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Types of kurti every women should have this winter

Try to be little smart this winter and leverage yourself with astonishing looks and create your own style quotient as well. Wear casually styled kurti to your college and allure eyes of the crowd in your college. Kurti in the contemporary world has become a new fashion statement for ladies and young girls. Because of the availability of varied types of kurti in the market, girls and ladies are going crazy this winter. Even woollen kurtis are also available in the market to leverage girls and ladies with astonishing looks and best of protection from the extremities of the chilly cold weather. So here we are going to discuss some of the best kurti styles to look for this winter. So do not forget to buy designer kurtis for winter and summer at very attractive price and offers. 

Tail cut kurti: Tail cut kurti with layers is a trending fashion style for occasions like parties and celebrations. These types of kurti are short from one side and the other side is longer showcasing tail like the style. It is a perfect western wear for ladies and young girls. In order to look more glamorous, you can opt not to wear anything at the bottom like leggings or Churidar.

When to wear: formal and informal parties

Look best with: leggings, jeggings and jeans

Length: short, floor and knee length.

women woolen kurtis online

A-line kurti: It is one of the most popular kurtis among the young girls. It reaches half of the ankle and it looks best when paired with jeans or jeggings. A shaped panel perfectly allows you to flaunt your tangible curves.

When to wear: casual occasions

Look best with: jeans and jeggings.

Length: ankle

Trail cut kurti: It is the latest fashion trend in kurtis. It is quite varied from other kurtis and most of the time it looks like a one-piece dress. Accessorize well to look astonishing and stunning in this kurti.

When to wear: big occasion

Look best with: alone

Length: short

Anarkali kurti: It is pure grace for beautiful girls and ladies. Anarkali is a perfect for occasions like wedding ceremony and formal ceremonies.

When to wear: occasions like wedding

Look best with: leggings and Churidar

Length: floor length

So ladies follow these tips and leverage yourself with astonishing and stunning looks this winters and do not forget to check online websites for these eye alluring kurtis in varied colors, patterns and style.

The kurtis for females who need covering from cold also

Women would always like to wear fashionable clothes during the winter season. This is the best season to wear fashionable clothes as due to the cold weather, they can wear as many garments as possible and flaunt their style. Usually women prefer multiple layered clothing so that they have more choice when it comes to winter garments. If you are also looking for some ideas regarding the best winter garments for this season, you have arrived at the right place.

women winter wear

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to winter garments for women. You can choose the traditional shawls and sweaters or go for the latest designer kurtis and jackets. Apart from that, you can also pick up various winter wear accessories like caps, gloves and socks. The choice of garments should depend on the occasion for which you want to wear these garments. If you are going for a formal meeting, you can go for a formal coat and when you want to go out for a casual outing, you can wear almost anything you like. The choice of colour also should be done based on the occasion. For formal occasions, avoid bright colours as they will attract undue attention. However, for a casual outing, you can wear any of your favourite colours.

Usually the kurtis are found with cotton and silk as well as other blended material but in modern days there are a lot of garment designers who have come up with designer winter kurtis that looks excellent as well as provide high quality protection also. There are excellent designs and beautiful colours which make the collection of such kurti worth to note.

You need not visit multiple stores to get your favourite winter kurtis. Earlier, shopping for winter kurtis was not an easy job and you had to hop from shop to shop in search of your favourite winter wear which were not available in woollen kurta forms. Unlike the retail stores, these online stores have a huge collection of winter kurtis and you can pick up your favourite winter kurti at discounted price at these stores.

It is very easy to get designer winter kurtis. All you have to do is to search the internet for your favourite collection of the same and you will get the list of the best portals available in the country. Depending on your budget and what item you are looking for, you can choose the website for shopping them online. Yet another big advantage of these online stores is that they are open throughout the day and you can shop for winter wear garments whenever you want. Usually people do not get enough time to shop for winter garments as they get busy with work during the week.


Now wear skirts in all new ways this winter season

Are you wondering whether you can ideally wear skirts this winter? If yes, then certainly you need to know that the right outfit to wear with skirts is many but for this season, you need to choose wisely. There are many ways and different patterns of skirts that are available in the market today. With different outfits and amazing ideas, you can soon be an inspiration for other people on how to carry yourself in terms of fashion no matter what season it is.

Try sweater with skirt:

You may feel hesitated to wear this at first, but once you wear it, you will realize that it is the most comfortable thing you can decide. There are so many skirt and sweater combinations that are available. You can get more of the ideas on it by simply searching for the same. Along with sweater to highlight your appearance, you can wear the cool tights combination with a scarf that would create a different styling statement.


Tips that you must follow

Avoid wearing skirts that you might have worn during summers. You must try out the skirt which is comparatively heavy in material and have a funky design too. Heavy material like denim or wool can give your body some kind of warmness.

