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Buy shawls for winters

In the season of winter, quality winter wear is almost necessary if the area is hit with huge amount of cold. It is always better to go for the quality items rather the sub-standard item as the quality item is the only outfit from where one can expect quality and better protection against winter. The winter outfits produced by a number of producers help people of various areas to guard the body against cold and keep away from the cold as well as diseases created by the cold. There are a lot of winter outfits that can cover the upper body of males as well as females but the lower area of the body is hardly protected by any of such winter outfit.

women shawls

The shawl is a perfect garment that can help a number of people in the season of cold however, the ladies prefer them more than others and hence the shawls are considered as preferred choice of ladies. It goes with almost every outfit whether they have worn sarees, dresses or jeans. For the working women and professional ladies shawl can be much helpful in the winter season. If there is not much cold one can easily pack them in purse. There are a number of styles to drape the shawl around the body and hence, it makes one look more stylish than any other winter cloth. The ladies shawls online are also available in a number of qualities as per the wool used for making of the shawl.

The shawls made of cashmere wool or pashmina wool are costlier and hence one needs to take great care of them. There are a lot of stores which sell such high quality shawls with guarantee of material. The stores also offer these shawls with lesser price than the offline market. There are various stores who offer these shawls at various prices and hence one can take the benefit of competition also. The online stores also offer a number of facilities to the shoppers and hence the shopper who love to shop at any point of time prefer to go to an online store. These stores are always open to welcome their shoppers. They also offer great guarantee and exchange program with each of their item and hence the shopping here can be a safer and funnier experience. The shopping with online store can be done with online payment such as credit card, debit card or net banking payment. However, in case one does not have these facilities one can also go for the offline payment that is cash on delivery. One can also get the benefits of home delivery of shawls with free shipping. The online shopping is a preferred option of shopping for the busy people who do not find enough time to go to various shops.

The benefits of fur shawls

Furs are a great way to show off the warmth and provide a sense of warmth and flaunt your style, when you need to step out during the cold winter months. But the difficult part is that very few among us can afford a fur coat. The silver lining is that one does not have to spend a fortune in buying a fur coat as the market is flooded with a lot of options in the form of fur shawls, which all in combination combines without the disadvantages of a fur full coat. No way denying the fact that in the domain of women’s shawls, anything related to furs has a considerable impact of sorts.women stole

One of the major reasons to venture out in fur shawls is that they are light in weight. If one has ever tried on fur coat, they can be aware of the fact on how heavy it can be. When fur wraps are chosen, one will notice that it is much lighter allowing you to wear it comfortably. In fact, it can be worn just about with any outfit without adding a lot of weight. So the onus lies on the fact that one is not under a lot of weight when they are under a fur coat. If one is in awe of the fur coats which reach up to the ankles, then the price tags is an area of concern when you see them in the first place? They pinch your pockets and most of us are of the opinion that they are not at all affordable. This is not the case as if one decides to wear fur wraps, which is an affordable option for most of us. Plenty of fur wraps are available in the market along with styles and one can make the best choice in terms of their winter collection.

The major cause while fur is chosen is that an incredible amount of warmth is provided during the cold winter months of the year. It an obvious fact that you need a full length fur coat to obtain the advantage of warmth, this is not true. The fur wraps are a better option to provide warmth when you are not looking out for the fur coat. No matter whatever sort of fur you choose for your wrap, it is bound to work for the coldest of weathers.

Even though the best way to enjoy the warmth of the fur may be through a fur coat or a wrap, many options are there which can help you take the advantage of furs. If you buy fur shawls, one can take all the advantages associated with this accessory.

Shop fur shawls and welcome winters in style!

Breathtaking trekking destination in Northern India

Spring is for the nature lovers who love to enjoy cold breezes with lots of blossom around but the winter season is mighty for the adventure freaks especially when it comes to trekkers in India. During winter season the breathe taking mountains of Himalayan range passing from five different countries like Pakistan, India, china, Bhutan and Nepal is ready to lure all the trekkers with the challenging way ahead in their treks to one of the highest summits in the world.

