Lemon Water – Kick Start A Rocking Day Everyday

Dose of caffeine in the morning is what we are habituated to. However, switching it with a glass of lemon water makes a huge sense especially due to the health benefits it comes with. Surprisingly, many of us are not aware of it and never ever think of going for a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning when they wake up. Well, a cup of coffee can give you anything from ulcers to insomnia and from stress to bloating. However, switching over to a glass of lemon water comes loaded with advantages you cannot afford to miss of course if you are health conscious. Daybreak with a homemade energy drink is amazing and it is easy to make than making a cup of coffee. Well, it is as amazing as you buy sweater online and wear it amid the rosy chill.


  • A glass of hot lemon water in the morning triggers the digestive enzymes. Flavonoids in citrus fruits help in improving the digestion when they work in conjunction with intestinal acids.
  • Flavonoids are known to induce digestion of certain forms of fats in the body. It means a glass of lemon water helps significantly in weight loss of course if you need it. One glass of lemon water comes handy in many ways than you imagine or expect.
  • Lemon juice contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help in reducing inflammation. Collagen built up due to the vitamin C is also a bonus worth considering. Moreover, intake of glassful water in the morning helps in hydrating the body after a long overnight gap.
  • Lemon juice helps to keep skin pompous and glowing. Thanks to the vitamin C and the hydration it offers unlike the cup of coffee. It also results in controlling wrinkles on the skin.
  • Drinking a glass of lemon water increases the immunity with its vitamin C. Immunity boost reduces the chances of falling sick. It is worth trying if you are susceptible to falling sick often.
  • A glass of lemon water is resourceful in keeping breathe fresh for a long time. Natural antibacterial element in the lemon juice kills bacteria in the oral cavity resulting in fresher breath for a long time.
  • Lemon juice is rich in potassium content. Drinking lemon water offers the intake of consumable potassium to the body for a healthy boost to various body organs. Potassium improves the functions of nervous system, heart, and brain.
  • Invigorating freshness and scent of lemon helps in waking you up properly and gives a head start for an energetic day ahead. However, always use the freshly squeezed lemon juice for astounding freshness you deserve.

Replacing a steaming hot cup of coffee with a glass of hot lemon water may make some fret and run away from the idea. However, the switch over is worth it and you will realize the significance only when you try it out. Well, there is never too late to start a new thing and it may be tomorrow for you. Go ahead and give a 360° to your lifestyle; it is worth it.

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