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Naphthalene Balls And Pet Safety – Are You Still Using Grandma’s Methods

Using naphthalene balls is one of the most trusted ways to keep moths and insects away from your precious woolens and it has been popular since your grandma’s time. However, things change with the time and studies reveal that naphthalene balls are equally harmful for moths and their larvae along with humans and pets as well. In fact, the severity increases exponentially for cats as they definitely fall sick upon the contact. Well, you can make your cat sick accidently while dealing with the moths in an inappropriate way. Taking adequate care is priceless and so is cardigan for women during the winter. Therefore, understand the essentials before you set off to buy another pack of naphthalene balls.

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Household Poison – Why Try It Anyway

Naphthalene balls come with toxic chemicals and they evaporate slowly while releasing toxic gas. The peculiar smell of naphthalene balls is the vapors they emit 24X7round the clock. Well, these vapors kill moths, their larvae, and repel many other insects as well as reptiles. However, vapors of naphthalene balls are known to cause problems on multiple levels due to the mode of absorptions like

  • Inhalation
  • Absorption though skin pores
  • Absorption through digestive system when engulfed

Severity of the problem definitely depends upon the amount of exposure. However, in any case you are sure to fall prey to being a victim of household poisoning on various degrees of severity.

What Makes You And Pets Safer?

Certain natural alternatives are available and using them helps you in keeping pets safe. Here are some things that keep your favorite pet safe from the hazards of exposure to naphthalene balls.

  • Avoid using naphthalene balls at all costs.
  • Take care not to inhale strong vapors when you open a packet of sweater packed and loaded with naphtha balls last winter.
  • Make sure that room is open and adequately ventilated when you do so.
  • Keep pets away from the room while you deal with naphtha balls.
  • Do not place them on floor or any place within the reach of the pets.

Here are some symptoms to watch and seek medical attention for you as well as your pet.

  • Vomiting
  • Breath with naphthalene ball smell
  • Pale gums
  • Obstructed breathing
  • Lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Organ failure in severe poisoning conditions

Contact the veterinarian immediately as your pet needs timely help during those precious moments. Be sure to take care and act fast during an emergency.

Using grandma’s methods is not necessary at all times and especially rethink if you still are using naphthalene balls to protect woolens from moths. Many parallel and safer alternatives to naphthalene balls are available and using them is always a smart move. Think organic and stay away from using the household poisons as you never know when they could cause a serious concern and you are the victim then. Preventive measures help you in keeping problems at bay. Therefore, be sure to act smart and stay away from possible problems when you surely know they exist.

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