Thick blankets of snow in the highest mountains of Himalaya allures trekkers from all over the world to trek on one of the highest summits. Thousands of trekkers travel from distinct parts of the world and our country to enjoy trekking on the breath taking mountains of Himalaya. Today we are going to discuss some breath taking trekking destinations in northern India, which will leverage you with all the best restrains on your way to the summit.

Best breath taking trekking destinations in northern India

  • Annapurna base camp: Annapurna base camp is situated at the height of 8091 mts from sea level. It takes minimum of eleven days to reach the summit of this trek. Best season to trek on this mountain is from September to November and March to May. And if really want to experience the harsh low temperature and feet’s of snow the December to February is your best-suited month. Annapurna Mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world. women stole
  • Banderpunch: Banderpunch is situated at the height of 6316 mts from sea level and it takes minimum of eight days to complete the trek on this mountain. March to October is the best month to visit this mountain for trekking. Banderpunch is one of the most visited mountains for trekking in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Shawl online shopping is the best option to buy shawls for the nights in the base camps.
  • Bara Bhangal Trek: Bara Bhangal trek is situated at the height of 4800 mts and it takes minimum of 12 days to complete trek on this mountain. June to October is the perfect months for the trekking on this mountain. Bara Bhangal originates from the kullu valley, which is situated in himachal pradesh. Passing trough high passes and thick snow covered mountains it is one of the most difficult trek in the country.

Plan your trek now and leverage yourself with the difficulties and thrill of reaching the summit of any of the highest mountain or passes in the world.


Things to bring back from Shimla

Shimla is one of my favourite hill stations. It is located on the lower ranges of the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place has pleasant weather through the year except in winter. The cold is bitter and can be a hurdle for the visitors who are not interested in playing in the snow or ice-skating. The best time to visit this destination would be October to November and March to May. It is better to avoid the monsoon because of the frequent occurrences of landslides. Apart from its mesmerising natural beauty, Shimla has many other things to offer its visitors. It provides opportunities of golfing, fishing, ice skating, skiing paragliding, mountaineering and trekking. Shopping is another pleasure that you can have in this place. Not only souvenirs for friends and relatives, you will end up buying some of your favourite interior decorative items and shawls at this place.

A trip to Shimla is incomplete if you do not indulge in some guilty shopping! There are multiple shopping places in Shimla that will take care of your needs and choice. A judicious shopper would surely find shopping in Shimla to be an enjoyable experience. The place has a huge variety of things to offer tourists so you definitely wouldn’t be stuck with the question of what to buy in Shimla. The place is greatly popular for its handicrafts and other handmade artefacts. Hope this article will help you to find the right item you want and the place you will get it.stole

Mall road is one of the most popular places to go to for shopping in Shimla. It can be considered the shopping hub and commercial centre of Shimla. You can find small souvenirs and knick-knacks here along with handicrafts and other artefacts. You cannot miss buying the famous Himachali caps that are available in almost any shop. These caps are available in various colours and cuts. They have intricate designs embroidered on them. You can buy a variety of these caps, as they are cheap and comfortable.

The item that tops a shopper’s list in Shimla is the woollen shawl. These shawls come in different shapes and sizes and the variety of colours is huge. You can also find them in different kinds of wool. The winter shawls for women have mirror work, thread work, sequins and embroidery decorating these shawls. Apart from shawls, you will find colourful gloves, sweaters and socks. You can take back home a collection of winter wears which is exclusive of Shimla.

Another popular shopping spot is the Lower Bazaar, also known as the Subzi Mandi. This place is absolutely chaotic yet full of life. Shimla is famous for its wooden handicrafts. Beautiful wall hangings, classy lampshades, decorative show pieces, you will be amazed by the variety of things found in wood. Local craftsmen make beautiful walking sticks by carving wood. You could one of those and use it while you walk along the woods. These are available in Lakkar Bazaar, which is quite famous for wooden souvenirs.

