People and Lifestyle – Magnificence of the Survival Of The Fittest

Dard, the Indo – Aryan race settled in mountainous terrain of the Himalaya during fifth century and that was the genesis of a strong new commune of brave men and women who learnt their way to deal with the glacial chill and the highest altitudes where one can barely breathe. Ladakhi people look quite peculiar with their unique body architecture, round face, and the nose. Moreover, their appearance resembles to Tibetan people. They suffer from several consequences due to their dwelling in high altitude and freezing cold temperature. However, Ladakhis are smart to learn the ways and means to work their way around the odds and enjoy a healthy lifestyle and good living.


Ladakhi men and women indeed are brave and deal with the extremities well. Women wear Goncha, a comfortable woolen robe and a colorful band on the waist. They wear attractive headbands during festivals and special occasions adding immaculately attractive looks. Moreover, they also prefer to wear bright silk robes during these celebrations. Ladakhi men wear pajamas, robes, and hats. The outfit is designed for maximum protection from the bitter cold. Typically, their skin is hard and often chapped and peeled during winter when the temperature drops to -20 degrees or even lesser. Surviving through the winter is itself a herculean task as all the access roads are unavailable due to thick ice. Moreover, general merchandising is also not available.



Most of the Ladakhis follow the Buddhist religion; however, places like Leh, Nubra Valley, and Padum have prominence of Muslims as well as Christians. Buddhist speaking is carved on stones and it indeed expresses the dominance of the Buddhist culture. It in fact, has come out of the various dynasties that have ruled Ladakh in times. Gompas or monasteries are the primary source for education as well as worship of Buddhism. The assorted religious culture of Ladakh goes hand in hand and offers an excellent tradition as a whole. Peaceful and warm hosts from Ladakh truly are a wonderful expression of humanity and hospitality.



Winter is the season when the common monetization activities are quite low. However, from February onwards monetization picks up adding flair to economy. Men and women equally work out there in cold supporting the efforts to meeting their ends. The hard-working commune truly is an expression of the survival of the fittest. Overcoming fringes and handling extremities are quite a tough task in Ladakh, but these men and women find their way out. Tourism is one of the major components that channelize the monetization. Moreover, Ladakhis certainly are acclaimed for their hospitality even when the money in not a consideration.4_women-parka

Visiting Ladakh is an exciting experience and the wide variety of adventure sports activities available here along with high altitudes and extremely bitter temperature make your stay memorable. However, it is strongly recommended to grab long womens parka jackets to add the finest layer of protection from the extremity of climatic variations. Staying warm and cozy need to be the foremost priority and parka jackets certainly allow you to go out there in the dire cold freely.

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