Say Good-Bye To Fuzzy Hair – Apply Fuzzy Logic!

Winter care certainly is more comprehensive than you can ever imagine. In fact, it is the season when you need to take care of everything right from dry itchy scalp to broken toenails and rough hair to dry hands. Moreover, you need to work on the adequate protection plan and stick to it. Selecting right gear for winter care therefore becomes obvious and must to do thing for the season. Healthy mind leads to a healthy body and therefore, if you think you are a victim of winter blues, shed it off. The season has a lot to offer and all you need is being in the right place right on the time to enjoy.

Fuzzy Hair – Plain and Simple Logic to Keep Them Lustrous Throughout the Winter

Loss of moisture is one of the greatest reasons for fuzzy hair. In fact, your scalp plays an equally vital role in making your hair rough, dry, and unmanageable. Moreover, preserving the natural tone of hair becomes tough due to various external factors and mostly due to factors associated with environmental conditions, lifestyle, and food habits. However, here are a few tips that help you to rejuvenate the hair properties and make them just the way you love naturally.


  • Stay Away From Frequent Shampooing – If you are a shampoo lover and love the froth on your hair, think again. Shampoos are known to remove moisture from hair while they clean and make them coarse and dry. The condition worsens in winter as the cold out there certainly adds more complications. Make sure to change your shampooing schedule according to the season. A gap of a few days is quite a good idea and you can always set the interval upon your comfort level and the overall hygiene conditions. However, do not continue the same schedule as of summer as it is going to affect hair badly.


  • Conditioner Is Your Best Friend – Never miss a soothing touch of a conditioner after shampooing. It is one of the easiest and effective means of providing nutrition to hair. It might demand a few more minutes yet, it is worth it. Tender loving care of hair certainly pays back its dividends.
  • Show Some Mercy On Wet Hair – Combing wet hair or blowing them dry often are the prime culprits of hair fall and damage to the scalp. Temperature of the dryer certainly eliminates the moisture from the scalp and hair making them rough, dry, and at times itchy. Therefore, select a gradual drying method to avoid damage to hair. Make sure to clear locks slowly and never comb waterlogged hair. Moreover, a slight layer of olive oil during the combing certainly is beneficial for parched strands.

You can always add a superb layer of protection while stepping out there in the cold by buying winter jackets for women in India online. Select a jacket with a hood. It will guard your head and hair equally when you need it the most. Simple precautions and slight adjustments of habits and lifestyle certainly help you to enjoy the winter chill and never suffer as others do every season year after year.

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