Simple ways to wear a shawl

Since there are such a large number of ways and varieties for utilizing a shawl, you should learn to match it perfectly with your dress. If it is not done in the right style, it will look very odd. On the other hand, when you can wear it properly, it will give you an elegant look. Let us see some of the innovative ways to wear a shawl and look stylish and trendy.

women shawls

Wrap it over shoulders :

The most fundamental use of a shawl is to wrap it over your shoulders. One thing that you ought to be specific about however is that your shawl is not curved or cluttered up. You need it to wrap exquisitely over your shoulders and not make it resemble a wad of yarn. Make sure that you do not stain your clothes. It will look very ugly when you are wearing a dirty looking shawl.

Fold the shawl :

Another way that shawls are utilized is by freely hitching the two finishes together and hanging one end over the back and one in front. Considering those two methods for putting on a shawl, there are times when ladies wear shawls that match with their other outfits. You can match them with a saree or even a pair of salwar kameez. It will look elegant and you can also remove the fold and wrap it around when the weather gets too chilly.

Match with the outfit :

The best way to put on a shawl elegantly is to make sure that it coordinates your outfit. You would prefer not to have a headpiece, shawl, tons a gems and different unnecessary jewellery all in the meantime. Pick what you need to display and work with it. Having an excess of frill at any given time will make you look untidy and out of place. If you are wearing it with a pair of jeans and tshirt, make sure that the shawl is plain and short in length. On the other hand, if you are wearing a saree or any other traditional dress, you can wear long length shawls. You can also use bright colours when you are pairing them with traditional outfits.

Where to buy Shawls :

Previously, people used to buy shawls whenever they went to tourist places like Shimla and Kashmir. The best variety of shawls used to be available in this region. But now the market has opened up for winter garments and you can any kind of shawl in your neighbourhood. Apart from that, there are plenty of online stores which are selling a wide range of winter shawls for women. You can get the best quality shawls from these online websites. They have a huge collection and the designs and colours will leave you surprised. You can also get them at discount rates and have the items delivered to your home without any extra cost.

How to drape yourself this coming winter

Let us wind back the clock, to the days when internet was not there and one will be surprised on how people would have lived in that age. Simple things would have taken ages to finish and one had to move physically from one place to another to buy the required things. Just imagine a situation where you had to book your tickets, pay your bills, but with the foray of the World Wide Web, things have changed drastically. Say in case of ladies shawls, your choice was limited, but with the emergence of the online stores one can get to buy shawls of different brands from all across the globe.

women shawls

When you buy ladies shawls online, you can buy them without stepping outside the comfort of your room. You can choose from a host of materials and brands. The best part of the online stores is the price of the shawls. When one compares it to the physical stores, one is bound to get better prices as the cost of overhead is also less.

When you undertake the purchase of shawls, it is strong recommended that you do not compromise on the brand aspect. One of the renowned varieties of shawls in the country are the pashmina shawls. When you undertake the purchase of these shawls from the physical stores, the choices are limited, and this is in complete contrast to the online stores where you have a wide range of brands from all over the globe. In addition to this, one can buy shawls as per their budget and requirements. One has amazing patterns in the makeup of shawls. They are made from the highest quality of wool, which ensures that you are protected from the terrible frost bites.

No way denying the fact that shawls are great accessories, but the difficult part is that they can be worn only during the winter months. One can wear shawls during the winter and the spring months. You can make a strong fashion statement with this accessory and at the same time the basic objective of providing warmth is also achieved. If you are looking for a simple look, then a classy shawl will be more than enough, but having said this one should also not ignore the power of the latest designs. Say for example, if you want a unique shawl, you can opt for one with feathers at the end. An aura of elegance and an extra layer of warmth is provided with these shawls. If you are more into colors you can opt for the printed versions of shawls also.

Not only they can be wrapped around the neck, but they can be carried along with the handbag as well.

