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Gifts for new moms

Between feedings, changing diapers, and getting used to their happy but sleepless life, new moms need special attention when it comes to gift-giving. Read on for a list of no-fail gifts for new moms that are guaranteed to make her happy.

Breastfeeding succeeds when those around a new mom gives her the support she needs. Feeling comfortable also helps. On this note a nursing pillow can make a great gift. It positions the baby properly and supports a mom’s back, arms, and elbows. Some designs can also double as a back support for the baby while she learns to sit up. Late-night feedings will be easier on Mom and more soothing for the baby if they can be done on a rocking chair. If the price tag is too steep, ask others to pool money and give it as a group gift.

There isn’t a lot mummy can do during those late night feedings. Reading a book requires lights and lights translate to waking the baby. Give the new mom the gift of distraction, with a Nook Colour. It is lightweight, easy to hold with one hand, and is backlit for nighttime’s reading.

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Celebrate motherhood with a pretty custom mommy necklace. You can find silver ones that are budget-friendly, stylish, and unique. The stress of giving birth or taking care of a newborn isn’t easy to handle. Give the tired and stressed mom gift of relaxation—a massage, facial, or a full day of pampering at a local spa.

Finding clothes that flatter your post-baby body is difficult enough without having to drag your newborn with you through the mall. Buy a flattering and comfy top that will be trendy enough to wear on a night out, but still flexible enough for breastfeeding.

Post-baby skin is quite different from normal skin. Help mama scrub down and feel gorgeous by gifting her some delicious body scrub. Just because she’s a mom, she doesn’t have to be frumpy. Make her feel cool with a trendy, budget- and post-baby body friendly sweatshirt. You can also buy stoles for ladies. They are comfortably warm and easier to manage while breastfeeding.

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean she’s done with her sense of style. A chic diaper bag that looks sleek and sophisticated and is filled with diapers, wipes, lotions, and other baby supplies is a practical — and fashionable — gift.

When choosing a bag, stay away from pastel colours. You can’t go wrong with basic black. Go for something stylish rather than cartoon characters and ribbons.

When the beds are still unmade at the end of the day and the baby’s having a good cry, the last thing a new mom will want to do is cook. So give new parents a gift certificate from waiters-on-wheels service or a local catering company. Along with it you can throw in a gift subscription to a DVD-delivery service. Keep Mom and Dad entertained with the latest releases as they won’t be heading out to the movies anytime soon.

Pashmina- Buying, testing and caring

Shawls especially Pashmina shawls and stoles have always been a source of fascination for women. There are many Pashmina and semi Pashmina Stoles for women online. But how do you recognize real Pashmina? How do you buy Pashmina shawls and stoles? Well, I will tell you.

First know what Pashmina is. Pashmina is cashmere wool of high quality. It is derived from the undercoat from a specific type of goats that are found on the mountains of Kashmir. In early era, Pashmina was considered a royal material available only for Kings and royal families. Pashmina is made by special Kashmiri embroidery called kasida.

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How do you know if your Pashmina is authentic?

There are two ways of testing the authenticity of Pashmina. Damp a little corner of the Pashmina garment. It will have an organic smell after it is damp, like all wool garments. It will have a smell similar to the wet animal coat. Another way to test is by burning. Cut few threads from the corner of the Pashmina garment. Since these are made from the hair materials, hence they should smell like the hairs smell while burning. Real Pashmina will leave ash, which will easily fall from the remaining material.

Pricing of Pashmina garment?

Pashmina are rare and includes high level of intricate work. Hence, Pashmina is pricely and can cost you several thousand Rupees. Its pricing also depends on the finesse of fibers. Thinner the fibers will be, the premium will be the price. Special techniques like multi-color weaving and special embroidery add to the price. Hence, a buyer should always check for the authenticity and should evaluate the fiber content and craftsmanship before paying.

What are the types of Pashmina garments?

