landscapes during the winter season. Even the rivers will have plenty of running water during the winter season. You can get the view of both the Ganga and Yamuna Rivera in this place. This is one of the most preferred holiday destinations of many tourists from across the country.

How to buy quality clothes?

Just one look at my closet and your immediate reaction will be I spend all the money on clothing. In fact, it is not stuffed with clothes. The opposite is true as I buy fewer clothes than most people. But the fact of the matter is that most are high quality mostly designer pieces. I am aware of the fact on how tempting it is to buy clothes and you want to transform your cupboard from disposable fashion to high quality items. It is great to avail designer clothes and that too at a budget.

Be aware of your wants?

As far as ladies winter wear is concerned, it makes sense to find a few designers or lines that speak to you and be concerned about your budget. Once you find them to your liking, and then try to look on the various online websites.


Go slow

It is a process which takes a lot of time, so do not rush in to it. You might have to come empty handed once in a while. If you can enjoy the process, you can bring about an element of fun. After all it is easy to go to mall and come with a bag full of purchases, but where is the fun in that. Go through the various online websites is like finding treasure. And when you get second hand clothes at cheaper prices, it is like a million dollar worth.

One should confuse it with the fact that the sweater which I purchased was second hand, but it is an item which I purchased on an online shopping website and it was on sale.

Know quality

One will come across a piece of item which they like once in a while, but are not sure of the quality of who made it. It has happened a lot of times to me. It helps to learn on how to understand quality when you are buying winter wear.

You could start by looking at the seams? Are they sewn properly? Grip the fabric on both sides of the seam and pull it gently. If the thread is pulling apart the seams slightly it is not sewn properly. You could look at other details such as if there is top stitching or whether there are 3 buttons on the cuff rather than 3.

Last but not the least; it is hard to recognize quality at first. You can shorten your learning curve, by going to a high end retailer. The key is to try on the clothing and how it feels. So what do you think? Is spending more on clothing the key? But buying something less will be more than do.

The beautiful winter outfits for beauties

The females are an important part of our society. They are the foundation of a family and hence, their fitness and better health is always an important point. There are a number of jobs they do in a day and hence, they need to remain fit and healthy in all the seasons. The winter is a season where one may like to roam in cold or females may ignore wearing enough winter outfits due to various reasons, but here are a few guidelines for them to keep them healthy and fit as well as enjoy the season without falling sick.


  1. Have proper winter wear: The winter brings cold with it that can be harmful to human health. Hence, to avoid the effects of cold, one needs to have a perfect winter wear that can keep the cold away and provide the warmth to the body. There are a number of such winter wears available in the market. One can choose the apparel as per his own choice and convenience that can help to get the best one available. There are many winter wear for ladies that can be a great help in this season. Considering a number of factors, one can go for better quality outfits that can help one refrain from the cold. One must use a scarf, a good sweater and woollen socks at least to prevent the body from getting in direct contact with the cold.
  2. Have a watch on the health condition: There are a number of health problems that come up due to the negligence to a cold or some situation where one cannot get enough support to keep the winter away. It is very important to keep a watch on the health condition and as soon as even the minor symptoms of a problem are known immediate actions must be taken to avoid worst health condition. A few generic medicines can be of great help in case of body pain, cough, cold, headache and fever.
  3. Take only healthy food: The food is the foundation for a better health. In the winter season it is very important to have quality food that can provide warmth from within the body. One may also feel to have an urge to have more spicy food, but it must be controlled as the spicy food can be harmful here. It is always better to consume homemade food.
  4. Enough sleep and live life free of stress: The ladies shoulder more responsibilities of family and particularly kids. Hence, for them sufficient rest is also very necessary. The sound sleep and life without stress can help them focus on their work and do it with great perfection.
  5. Keep on smiling: Smile and interaction with smiling face can help one keep away from tension and stress which is very much important for ladies.