women shawls

Simple ways to wear a shawl

Since there are such a large number of ways and varieties for utilizing a shawl, you should learn to match it perfectly with your dress. If it is not done in the right style, it will look very odd. On the other hand, when you can wear it properly, it will give you an elegant look. Let us see some of the innovative ways to wear a shawl and look stylish and trendy.

women shawls

Wrap it over shoulders :

The most fundamental use of a shawl is to wrap it over your shoulders. One thing that you ought to be specific about however is that your shawl is not curved or cluttered up. You need it to wrap exquisitely over your shoulders and not make it resemble a wad of yarn. Make sure that you do not stain your clothes. It will look very ugly when you are wearing a dirty looking shawl.

Fold the shawl :

Another way that shawls are utilized is by freely hitching the two finishes together and hanging one end over the back and one in front. Considering those two methods for putting on a shawl, there are times when ladies wear shawls that match with their other outfits. You can match them with a saree or even a pair of salwar kameez. It will look elegant and you can also remove the fold and wrap it around when the weather gets too chilly.

Match with the outfit :

The best way to put on a shawl elegantly is to make sure that it coordinates your outfit. You would prefer not to have a headpiece, shawl, tons a gems and different unnecessary jewellery all in the meantime. Pick what you need to display and work with it. Having an excess of frill at any given time will make you look untidy and out of place. If you are wearing it with a pair of jeans and tshirt, make sure that the shawl is plain and short in length. On the other hand, if you are wearing a saree or any other traditional dress, you can wear long length shawls. You can also use bright colours when you are pairing them with traditional outfits.

Where to buy Shawls :

Previously, people used to buy shawls whenever they went to tourist places like Shimla and Kashmir. The best variety of shawls used to be available in this region. But now the market has opened up for winter garments and you can any kind of shawl in your neighbourhood. Apart from that, there are plenty of online stores which are selling a wide range of winter shawls for women. You can get the best quality shawls from these online websites. They have a huge collection and the designs and colours will leave you surprised. You can also get them at discount rates and have the items delivered to your home without any extra cost.

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