Pashmina is used for making different types of accessories. There is a general dimension to each of them. Scarf has the dimension of Twelve by sixty inches while stoles come in the size of Twenty-eight by eighty inches and shawls have the measurement of Thirty-six by eighty inches. Every inch of increase in the dimension will add to the cost. Therefore you will often see a drastic difference of prices in the accessories.

How to wash it?

Generally drycleaning is preferred, but you can also wash your Pashmina garment at home. Use cool water and wool detergent. Make sure you thoroughly wash away the detergent because any remains may cause damage to the delicate fibers. After you have carefully rinsed it, drain the excess water from the garment by pressing it together with both hands. Don’t wring it for it can break the fibers. You can also roll it in to a towel and press the bundle to extract remaining water. Smooth it and then let it dry naturally.

How to enjoy scenic beauty in Coorg

When you are hard pressed by the hectic schedule of your daily lives, and feel that the need of the hour is a break away from the stress, then you need to take a break and come back with full of energy. One of the best things which you could do is to visit a hill station. So, whenever hill station comes to the mind, our thought process is gladdened with some hill stations snowcapped and situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. But one does not confine to the Northern part of the country as there are some hill stations to in the southern part of the country.

One of the names, which spring up to our mind in a fraction of a second is Coorg, which is located near the city of Bangalore. The scenic and natural beauty has a strong appeal with someone who is in love with nature. But any tourist spot also needs to ensure that you are properly protected in terms of climatic conditions. You could buy stoles online shopping and proceed off with to the place. One needs to understand that the climate of this place is not frigid. But still you need to have the proper set of clothes at your disposal. The places of strategic importance in Coorg are as follows-

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Coffee plantations

It is one of the few places in the country where you can get excellent coffee plantation. It is renowned for coffee plantation and close to 60% of the coffee produced in the country comes from this region. One of the best mechanisms to enjoy the coffee plantation is to stay in one of the resorts in the coffee estate.


If waterfalls excites you and you are a water enthusiast, then you are lucky to catch hold of two major ones in the region. They are the Irupu and the Abbey Falls. The best time to visit this place is just after the summer season or during the season of monsoon. Around the Irupu Falls, you can enjoy the presence of butterflies as well.

Treks and mountains

If there is a paradise on earth in terms of mountaineering and trekking, this place has to be it. The place is witnessed to some towering peaks where trekkers enjoy the adventures and challenges of mountain climbing. The famous trekking routes are from Kakkabe to Thadiyandamol, which also happens to be the one of the highest peaks in the world. A good 5 hours is taken to complete this trip. Many trekkers also enjoy the trip to the Brahmagiri Range. One can combine a visit to the Abbey Falls with a trekking trip to Mandalpatti.

Beautiful winter holiday attractions of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the most preferred tourist destinations of the North East region. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the country come to this place to enjoy the natural beauty of this region and spend some quality time with their family and friends. It has excellent tourist attractions to captivate your view and you will never regret choosing this place for your winter holidays. However, always make sure that you carry good premium quality winter garments for your tour. The place is very cold during the winter season and it makes sense to keep yourself warm during your holidays. You can now get sweaters, jackets and stoles for women online at various stores. Get the best quality winter garments which can give maximum protection from chilly weather.


Limestone Caves:

These glorious awesome structures can leave any one hypnotized. Made of limestone, these caves are situated close to Cherrapunjee which is a place that has the most astounding precipitation on the planet. This is one of the major tourist attractions of this region and thousands of travellers visit this place every year.

Elephant Falls:

Situated at the edges of the capital city – Shillong, this stunning waterfall looks like an elephant, and is enriched with an amazing characteristic magnificence. This two-level waterfall is encompassed by magnificent greenery, and is an absolute must visit place for nature-adoring travellers coming to Meghalaya.

Barapani Lake:

This excellent characteristic lake draws in countless number of tourists who wish to have an exciting holiday loaded with rush and joy. You can enjoy many water sports activities at this lake. You will have a good time with your family and friends in this place.