It is not necessary that your skirt needs to be short. You can wear a knee length skirt and to match it up, try wearing long boots and a crop sweater that will surely give you a style and help you roam around freely outside even in the cold weather.

Accessorize yourself. In case your skirt is way too simple or you don’t have those funky looking tops to wear ion it, then you can certainly accessorize yourself more with body warmers like woolen caps and scarf’s for better look.

Remember, wearing skirt will not make you look odd, but you must follow the best tips to stay protected from cold at the same time enjoy wearing skirt of any pattern and thus have the best of the time to enjoy this season with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for some new funky ideas on skirts that you can wear today. Make celebrities and models your inspiration and use online search as your information and be the style diva. Other than this, you can also checkout the collection of latest designer woolen kurtis.

Wool is a durable material and if it is taken care of properly, it is going to last for a long period of time. The fact is if you are willing to shell in those extra pounds, then it is an investment worth for sure.

Ravangla – an amazing tourist destination

One of the most preferred tourist destinations in the North east region is Ravangla. If one is stressed with the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and wish to rewind your batteries then a snip into the world of the wild along with the excellence of the place. Let us explore now on some of the evergreen places in this region. A little bit more about the region highlights the fact that it is situated in the southern parts of Sikkim at a height of 7000 feet. One can make it to the spot by taking a jeep from Siliguri, Gangtok and also from Darjeeling. If one is travelling from Gangtok, the trip will take roughly around 6 hours. On the other hand, if you plan to reach this place from Darjeeling, the trip will take you around 4 hours.

Buddha Park

This is a wonderful place for you to relax and enjoy the holidays. There is a 130 feet icon of Buddha, which is going to capture your imagination and make you thrilled. The view of the Cho Djo Lake near to the park is really captivating.

kurti online

Monastery of Ralong

If you are planning to discover the major attractions of Ravangla, a trip to this monastery is indeed a must. The visit to this place is going to be a worth while experience for you. It is one of the most sacred monasteries, which you can find in the whole of Sikkim. Thousands of devotees from all wakes of life throng to the spot.

Rayong Sunrise

One of the top attractions of the place is the Rayong sunrise. One would be spellbound with the view of Kabur, Jopuno and so forth.

Maenam hills

It is situated at a strategic location, and offers a good view point for many other attractions of the place. In fact, from this place, one can catch a complete view of Mount Pandim.

This pretty much sums about the places and the overall beauty in general. Since the temperatures tend to pretty much on the lower side, one must ensure good quality winter wear. This place is extremely cold during the winters and it is strong recommended to carry sweaters, jackets, cardigans or winter caps. In the midst of all these, if you are a woman and looking for something, which is formal and casual at the same time, then the latest designer woolen kurtis would be nice fit. Wool is a material is durable and lasts for a long amount of time. The only aspect which you need to consider about wool is that it is a bit costly and one has to take into account special washing instructions.

Buying designer kurtis online

Women are always fashionable, and they want that every dress they wear should have a style statement. They want to look beautiful and elegant. Over a period of time, there has been a massive change in the fashion taste of women. Most of the clothes are now more westernized and best part is that women find it comfortable to wear westernized clothing. But the Indian traditional attire is never forgotten and that the best example for this is the plain kurtis and designer kurtis, which are extensively worn by women across the globe. Women are considered as shopaholics and you would have noticed even in your home that they are the persons who love to shop and at the same time bargain for the prices.

kurti online

The designer clothes have always attracted the women by and large. But most of them back out since they are expensive, but with the advent of internet shopping, things have become much easier. They can buy any expensive kurti at the best discounted prices on most of the online shopping malls. There are many online sites which are managed by the manufacturers themselves, and they provide the best designer kurtis online. When you search the online sites, you will find that it has a large catalogue with all the details of items; the latest fashion trends, styles and designs preferred by women.

One needs to take into account that this form of attire has had a major transformation since its primitive days. From traditional attire it has gone on to become a fashionable and casual form of wear. A woman has several roles to play from a homemaker to the professional world; she has multiple roles to play. While doing any form of work, the woman feels comfortable in the kurtis, and they are available in a number of varieties along with styles. In fact, cotton and woolen are the most popular materials.

The online stores in India offer a wide range of selection in plain kurtis for women. In the online sites, you now have the advantage of customized your kurtis as per your requirements. The designer kurtis are available in different materials – there is a wide variety of kurtis – you can get the tussar kurtis, party wear kurtis, velvet kurtis – you can very well wear them on the leggings and also the slim jeans, which is the latest trend in the market. Besides this, you can also get customized kurtis from various designers when you shop from the online stores. You need to choose the design and provide your measurement they shall provide you the best design. Besides this, you can also choose from salwar kameez, wedding lehengas, etc.

