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Climate of Ladakh – Are You Prepared To Deal With The Chill and The Thrill?

It is often said that high altitudes and the freezing cold temperature keep visitors away from Ladakh and it certainly is a true expression. Winter is the harshest season of Ladakh and it indeed requires adequate preparations if you are planning to explore the extremities of the season. Parka jackets for women are ideal to protect you from climatic variations and it truly is a handy and reliable resource to enjoy the deliverables of the purest forms of the nature to the fullest. Moreover, summer is ideal season to visit Ladakh and explore abundance of hospitality and vivacity of offerings of the nature. Even wild life of Ladakh is in its magnificence in the summer.


Mountainous rugged terrains of the Himalayas and the extreme freezing temperature make winters harsh and it literally pulls over all the daily activity to a great extent. Temperature drops below the freezing point are quite normal and at times it reaches to -20 degrees or even lesser. Temperature on a winter day is around 2 degrees. Although, Ladakhis suffer from various hazards out of overexposure to extreme cold, they manage to survive through the winter with their uniquely traditional ways and means. However, frostbite as well as skin problems are quite common even after precautions. Tough to deal with temperature truly is a major reason for a huge gap in the lifestyle. Since February, Ladakhis get some relief from the cold. However, December and January are full of snowfall and thick ice on roads making commuting almost impossible.



Ice starts melting since the March and April and it indeed opens the gateways to a paradise on the Earth. It is the moment when tourists start visiting Ladakh and the monetization starts picking up its rapid pace. The sunny side of Ladakh is promising; however, evening and nights are still chilly. Most of the tourist attractions in Ladakh are open since May. With around 16 to 25 degrees pleasing temperature in a day, tourists can enjoy their stay to its best. Temperature drops to around 2 degrees in the night necessitating the huge requirement of warm jackets and woolen winter wear. Summer is the time for fests, celebrations, and enjoying a good time. Folk songs, traditional dances, and loads of other activities are conducted during this delightful part of the year. The charm of warmth and sunny days starts to fade out since October at the dawn of the winter.

Extreme climatic variations observed in Ladakh truly make Ladakhi men and women strong and brave heart. They follow the survival of the fittest instinct even during their daily activities. Harshest winter and the cozy summer are all about Ladakh and its magnificence. Therefore, try visiting Ladakh in early winter if you intend to dare the nature and test your endurance or simply in the summer to explore the best offering of the vivacious nature. Pick of your pick of spending memorable time and rest assured; a warm welcome and immaculate hospitality always waits for you out there in Ladakh.

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