Khasi Hills:

Among the most wonderful hills in India, Kashi Hills have long been a famous travel destination in Meghalaya. Other than its glimmering characteristic bounties, the slope is known for Cherrapunjee – topographically popular to be the wettest place on the earth. Other than this, an astonishing mixed bag of tourism attractions in and around this place includes the Botanical Garden and Butterfly Museum.

Nongkhnum Island:

After Majuli Island in Assam, this is the second biggest stream island in Asia. It’s around 14 km from Nongstion and spreads across 25 of zone. This enchanting island is situated where the Kynshi River is extended into the Phanliang River and the Namliang River. This delightful sandy shore gives picturesque vistas of encompassing rivers and woods alongside a scope of adventure activities for tourists.

You can easily reach this place by rail and roadways. There are many travel operators who provide good facility for both travel and accommodation. If you plan your holiday in advance, it should not be a problem to get the best hotels and resorts at these places. You will also get good discount when you book for your holidays in advance.

Exciting winter tourism attractions of Assam

Assam is one of the least popular tourist destinations of the country. There are many unexplored beauties in this region which needs to be brought into the limelight by the tourism authorities. The place has good potential for tourism and due to lack of publicity; these places are not on top of the list in the tourist guide. However, if you prefer to have a calm holiday along with your friends and family, you must visit this beautiful place in the winter season. The only thing you have to ensure is to have proper winter garments to keep you warm in the chilly weather. You can take sweaters, jackets, stoles and shawls along with you for the holidays in Assam. Before planning your trip in this winter season, go for stole for women online shopping. You will get them easily at various online stores and it is very useful in the winter season. You can wear them in multiple ways and it is a very flexible garment.

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Kaziranga National Park

Located in the Golaghat and Nagaon region of Assam, Kaziranga National Park is known as a world heritage site. It is spread over an area of 166 sq miles. The one horned Rhino is the primary attraction of this place. Another well known fascination at Kaziragna is the elephant ride. You can go out on a safari and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Assam State Zoo

There is the Assam state Zoo which is another modest and mainstream fascination for both locals and outsiders. With almost nine hundred creatures, and around one hundred and thirteen distinct species, this is a must visit place for wildlife enthusiasts. Do not forget to take your camera to this place.


Rightly called the Scotland of Assam you are certain to get serene, yet stunning landscape in this delightful town. As a standout amongst the most well known vacationer spots in Assam you can touch the mists on the striking slope and mountain ranges which are a sight that is difficult to be overlooked. The lavish, green vegetation all through the town and encompassing slopes will make you fall in love with this place. Make certain to visit Halflong Lake in the very heart of the city. A spot where you can enjoy a mixed bag of sailing, angling and water games along with your friends and family.


Known as the world’s biggest island and situated in the upper portion of the Brahmaputra River which courses through the wings of Assam. Installed in rich Assamese society the Island is certain to give you an essence of conventional Assam.


Guwahati is known as the passage toward the north east, it is one spot you would prefer not to miss.   The Umananda Island is on the outskirt of Guwahati, which has a huge number of golden langurs.

Beautiful winter holidays in Majuli Island

Northeast is a place that is known for spiritual places, exotic mountains and lavish wilderness.  Assam is one such awesome place situated at the heart of north east India and has loads of wonderful things to offer its visitors. It is the second biggest state of northeast India and has a fertile land belt because of the forceful Brahmaputra stream. This gigantic stream plunges into Assam from South western Tibet. Let us see some of the unexplored beauties of this region.

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Majuli is the biggest island of South Asia and situated at the upper ranges of Brahmaputra. Majuli Island is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna. It gives safe house to more than 850 unique types of birds, fresh water dolphins. Apart from that, this place also has substantial populaces of elephants, one-horned rhinos, and wild bison.

