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Tourist attractions of Ladakh

Ladakh is the place where there is numerous marvels and has such a great amount to offer that it draws in a large number of vacationers from all around the world consistently. The tough landscape, the characteristic magnificence and snow topped mountain tops present an exceptionally energizing perspective to the guests, which they do not get the opportunity to see elsewhere in the country. From the antiquated charming Buddhist temples to the tranquil lakes, everything has an attractive impact on the individuals going to this spot.


 Ladakh is home to numerous antiquated religious communities and some of which are even centuries old. Spituk-Gompa is a religious community that has a place with the eleventh century and is the official seat of Dalai Lama. It is arranged at the ridge and has all the earmarks of being a mysterious one. Gustor celebration is one thing that you would appreciate a great deal as should be obvious covered monks moving to the musical tunes in this celebration. This celebration is celebrated by the religious community in the month of October.women jackets

 Pangong Lake

 The completely clear water of this lake is basically surprising and wonderful. When you reach this awesome lake, you get enamored with the magnificence of this lake. The primary component of this lake is that it generally continues changing its tones. You can camp here where you can have a decent perspective of the Changchenmo range. The rise of this lake from ocean level is around 4000 meters.

 Riding a yak

 In the event that you are an adventure freak, then yak riding is for you. Riding a Yak permits you have the genuine taste of Ladakh. Moderate riding of yak takes you to the spots, which are impractical to go to with different method for transport. Yak has been a noteworthy method for transport for local people of Ladakh from antiquated times and going on a Yak safari can be important thing to do on your trek to Ladakh.

 Biking on the Khardungla Pass

 On the off chance that you are in Ladakh, then you must have a go at biking on the Khardungla pass, which is the most astounding motorable street on the planet. While biking on this street, you can appreciate the grand excellence of the spot. Moving up this more ethical route on your bicycle and descending in a fraction of the time can be an ordeal for lifetime that you can always remember.

One thing that you ought to recall when you are in Ladakh is that you can never survive the brutal atmosphere without fitting woolens. It would be better on the off chance that you purchase men’s and womens sleeveless jacket and other winter garments before setting out to Ladakh to make the most of your excursion with solace.

How to dress for the body type

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you find clothes which flatter your body type. The key is to know your proportions, and use fashion as a tool to highlight them which in turn hides everything else. This article is aimed at women, though men can read it.


Identify the body type

A precise definition to define a woman; type is how the curves connect the bust, hips and waist. Normally women are characterized by certain body types. First is, apple top heavy where 14 % of the woman fall into this category. If one has this body type, you probably want to emphasize the tight legs and butt. Second category is the straight category which 46% of the woman fall into. If you have this type of figure, you can pinch your waist and one could opt for frills to add a new twist to your figure. One needs to avoid baggy trousers and jean pants to avoid boyish looks. Thirdly is the pear shaped where 20% of the woman falls into this category? Some women may want their butt to look a bit bigger. Fourthly is the hourglass which 8% of the woman fall into this category. One has equal hip and butt measurements but with a narrow waist. If you have such a figure you can flatten your image.

Stretch your legs

No matter whatever if your body type, making your legs longer is all the more flattering. If you are straight shaped then opt for skinny pants. If one is pear shaped and is short, then you could wear a slightly flattered pants with heels. One should wear clothes with patterns that go down your legs and not cross in any manner.

The basic fact which stems out is that whatever your wear, one should feel confident about it. Ensure that the clothes fit your properly as well.  Clothes which are tight or small may reveal a different image altogether. Sleeveless jackets for women are one such winter wear which one can wear according to the occasions.

The best place to buy jackets is the online stores. This is all the more so when it concerns winter wear as it needs to provide warmth and at the same time send out a fashion statement, as well. But when you buy clothes, first and foremost you need to get your measurements in place. If not in order, then you will have the difficult task of returning back the clothes over and over again. A lot of time and effort will be lost in this regard. So take the help of a professional or you can do it yourself.

