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Makalu Barun National Park – Come, Get Amazed

Makalu Barun National Park is quite a tough to reach destination. Reaching the park requires a six daylong walk from Tumlingtar. Well, Tumlingtar is accessible from Kathmandu by a 40-minute flight. However, visiting Makalu Barun National Park indeed is worth all the trouble you take to reach. Be sure to prep well on various items you require during the walk including winter shawls for women, as you need them to deal with the climatic variations. Moreover, shawls come handy as a wrap during the night. Always insist on buying pure wool shawls, as they are lightweight and offer excellent warmth just the way you need when you are out there in the cold and wilderness.


Get Amazed

Witnessing and magic of the season is amazing when you visit Makalu Barun National Park in suitable season. Months from June to September are not suitable for visiting the Park. However, visiting during March to May and October to November is pleasing. However, certain areas of the park are hot due to lower elevation. Be sure to catch the heat by visiting in the suitable season. Headquarters of the park is situated in Seduwa. Entry fee of 25 Nepalese rupees is requires for Nepali person for each entry. On the other hands, foreigners need to remit 3000 Nepalese rupees towards the entry fee. Visitors originating from SAARC participating countries need to deposit 1500 Nepalese rupees for the grant of the admission to the park.

Witness The Grandiosity

Makalu Barun National Park is a perfect venue for fun filled family vacations. It in fact turns memorable due to the tantalizing accommodations in camping amidst the wilderness. Moreover, trekking and mountaineering activities offered here indeed are the best resource to enjoy the goodness of timeless adventure tourism and unleash the rush of the adrenaline. In addition, Makalu Barun National Park offers scenic wild life featuring animals like Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Ghoral, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Tahr, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Weasel, Himalayan Marmot, Serow, and Langur Monkey. Arun River of the Makalu Barun National Park is a home for over 84 varieties of fishes.

Speechless Scenic Beauty

Makalu Barun National Park is sub-tropical forest migrating into semi-alpine and alpine forest as the inclination grows. The vegetation here features

  • 48 primroses species
  • 87 medicinal herb species
  • 48 orchid species
  • 25 varieties of rhododendrons
  • 86 fodder trees species

The amazing versatility of the nature offered under one roof make it a perfect destination for tourists as well as scientists. Makalu Barun National Park indeed has something for someone.

Exploring the wonderful world of animals, birds, fishes, reptiles, plants, and trees comes with immense pleasure of finding the true peace of mind you deserve. The purpose of holidaying to enjoy the freedom from the hectic and demanding lifestyle indeed succeeds when you spend the good times in Nepal. Come get amazed with the offerings of Nepal and make it your next destination too. Well even months are not enough to explore Nepal to the fullest; however, these glimpses are ideal for a content feeling.

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