The most famous of the winter wears

Of the various types of winter wears available in the market, the shawls are the most sought out accessories. They provide warmth to the body as they are light in weight and it feels soft on the skin. It protects your skin from the chilly winds. The shawls have had their origin in India, and over a period of time have become famous all over the globe. When one think of the term ladies winter wear online, shawls top the list for sure. They are available in various styles, fabrics and colors. One can wear them for parties, social and formal gatherings.

ladies wear

For women of all age groups, shawls are a pretty popular form of winter wear. They are incorporated from the various types of fabrics, and they are manufactured in such a manner which ensures that you look elegant and beautiful when you wear them. A list at the various fabrics which are used in the manufacturing of shawls

  • Chiffon shawls are the favorite among the lot. When one compares it to the other fabrics, they may not be all that elegant, but they are beautiful and brighter as compared to the other shawls. It can be easily carried as it is light in weight. This is the best option for the office going women as they provide enough comfort and warmth from the cold winds. When you choose office wear, it has to be chosen carefully as it is bound to reflect your nature and your personality. One has to adhere to the office decorum and guidelines.
  • Silk is the best among the lot. Well who would not like to wear a silk shawl? For any gracious occasion like weddings, silk adds a new dimension. The delicate shawls are bound to make you look elegant and the best part of it is that it can go along with any form of party wear.

One of the biggest positives of the shawl is that it can be worn in variety of ways. There is a wrong notion that it should be merely wrapped around your shoulders and the best part is that it can cover and the back of your shoulders. It works best when you need to protect your back, and if you are wearing  a low neckline. You could resort to the triangular wrap in the event of spicing up your looks. The best method is to take two opposite sides and then join it together. To look spicy, just wear it around the shoulders. The loose ends can be left hanging or if you deem it fit you can tie them at the back.

So, spot a shawl today and make a strong fashion statement!

The importance of layers

To keep yourself warm the coming winter vacation, one needs the best form of winter clothing to keep warm. To undertake this scenario the best way is to wear layers. It is based on a three model layer, which is the base, the middle and the outer layer. One may also wear a shell after the outer layer if it is not water or wind proof. These three layers will protect the body from the outside temperature and environment which paves way for maximum heat retention. An eye on the changing climatic conditions should also be there. Choosing the right layer, for winter is essential to keep you warm and enjoy the winter vacation.

Base layer

It is the first layer of winter protection and is the layer next to the skin. This layer should be correct in order to stay warm during the winter conditions. This layer must be moisture wicking and provide insulation. This means that if you sweat on account of any activity, the base layer will be dry. An ideal layer in this regard is silk, wool and other synthetic fibers. One golden rule to follow is that never use cotton as the base layer. One can adjust the layers according to the climatic conditions they are part of.

Mild layer

The main purpose of this layer is to provide the body with insulation. The warmth is trapped inside your body, and so you need to ensure that all the items fit correctly which allows the warm air to escape. You could also tuck in the layers. This layer must be thicker than the base layer and once again cotton is a strict no in this regard. One may come across several thinner layers like sweater, jacket or a vest and when the weather changes, maximum flexibility need to be provided.

Outer layer

This is the warmest and the thickest insulating layer. There are many layers to choose from in this regard and it is dependent on the temperature, style, purpose along with weight. This form of layer could be a shawl or a jacket. Say for example winter shawls for women would not be bad option as a outer layer because it provides protection from the cold and chilly winds.


This is the final layer which precedes all the other layers. It is an important layer as it protects you from the rain and the wind. In a way, it is the water and wind proof layer which keeps all the other layers warm and dry. Once again there are other features which need to be considered which are durability, weight, warmth and water proofing

So, the best bet is to dress in as much layers as possible during the winter months.

Shawls for this winter season

Are you looking to buy the perfect winter wear for this season ? You have arrived at the right place. We will guide you in selecting the best accessories for this cold weather season. There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from the cold during winter. The best option is to go for warm woollen clothing which will give you complete protection from any extreme temperature. It is also very easy to get these woollen garments from your nearest retail stores. If you need more variety, you can go for online shopping.