Little Mount Shrine of Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has numerous extraordinary travel destinations. The Chennai port is the second biggest port of India. It is the forward most populated city of India with a populace of around 8.9 million. The climate in Chennai is not so pleasant in summer time. Summers are to a great degree hot here. The temperature ascends to 40 degrees Celsius. Winters are cool and calm and are the best time to visit the city. However, make sure to carry some sweaters, ladies sleeveless jackets, caps and socks during the winter holidays.


Little Mount Shrine

This is a quiet and lovely church in the city. It is accepted that St. Thomas lives in the cavern, which is inside the congregation. A new water spring could be seen close to the hollow. Inexplicable water streams from here. Church is arranged in saidapet which is close to Adigular Bridge. The spot is open for the whole day. You could reach the Church by procuring a taxi or an auto rickshaw.

Best time to visit the area

Chennai gets heavy rain in the months of September, October and November. The best time to visit the city would be in winters. Arranging a trek in summer would be uncomfortable, as it is hard to enjoy in hot and moist atmosphere. If you are not from the local region, you will find it very difficult to adjust to the summer heat in this place.

Other nearby attractions

Yearly madras music festival is facilitated in a grand manner in this place. Marina shoreline arranged in Chennai is the second biggest shoreline on the planet. Kapaleeshwar sanctuary is a standout amongst the most mainstream sanctuaries built in the honour of master Shiva. This sacred spot is all around developed and kept up. The building design is just extraordinary. You have to leave your shoes before entering the sanctuary. It is said to be 1300 years of age. You could discover places of Ganesha, Muruga and Goddess Karpayambai. Unique poojas are performed each night. It is wonderful spot to meander around.

You can reach Chennai by flight from any part of the country. You could likewise go via train. Railroads interface Chennai with each edge of India. Rajdhani express and Shatabdi express are some of the speediest trains that operate in this route. Apart from that, you can also reach this place by road. The roads of this region are in excellent condition and it makes travelling so much easier when you are driving your own vehicle. Apart from that, you can also reach the city by train or flight and then hire a cab to roam around the city. There are many cab operators outside the airport terminal and the railway station. They can get you to any corner of Chennai. You can also get the service of pre-paid taxis which is the best option for travellers.

How to be the master of your own life during all seasons

Summer and winter are way different from each other. The two different seasons force people to change their dressing style and they even coax people to eat different food during different seasons. India is a diverse country and the seasons get really extreme here. It is important for people to take a lot of preventive measures to keep their life going during these seasons.


Winter season is known to more difficult than any other season, it forces people to change their routine and at times it forces all the schools and offices down. People are forced to stay inside and do almost nothing productive.  During winters people are known to lose all their motivation to work and the innocuous weather outside makes it difficult to roam and have fun. People are bound to stay home and sleep all day long.

People from around the world come here to enjoy the winter and summer vacation but for the local people it gets really difficult. We are going to some common tips that are going to help people in coping up with the changing season and taking the control of their own lives:

  • Prepare early: You will have to be prepared for the season change, you will have to start acquiring items and products that are going to be beneficial during winters before it actually starts.
  • Eat healthy: Now that the winter is going to strike, you will have to see that you are making the best use of the time and tide to eat healthy and grow really strong and full of immunity.
  • Acquire clothes accordingly: You are not going to wear a t-shirt during winters hence acquire the best sleeveless jackets for women  and be prepared for the upcoming chilly winds and thrilling cold.
  • Help others: Just like you a lot of poor people are going to suffer during the coming winter. Make the best use of the time and tide to help them and make them survive. It is going to make a better world for everyone.

You will have to prepare a lot in advance and you will have to make sure that the world grows to be a better place for everyone. Ask your friends and colleagues to join hands and help everyone in need. Your endeavors and your efforts are going to impact the world and a lot of people will be able to survive the chilliest of the days during winters.

Style yourself this winter with a variety of dresses

Winter is not going to make you its favorite and let you find a gap and slip. The chilly winds and the foggy mornings are going to make your chores difficult. You will have to find your options and use them at the best level to make a way out. Your preventing steps are going to be of real importance, you will have to see that you are using them really efficiently.

women jackets

The varied options and styles

Prevention has always been better than cure and it is going to impact your overall day. You will have to grow really presentable in order to enamor your bosses and make an impact in your office. You will have to your dedication to a different level and outperform all of the other employees. Your dressing sense is going to play an important role in shaping your position at the office.