Majuli has a populace of close to 2 lakh people and its fundamental occupants are Assamese Vaishnavite. This miracle area is only 200km from Guwahati, the state capital and has a range of about approx 900 sq. kms. The closest air terminal to Majuli is in Jorhat, which is just 20 km away. For as long as 500 years, Majuli has been perceived as the social capital of Assam furthermore considered as the support of Assamese development. It is the focal point of Assamese Vishnavite culture and is a vault of rich legacy. Majuli has more than 20 Vaishnava temples which attract thousands of tourists from all over the country. These satras assumed a vital part in spreading the religious belief system of the Assamese medieval Vaisnavite holy person Sankardeva and his devotee Madhavdeva. Their proclaiming is known as the Satria society. There is a fascinating legend connected with the island as per which at one point of time Lord Krishna with his companions used to come here to play.  Later Vaishnavism was spread here by a social reformer Sankardeva.

If you are planning to visit this place during the winter season, it would make sense to carry some warm clothing along with you. The region gets extremely cold during this season, and you should ideally carry sweaters, jackets, stoles and caps for your holidays. It is very easy to get these items. You can go for ladies stole online shopping at various stores across the country and choose the best winter garments for this season. You will also get good discount during this period.

There is a peculiar thing about this island that each storm, Majuli changes its shape depending on the precipitation and the inclination of the Brahmaputra River. However, it doesn’t influence their regular life. This island is currently nearly termination because of the nonstop contracting of its shoreline. Additionally they are attempting to enrol it under the World Heritage Site for its one of a kind geological element.

Truly Fashionable…

Fashion with comfort has turned out to be the motto of many young women out there. A few accessories may look quite simple, but they can take your fashion to a next level. A stole predominantly takes the first place in this category. Apart from making you look trendier, these accessories provide you better warmth in winter. Stoles are fun and appealing. Getting into the right ones can bring out the real comfort and add true style to you. We will help you out to buy women’s stoles online.

What Is The Difference Between Scarf And Stole…?

Often, we can find the words scarf and stole used interchangeably. However, in the world of fashion, they are treated as two distinct accessories. These two garments are available in similar shapes and may have fringes at the ends. They differ by the below stated terms:

  • Stoles are lengthier garments, then scarves.
  • Scarves are meant to be worn around the neck to keep it warmer whereas the other can be used to cover the shoulders and arms.stole

Types of Stoles:

Stoles are the “go anywhere” kind of garments. You can use it on multiple occasions. Depending upon the application, they are characterized as following

  • Religious stole: As the name suggests, they are purposely used for religious occasions. In general the width of the stole remains around 6 inches, whereas, the length varies around 8 feet. These stoles are often decorated with attractive colors.
  • Academic stole: When it comes to graduation ceremonies, you just can’t miss this out. They are worn like religious stoles, yet, there is a significant difference between the lengths and decorative aspects.
  • Fashion stole: The above stated types are considered as the formal types. When it comes to a party, style matters the most. There are numerous fashion stoles out there and newer ones are coming into the market every season.

Fabrics Employed:

Fashion stoles are often made from expensive fabrics to bring out the best look and admirable comfort. A few of them are listed below.

  • Pashmina: They possess high durability. A white or black colored pashmina stole can bring out the better look.
  • Silk blend: The Pashmina is often blended with silk in manufacturing of stoles. They can fetch the best style at the affordable prices.
  • Mink: Mink is a type of fur. These furs made stoles can bring better warmth. They have a soft texture and look adorable for young women.

Get Online:

Stoles have become increasingly popular among women and they are also found in many stores. However, going from store to store to get one of your choices is always a time consuming and tedious process. Hence it is advisable to prefer online stores as they can provide you an endless number of choices. A few tips as below can aid you when in buying online:

  • Shop from a reputed store.
  • Check out for excessive shipping charges.
  • The fit selected shouldn’t be too long. If it is so, it can overwhelm the body.
  • The fabric selected should be comfortable to wear.

