Ladakh – Intermingle With the Cultural Kaleidoscope

Geographical location of Ladakh although farthest, constitutes one of the prominent features that make it a dynamic tourist destination. Ladakh is surrounded by Tibet, China, as well as Pakistan from the three sides. In addition, it was a prime part of the ancient travel route between Tibet and northern India planes. The intricacy of the route and the magnificent Himalaya made it even tougher. However, Ladakh truly has the best picks from various neighboring countries as well as the offerings from the dynasties that ruled. Moreover, most of the Ladakhi population is Buddha follower. The commune with a touch of class and excellent spiritual backbone offers extended hospitality to visitors making Ladakh another home away from home.


One of the fascinating stories from Ladakh refers to a visit of two Englishmen from the East India Company in early 1800. Likely, they were looking forward to the procurement of horses. George Trebeck and William Moorcroft of East India Company, when arrived to Ladakh, requested permission to visit Yarkand. Amazingly yet true, they stayed in Ladakh for over two years awaiting permission to visit and eventually, it was subsequently denied. However, they observed the Ladakhi culture, trade, religion, clothes, and almost every influential element closely during their compulsive stay. Their notes of observations are indeed a reliable resource to learn more about Ladakh these days. Although, their traveling central Asia was in vain, it contributed greatly in creating time stamps in the history.



Thousands of Indian as well as foreigner tourists come to Ladakh every year and Ladakhi welcome them with wide-open arms and hearts. Tourism contributes a major part in the revenue generation and it strongly reflects through the preparedness of Ladakhis to respond to virtually every requirement of guests to the fullest. Enjoying hospitality at its best is a wonderful experience and it indeed plays a vital role in tourists coming back to Ladakh often. Numerous other essentials are catered with equally high priority too.


Ancient trade route played a major role in merchandising as well as in depicting ideas. The rich heritage of Ladakh has a mix of the best of cultures of the neighboring countries. Although, mountainous terrains and extremely bitter climate that add criticality, Ladakhis have smartly learnt their ways and means to overcome it in with buoyancy. The vivacity and endurance of Ladakhis in surviving the toughest challenges truly make them an expression of the best the nature has to offer. This in turn favors the tourism and it indeed has opened abundant avenues to create employment as well as revenue generation resources.

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