Some of the amazing new and different styles you can try to stand out of the crowd are listed here:

  • Stylish Jackets: Jackets are known to present a confident look, you will feel really good about yourself and everything you will say will leave impacts on the listeners. Sleeveless winter jackets for women are going to do wonders at work. Every boss loves to have people who are confident and stylish at the same time.
  • Long overcoats: Since jacket is only going to care for your upper torso and not for your mid thighs; you will have to acquire long overcoats to protect your upper body as well as lower back. Long overcoats are the favorite of working ladies from around the world, it allows them to feel comfortable and protects from the cold as well.
  • Sweaters: Sweaters are though out of fashion but on days when there is very less wind outside and almost no fog then you can do them and look pretty stylish. The sweaters are easy going, they look good with a shirt as well as with a t-shirt.

Winters are going to turn fatal at times and in those times it is important that people are caring for their health rather than caring for their style and outlook. One must acquire a thermal wear before trying to go out only in a jacket. A thermal is going to keep you warm and it is also going to ensure that you do not look fat. Thermals made up of wool and synthetic fiber are known to be the best for skin.

Tips to buy sleeveless jacket for ladies

India experiences all four seasons equally; most of the tourists who visit India love to enjoy the winter season. This is a season where you would just love to have hot, spicy and tasty food; snooze in your warm blankets and sleep to your fullest. Winter is loved by one and all equally; but every person has to take care of the winter clothing they should wear in order to protect themselves from the cold chilly winters. The winter clothes should be such that it keeps you protected from the winter and also keep you immune from any kind of infection. Most of the tourists plan their vacation in winters – the most important thing to be kept in mind is that you should have enough of warm clothes as per the weather conditions of the place.

women jackets

The jackets form an integral part of the winter clothing for the modern women. Earlier only men used to wear jackets but with the passage of time and women becoming more fashionable and trendy the companies started manufacturing jackets for women. You can get a large variety of sleeveless jacket for ladiesthey are available in different sizes and shapes. The jackets are manufactured from various materials – you get them in pure wool, blended cotton and wool and fiber. When you buy the jackets online, you should choose them very carefully. You should make sure that they are durable for a longer period of time since you spend a large amount of money on buying the jackets. The best jackets are the ones which are made from cashmere wool. Though they may be expensive yet they are worth the price. In case you are looking across for budget jackets then you should go for the wool blends or synthetic jackets – which provide warmth and also available at reasonable price.

The sleeveless jackets have become a fashion statement of the women – there are many who wear them for formal functions and choose them as per their dressing. The sleeveless jackets makes the women look more attractive and elegant.

Latest trend in the world of sleeveless jackets has been caught up with hoodies. Hoodies are in trend now days because of the convenience of the zip up hoodies which it provides, and they are the most popular type of hoodies. They come with a zipper in front which ensures that they are put on with ease. One can wear them over the T shirts with ease and in no way messing up with your hair. These are so trendy that they are worn by young people of all age groups and are typically worn during the spring season all round the year. Various options are available in terms of style as far as hoodies jackets are concerned.

How to look fashionable this winter

When it comes to winter wear one is in a dilemma of what to choose and what not to. The fairer sex wants to look as best as possible with their outfits. They should be comfortable wearing it and send out a stylish statement as far as possible. Synthetic fabrics can keep you warm , but they do not absorb the excess heat which is associated with routine outdoor activities like playing games, etc. this is all the more not comfortable and it forces the body to be chilled when people tend to become inactive after a certain point of time. All the reasons apart, most of us still prefer to wear woolen clothes. In addition to this, winter wear for women sends out a strong fashion statement as well.

women jackets


They are waist or hip length. It is the obvious choice for most of us. In a way, the jackets tend to be tight fitting and one should be comfortable wearing it. It should provide you maximum amount of warmth during the winter months. One can find different types of jackets for men and women sleeveless jackets have been in immense demand of late. The basic difference as far as the jacket for men and women is concerned is the size and the fitting part. Say for example the jackets for women will have buttons on the left side.


