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Regenerate Bathrooms – Drive Hard Water Stains Away With DIY Life Hacks

Often glass panes of shower, spouts, and tubs carry hard water stains and create a negative impression about your housekeeping. Think of the firsthand impression when you visit a friend’s house and happen to see stains all over the bathroom. Well, many of your friends might have the same disgusting impression about you too. However, tackling with these stubborn stains is easy when you intuitively integrate life hacks in your life. Simple recipes and measly priced items help you in regenerating bathrooms. Well. It is as simple as women sweaters online shopping India; however, you will not understand its potential unless you try it out. Therefore, get set to simplify the herculean concern and enjoy stress free spick and span life forever.

Epsom Salt – Thrash Stains Away Forever

Hard water contains high amount of mineral salts and they deposit on tiles, glass panes, and almost every place in the bathroom once the water evaporates. Dealing with these stains is quite tricky as scouring them may hurt faucets or tub. A mix of Epsom salt, baking soda and some liquid dish soap comes handy in getting rid of the stains forever. Baking soda works as a scrubbing agent while the Epsom salt softens hard stains. Your liquid dish soap works as reliable cleaning companion. Procuring these ingredients is not tough if you do not have them at home. Well, they are inexpensive too.

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Mix to max and for the fullest performance

Your DIY hard water stain remover works on almost all surfaces in the bathroom. Wipe clean the surface using a damp cloth before you start. Take the mixture on another damp cloth and wipe the surface. Circular motion for wiping is strongly recommended. Wait for a while once done, as ingredients need some time to work seamlessly on the surface. Another lighter rubbing on the surface offers wonderful results. Now wash the surface with lukewarm water and wipe clean using paper towels or even with newspaper for that matter. Your DIY stain remover is fully loaded to work on various surfaces and materials. Show no mercy to stains on tub, faucets, showerheads, as well as tiles.

You can always use a homemade glass cleaner between the two applications of hard water stain remover as it helps you in keeping everything sparkling clean in the most hassle-free manner. Using available sources creatively makes a huge sense and it liberates you from mundane hard work and many additional expenses. Moreover, finding the right DIY hack is always easy as most of these ingredients are readily available in the pantry. In fact, buying them is also very cheap even if you do not have them. DIY life hacks are tested methods with proven results. In fact, you need not wear gloves, masks, or goggles when you undertake the cleaning mission as this mixture is soft on hands, does not emit strong vapors, and you can rely on it for the sparkling clean just the way you need it. Count on DIY life hacks when demanding essential of life are too tough to handle.

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