Citrus Spray Cleaner – Unleash The Potential Of All Natural Cleaner

Nature has so much to offer and we often ignore it in the hassles of meeting deadlines and sticking to hectic schedules. However, you will be amazed if you stop by for a moment and explore the offerings of the nature. Making citrus spray cleaner at home is a wise decision as it offers versatility and true potential of delivering sparkling clean in everything around you. Use these natural elements to the fullest capacity and enjoy the finest advantages in real-time. It is easy, intuitive, and smart. It offers same lead like semi pashmina Stole for women online shopping. Perfect blend of ingredient and a wonderful making process indeed turn pashmina stoles into masterpieces to be proud of.

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Blazing Performance – Every Time

DIY citrus spray cleaner comes with the goodness of natural ingredients to serve you in the best plausible manner. It is fully loaded with superior cleaning power and it is very easy to make. Moreover, finding simple solutions to tough everyday problems is amazing when you rely on various DIY remedies. Therefore, count on DIY citrus spray cleaner for virtually every instant cleaning requirement. Get set to blow the conventional way of handling cleaning essentials with the wonderful DIY products.

Make Your Own DIY Cleaning Solution Swiftly

Making DIY citrus spray cleaner is easy and you need merely two ingredients and some time. Take peels of lemons and oranges and keep them in a jar. Pour vinegar until the jar is full. Use white distilled vinegar for superb results. Close the lid of the jar and keep it in the dark place for about a week. Natural interaction between the vinegar and peels offer a fantastic everyday use cleaner at measly expenses. Limonene from citrus peels and acidic vinegar create a perfect blend suitable for virtually every cleaning application. You can repurpose used peels to make another round of cleaner simply by pouring fresh vinegar and keep the sealed jar in dark place for another week.

Works Fantastically

Take the jar out ounce the wait period of a week is over. Stir the contents of the jar and strain the liquid portion into a spray bottle. Now you will see a classy yellowish orange colored liquid in spray bottle. Your tool to thrash the dirt away is ready now. Using DIY citrus spray cleaner is easy. Spray it on the grime and wipe clean with a dusting wipe or a paper towel. Amazing freedom offered by this fantastic cleaner makes it a class apart and a perfect choice to depend upon. Moreover, it always comes handy as you can make as much as you want. Rushing to store for refills is not a concern anymore. Above all, it offers you a perfect cleaner at measly expenses.

Many DIY methods of making various commonly required products come handy especially when you need them the most. Moreover, finding a genuine resource for DIY remedies is as easy as trying them at home and your success ratio is bound to be 100% every time. Try these wonderful home remedies and enjoy the control just the way you deserve.

Dishwashing Simplified – Enjoy Handiness Of DIY Dish Balls For Guaranteed Clean

Imagine you are tired and want the day off. Thrashing on bed is all that you want and you cannot, as tough stains on pans will not allow you to thrash especially when you are a person with caring attitude. However, handy DIY remedies offer substantial help in simplifying your cleaning job largely. Formulation of DIY dish balls makes them work fantastically on all types of tough to remove stains on pans as well as from the sink. Everything is simplified wonderfully as buying ladies stole online shopping offers in a snap. All you need to do is fill the pan with water, toss a ball, and enjoy the firework. Well, you can take the perfection to a step further by filling the sink with water; toss all dirty pans and utensils along with a ball or two and they work overnight for sparkling clean in the morning of course in a hassle-free manner.


DIY Dish Balls – Power Packed Cleaning Solution With Ultimate Control

Making DIY dish balls is easy. You need

  • Baking soda – one cup
  • Salt – half cup
  • Citric acid – half cup
  • Dish soap – two tablespoons
  • Water – as necessary
  • Mixing bowl

Baking soda of loosens stubborn dirt making it very easy to clean. Dish soap offers immaculate cleaning. Water is necessary for making balls from the mixture. Salt in these balls softens water for easy and effective cleaning. Citric acid used in the composition offers a fizz for superb cleaning. All these ingredients are available at a measly price and buying them in bulk adds more to the savings as you often need these balls due to the amazing performance and effective cleaning these balls offer. Therefore, keep them handy at all the times.