A common winter wear among the men and the women is the winter cap. Their importance is highlighted by the fact that majority of the heat is lost through the head. One can find them in cotton and woolen materials and not forgetting to mention that they are available in various sizes and shades. In the winter season, a woolen or acrylic cap would be comfortable. Whatever cap you choose, ensure that it covers your head and ears during the winter months.


Wrapped around the waist or the neck, the muffler is a sort of heavy scarf. It finds its use for religious or fashion purposes. You can find them in a variety of colors as well as designs.

Woolen gloves

They are great piece of winter wear to protect and cover your hands during the winter months. There are separate openings for each finger. In terms of material, they are made from cotton, woolen or latex. Not only from the cold, gloves also protects you from the heat. In the winter months, woolen gloves are a must as the temperature is at an all time high.

All the above winter garments can help you combat the winter chill in the best possible manner. If one is looking for attractive deals, then the online platform is the best option.

How to present yourself in an attractive manner

Take care of your face

Wash your face daily in the morning and the evenings on a daily basis. One of the best features which a person can have is clear skin. It is a common sight to come across teenagers with pimples that tend to clog up the pores. Use a cleanser and if you have severe of it, then consult a skin specialist. Try to use oil free sun screen lotion to avoid irritation or sun burns. Use a high free sunscreen lotion to avoid sun burns. Consider taking vitamins which will not only help you maintain your complexion but also give you stronger nails and hair.


Have clean hair

Also, have a hair care routine, which suits the type of your hair. Say for example some may choose to wash their hair daily, whereas for the others it may be 3 to 4 times a week. You need to find a shampoo that works well with your hair, and if you want you can straighten the hair as well. Do what you feel and moreover that looks good on you as well. For example, some days you can curl your hair

Take good care of your teeth

Brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night. Use gloss and dental tooth picks. Try to avoid bubble gum as after a certain point of time they do not smell well. So, you need to keep it up as well.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water a day and as far as possible consume fruits and vegetables which have water content in them. This will keep your eyes bright and the skin fresh and the vitamins in the fruits will keep your skin healthy

Other mechanisms

It is better to do this on holidays as if you do not like it you can wash it away. In case of nails, you need to paint it with vibrant colors so that it matches with your outfit. You can remove them with a nail moisturizing polish and remove it after two days when you have applied it which will allow the nail to breathe as well. Have a positive look towards like and present it in the manner you carry yourself

Last but not the least; clothes are a true reflection of your personality. If you spot proper set of clothes, you are bound to look attractive and may appeal to the larger audience at large. One mechanism would be to wear smart sleeveless winter jackets for women as they portray a positive image of yours to the outside world. The online stores are the best place where you can avail attractive rates of discount on these suits.

Khaptad National Park – The Home Of Wilderness

Holidaying in Nepal is an amazing experience and you may need months to visit all attractions. However, there are a few picks and visiting them indeed helps you to enjoy scenic beauty and the grandiose offerings of the nature, and Khaptad National Park certainly is prominent among them. However, reaching Khaptad National Park is not as easy as it may appear apparently. Make sure to keep women sleeveless jackets handy, as you need them often while on-route to Khaptad National Park.


Khaptad National Park – Reach Out To The Wilderness

Two routes are available for reaching Khaptad National Park. With the first choice, you fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj taking an hour-long flight, and then another flight of 20 minutes takes you from Nepalgunj to Chainpur of Bajhang. It is a three-day long trek from Chainpur to Khaptad National Park.

Another route to Khaptad National Park again starts from Kathmandu. Fly to Dhangadi directly taking a flight of over an hour and then to Silgadi by road. Bus travel to Silgadi from Dhangadi takes 10 hours. Khaptad National Park is reachable from Silgadi by a daylong trek. Accessibility to Khaptad National Park is tricky; however, visiting the park is worth all the troubles.