Wearing a winter jacket or coat is common during this season. However, if you want to do something different, you can go for womens shawls in this winter season. It has multiple advantages when compared to other winter garments. You can wear them in many styles and it is very easy to carry. You can just fold them and keep it in a bag easily when you do not want to use it. It also adds a lot of elegance to your personality when you wear them on top of traditional dress. You might have seen many women wear this across the country during winter season. You can also get them from any online store at the best price available in the market.

women shawls

If you are planning to go for a shawl in this season, you need to take care of other accessories to match your ethnic wear. It is advisable to go for a good handbag which will match with your winter wear. It need not be of the same material. It is enough if it matches in colour and design. Apart from that, you can also match your sandals with your shawl to give it a grand look. You will look like a queen if you can get your design in a proper way.

Earlier, only elderly people used to wear these shawls. They were plain in design and did not look very attractive. But now, things have changed and you get them in various materials and designs. You can even wear them on top of western clothes and it will still look elegant. It is now being used in many parts of the world. Its popularity is growing every day due to its trendy designs. You can choose the material depending on your requirement. If you are living in a region where the temperature is moderate, you can go for a thin shawl and if your region has snowfall, it is better to go for a thick one which can give good protection in extreme temperature. The main advantage of using this kind of material is that it can be used in many ways. There are many ways of wearing them and you can see many styles on the internet. You can also create your own style of wearing it unlike other winter wear garments.

Makalu Barun National Park – Come, Get Amazed

Makalu Barun National Park is quite a tough to reach destination. Reaching the park requires a six daylong walk from Tumlingtar. Well, Tumlingtar is accessible from Kathmandu by a 40-minute flight. However, visiting Makalu Barun National Park indeed is worth all the trouble you take to reach. Be sure to prep well on various items you require during the walk including winter shawls for women, as you need them to deal with the climatic variations. Moreover, shawls come handy as a wrap during the night. Always insist on buying pure wool shawls, as they are lightweight and offer excellent warmth just the way you need when you are out there in the cold and wilderness.


Get Amazed

Witnessing and magic of the season is amazing when you visit Makalu Barun National Park in suitable season. Months from June to September are not suitable for visiting the Park. However, visiting during March to May and October to November is pleasing. However, certain areas of the park are hot due to lower elevation. Be sure to catch the heat by visiting in the suitable season. Headquarters of the park is situated in Seduwa. Entry fee of 25 Nepalese rupees is requires for Nepali person for each entry. On the other hands, foreigners need to remit 3000 Nepalese rupees towards the entry fee. Visitors originating from SAARC participating countries need to deposit 1500 Nepalese rupees for the grant of the admission to the park.

Witness The Grandiosity

Makalu Barun National Park is a perfect venue for fun filled family vacations. It in fact turns memorable due to the tantalizing accommodations in camping amidst the wilderness. Moreover, trekking and mountaineering activities offered here indeed are the best resource to enjoy the goodness of timeless adventure tourism and unleash the rush of the adrenaline. In addition, Makalu Barun National Park offers scenic wild life featuring animals like Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Ghoral, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Tahr, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Weasel, Himalayan Marmot, Serow, and Langur Monkey. Arun River of the Makalu Barun National Park is a home for over 84 varieties of fishes.

Speechless Scenic Beauty

Makalu Barun National Park is sub-tropical forest migrating into semi-alpine and alpine forest as the inclination grows. The vegetation here features

  • 48 primroses species
  • 87 medicinal herb species
  • 48 orchid species
  • 25 varieties of rhododendrons
  • 86 fodder trees species

The amazing versatility of the nature offered under one roof make it a perfect destination for tourists as well as scientists. Makalu Barun National Park indeed has something for someone.

Exploring the wonderful world of animals, birds, fishes, reptiles, plants, and trees comes with immense pleasure of finding the true peace of mind you deserve. The purpose of holidaying to enjoy the freedom from the hectic and demanding lifestyle indeed succeeds when you spend the good times in Nepal. Come get amazed with the offerings of Nepal and make it your next destination too. Well even months are not enough to explore Nepal to the fullest; however, these glimpses are ideal for a content feeling.