Make It Brisk – Well, DIY Remedies Are Always Handy

Undemanding ways of making DIY dish balls at home assure that you are in the fullest control of every essential. However, follow the process meticulously for lasting results. Here is how you do it

  • Take measured quantities of salt, citric acid, and baking soda in a mixing bowl.
  • Stir well and break lumps if any.
  • Add dish soap to the mixture.
  • Fill water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray water as needed while mixing the powders gently yet thoroughly.
  • Stop spraying the water as soon as the mixture looks like moist sand.
  • Take a small quantity of the mixture in hand, press, and roll into balls.
  • Let them dry completely for about eight hours.
  • Keep them in a container near the sink for handy accessibility.

Making and using DIY dish balls is easy and it indeed offers freedom from mundane tasks you need to deal with. Moreover, finding simple to do and highly effective solutions is wonderful when you work closely with various DIY remedies available. Spotless clean is a must and you can always count on DIY remedies and rest assured; you will not disappoint. Many next-Gen solutions help you for good living, are you ready to integrate them in your lifestyle?

DIY Shower Spray – Ultimate Everyday Cleaning Tool You Can Count On

Using a shower spray is a fascinating idea to keep the dirt off the feet forever. Spraying the shower spray after every shower helps in maintaining sparkling clean just the way you love. Moreover, you need not go to store and buy these cleaning products and burn holes in your pocket. You can make it at home at measly expenses. DIY remedies indeed come handy when you need to simplify various everyday essentials greatly. You can compare it with the ethnic appeal of ladies semi pashmina stoles when you wear them in the winter during special occasions. Amazing possibilities of exploring the best offerings of the life are around you, are you ready to spot them at once?

women stole

DIY Shower Spray – What Makes The Difference Huge?

Every day showers and bathrooms undergo lots of interactions with water and chemicals from soaps, shampoos, conditioners, as well as cleaners. In addition, hard water stains make your shower look ghastly. DIY shower spray is a simple solution for easy management of everyday cleaning tasks. Well, it is always strongly advisable to get a thorough and merciless clean of the bathroom before you begin with the new schedule of shower spray application. Well, get set to liberate you from the labors of cleaning forever with 24X7 availability of DIY shower spray.

Make It Brisk – Make It Quick

Well, you are not going to design a space shuttle. All you need to do is gather all the ingredients and mix them in right proportion and you are all set to use the finest products in the history of humanity. Most of these ingredients are easily available at home or else you can buy them at measly price from store. You need

  • Vinegar – one cup
  • Dish soap – one cup
  • Water – one cup
  • Essential oil
  • Spray bottle

Formulating DIY shower spray is easy. Take any mixing bowl, mix all of the ingredients except water. Add water to it and stir well for a superb blend. You can add a few drops of essential oil for lasting fragrance once you spray the shower. Carefully pour the contents from the mixing bowl in a spray bottle. You can use a funnel during the last step for precision of pouring and zero spills. Your DIY shower spray is ready for action.

Amazing versatility offered by DIY shower spray makes it an integral part of your lifestyle. Above all, it undeniably offers the freedom from mundane tasks just the way you deserve it. Get set to reinvent performance and the productivity with the shower spray and you will be amazed with the deliverables. Being adaptive makes a huge sense especially when you are undergoing through a stressful stage, hectic schedules, demanding lifestyle, and lots of tiredness. Handy DIY solutions simplify many mundane yet obvious tasks and offer the relief you deserve. Therefore, gear up to reinvent and enjoy the peace of mind forever. Amazing wonders are always around you and all you need is a vision to spot them and use for best results.