Dressing for an Indian wedding

Indian weddings are gala events sated with pomp, show and colour. While there is no set dress-code as such for the guests attending Indian weddings, it is appreciated if you turn up in Indian wear. There are many clothing options for the wedding guests to choose from.

Women can go for a nice sari in silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette that has embellishments and detailing to make it dressy. A wedding lehenga is designed for the occasion and can’t go wrong. An anarkali suit is the best option for attending a wedding as a guest. It is trendy, elegant and dressy. If you are planning to keep low on the volume of the dress so that you can move and dance comfortably, go for latest designer kurtis. Pair the outfit with a nice clutch and shiny footwear and you are ready to rock at the wedding. Well now that you know your options here are some points you should keep in mind while shopping.

Avoid over-dressing for the occasion. Look for a wedding sari or a wedding lehenga in a subtle colour with fine embellishments. If you are going for a dressy anarkali suit with elaborate detailing make sure that your outfit does not clash with the bride’s outfit. That way, you will get appreciative nods from onlookers, without appearing to be competing with the bride.24_Wооlеn-Κurtіs-fоr-wоmеn

Choose any colour other than black and white. In India, these colours are not considered very auspicious, more so black. So it would not be proper to show up for a festive occasion in those colours. Women could wear red or maroon, but there are high chances that the bride’s wedding attire is one of the two colours. So the best option would be to go with colours like yellow, green, blue or pink.

Avoid wearing anything too tight or too revealing. The wedding ceremony is long drawn and time consuming. So it is always a good choice to wear comfortable clothes. It is better to avoid clothes that are too tight or revealing as the wedding guests would include elderly folks. Do not turn up in something that could make you or the onlookers uncomfortable.

If you want to mix in with the crowd that will be dazzling in stunning wedding saris, wedding lehengas and anarkali suits you as well wear one of your special festive outfits. Pay attention to your make and hair and everything else that needs to make you look different from normal days.

Jewellery is something that is religiously noticed at an Indian wedding. Women keep a watch for the unique pieces of jewellery that can be seen on these occasions. It is the best time to unwrap some of your favourite pieces too. Add to the dazzle with one statement neckpiece, beautiful earrings and a couple of bangles.

Dress yourself in clothes that reflect the happy and momentous occasion that a wedding is. While you are at the wedding, make sure you participate in the festivities and you will have a memory to cherish.

Adding Beauty to the Beautiful…!!!

Women are always a step ahead in fashion and style. They are always in search of the ways which can complement their beauty to the best. For ages, many new garments and accessories have come into picture for women. The newer ones are entering the market every day and the demand for them has never gone down. Designer kurtis’ fall under this category. They have turned out to be one of the famous outfits for women.


Wearing designer kurtis’ is not just a fashion wear in India; they are used so widely that, they have turned out to be a part of our culture…! They have developed over a period of time. When you visit a departmental store or any online store, to purchase a kurti, they present you the styles and fits which are mostly used and demanded by the majority of people. Sometimes, they may not fit you the best. Still, you don’t have to worry. Many online stores have come up with designer kurtis. The kurti can be designed as per your preferences and the talking about the fit, there is no better place to get a perfect fit for you.

Fabrics Employed:

A variety of fabrics are employed in the manufacture of kurtis. The following tips can assist you in choosing the right fabric24_Wооlеn-Κurtіs-fоr-wоmеn

  • It is to be remembered that, the fabric has to be selected based on the season and climatic conditions.
  • In hot weather conditions, it is suggested to go with the fabrics like cotton, silk, khadi silk, cotton, chiffon etc.
  • Kurtis made out of cotton have a soft texture, light weight and brings out an elegant look.
  • During winters, it is suggested to choose the thicker fabrics like wool to provide extra warmth.


  • The kurtis can be either collared or collarless.
  • In case of collared kurtis, the preferable shape of the collars is v- necked and u-shaped
  • The front portion of the kurtis is generally open or sometimes buttoned. Prefer the one which suits you the best.
  • The upper front part of the kurti is obtained in various attractive designs by embellishing it with gold, cotton, silk, leather and paper often.

Choose As Per The Occasion:

Many times, it becomes real difficult to pick one particular design out of many styles available out there. Considering the occasion, can help you in figuring the desired style. Here are a few tips which can assist you in such a context:

  • College goers can prefer waist length kurtis. Pair it up with shorts, jeans or skirts. You can make yourself look pretty in this style. They also work better for casual meetings.
  • Chicken shirt or linen tunics can bring out a dignified look. Such styles are the best choice for office wear.

When it comes to wedding wear, you need to pick the one which can make you look at your best. It this case, there is no better option than designer kurti online. Specify your requirements in terms of fabrics, styles, colors and other preferred aspects of your choice.