Apart from the wildlife, jungle, and avifauna Khaptad National Park has many attractions. Khaptad Swami Ashram, Tribeni, Khaptad Lake, Ganesh Temple, Kedardhunga, Nagdhunga, and Sahashra Linga situated at 3,200 m on the highest peak of the park are famous among them. Visiting these locations indeed is a memorable experience and it offers you the first class experience of enjoying perfect blend of serenity, seclusion, and wilderness. Witnessing these pilgrimage destinations is a part of the itinerary of Hindus who visit Khaptad National Park. Temperature during March to May and October to November is pleasant and ranges between 10-20° C. June to September are rainy and December to February Khaptad National Park witnesses snowfall.

Wildlife – Witness The Action On Your Own

Khaptad National Park has a rich heritage of wild life; however, it does not offer facilities of jungle safaris or rides on elephants or boats. Typically, you are on your own and trekking is the best way to unleash the bounty of the nature. Animals like Barking Deer, Ghoral, Langur Monkey, Wild Boar, Yellow-Throated Marten, Himalayan Black Bear, Rhesus Monkey, and over 250 bird species are spotted. Vegetation of Khaptad National Park features subtropical forests and grasslands. In addition, it has 224 medicinal herb species making it significant. Finding your home away from home in Khaptad National Park is easy with the campsites and tents setup.

The amazing vivacity of the nature, extreme temperature and seasonal variations, and the wealth of the wildlife make Khaptad National Park a place you ought not to miss during your vacations in Nepal. It indeed is worth visiting and spending a few days in spite of the trouble to reach here. Moreover, it is quite a learning experience for you. The enchanting moments of seclusion amidst the wilderness offer the peace of mind you deserve.

Bardia National Park – Explore The True Wealth Of Nepal

Bardia National Park offers a state of the art experience of enjoying the offerings of lush green nature and the richness of fauna and avifauna. The park is around 100 km away from Nepalgunj and reaching Nepalgunj is easy with an hour-long flight from Kathmandu. However, travelling by road is tricky, as you need to cover a stretch of over 500 km to reach Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. However, travel arrangements are adequate and meet the standards and expectations. Do not forget sleeveless winter jackets for women as you need them desperately during the overnight travel in a bus. Amazing land of Nepal has many promising destinations to spend a memorable vacation and Bardia National Park certainly is a top pick among them.

women jackets


Bardia National Park offers a mesmerizing experience of spending good time amidst thick jungle. Various jungle lodges provide accommodation facilities and you are never stranded in want of choices to stay. Moreover, these jungle lodges provide excellent food and serve you with warm hearts. You can find suitable accommodation of your choice if you make reservations. Activities offered in the park are

  • Jungle safari in a jeep
  • Elephant rides
  • Trekking
  • Boat rides

These activities are well planned and local professionals conduct them with the due consideration of the needs and wants of tourists. Moreover, each activity offers a brand new experience of witnessing the wilderness closely.


Flora, fauna, and avifauna spotted in Bardia National Park offer a memorable experience. Typically, dense jungles of savannah and grasslands offer a peculiarity as well as a perfect habitat for wildlife and birds. Sal trees are spotted in abundance. Nepal takes excellent initiative in preserving the wild life and its allied elements. Bardia National Park hosts over 400 species of birds and the easily spotted birds are

  • Bengal Florican
  • Silver-Eared Mesia
  • Lesser Florican
  • Sarus Crane

These birds and many more make Bardia National Park a paradise for bird lovers. Spending hours watching exotic avifauna is amazing and only possible when you are in Nepal. Wildlife in Bardia National Park has over 53 mammals and many reptiles. It is in fact a home of a few rare species of snakes ever spotted elsewhere. Watching the Gangetic dolphin in Karnali River is one of the mesmerizing experiences you would always remember. Moreover, the prominently spotted wild animals are Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Swamp Deer, and Black Buck. Do not fret if you spot marsh mugger crocodiles and gharial crocodiles on the banks of the Karnali River while watching Gangetic dolphin of freshwater.

You may need to spend a few days in the Bardia National Park to watch the wonders and be a part of the ecosystem for a while. However, the experience is amazing and unforgettable. Therefore, mark Bardia National Park in your itinerary and be sure to spend a few days in the seclusion amidst the jungle, river, and wild life.