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Positives and negatives associated with online shopping

Online shopping is an excellent through which the producers can reach out to the customers without an actual waterfront. These days it has gone on to become something invincible where one cannot sell online. Though the ecommerce is something which has been widely praised and has many features it is countless advantages. It would be better for all users to be aware of both the positive and negative, before starting to purchase goods online. Though in the days gone by there was some strong reservations as far as purchase of clothes are concerned. But with the modern education levels things have changed drastically. The general notion if you buy something like women parka jackets online, you need to try and feel it. What happens if I buy from an online store and it does not fit me? With the passage of time, the online medium has been able to find answers to these questions.

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To begin with, one of the most important advantages of online shopping is that it is nonstop. You do not need a seller or an attendant, thus the online stores are open at any time of the day and any hour as well. This is in complete contrast to what one can expect at the local store in your vicinity. Clients love the fact that one can purchase goods at 2 a.m. in the morning while the sellers have increased earnings. World wide online shopping enables retailers to display merchandise which can be seen by people all over the globe. This would not have been possible when it is an actual store. In this manner, the retailers can expand the market, and at the same time constantly target new set of customers as well. Now one would be fighting the big competitors, regardless of the size as well as the importance aspect. But all is not a bed of roses as far as online shopping is concerned as there is some security issues involved here as well. One of the main flaws associated with it is the security issues. It is a well known fact that people are not so secure when they present their personal data to some third party and many among us are a bit scared about the security issues.

At this point of time, the online retailers have to make a strong and steady effort to build a trust worth relation with their clients. One of the methods which they can adapt is personal interaction which restores the confidence and forces them to come back over and over again.

But still considering the advantages of online shopping, these are minor hiccups and you need to embrace it in the best possible manner.

Know about parka jackets

Parka jackets are large outdoor jackets with hoods with them. They can be artificial down or full down, flannel or fur lined with hoods. They are designed in such a manner that they are weather proof, which protects you from the rain. In fact, women’s parka jackets are available in a host of colors and designs. One would be amazed to see the collection in the online stores and you will be literally spoiled in terms of choices when you opt for them.

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So what are the major benefits associated with the parka jackets? They have special features embedded in them which allow certain parts to be removed. The sleeves along with the hoods can be detached at any point of time using the zippers and the buttons. These features of the jackets make it suitable to be worn on casual occasions as well. One would be correct in saying that it is one of the most protective apparels which is available in the market.

These jackets are a delight for those who are engaged in winter sports. Snowboarding, skiing and other related activities can be pretty cold and there is risk of sufficient amount of snow which will get into your jacket. These jackets will protect you from such untoward incidents and one can be on the ski slopes wearing this jacket than any other form of jacket. These jackets offer an unbeatable protection against the wind. People who live in the windy regions of the world wear this type of jacket so that the wind is cut and preventing warmth from escaping the body. Other advantages of parka jackets include its availability in various colors as well as the designs, not forgetting to mention the fact that it is available in a host of sizes as well.

With the passage of time, this form of jacket has progressed which has resulted in a good variety of methods of the buyer these days. One can buy them from the online stores as well as the physical stores. A point to be mentioned is that the price of the jacket is dependent on the size as well as the quality part.

Any form of winter garment you purchase needs to provide warmth and you should be comfortable in it. Otherwise there is no point of buying it in the first place. If you choose to avail the online route, do a systematic research of the various websites and decide where you not get the desired piece but also the prices are the lowest.

So why this wait, log on to the web and choose the parka jacket which suits you best on all counts.

Winter wear ideas for women

With each new season, the fashion designers are coming up with new designs and experimenting with new colours for the winter wear. Especially ladies will have a huge option when it comes to winter garments. While men have limited options when it comes to colours, women can experiment with any colour and still manage to look good. You can buy these winter garments depending on the occasion you plan to use them. For example, if you are planning it for an office use, avoid going for light colours as they look little funky. You can try some dark colours like black and blue which will look elegant with a formal dress. If you keep these simple things in mind when you shop for womens winter parkas, jackets and sweaters on the internet, you will have an exciting wardrobe for this winter season.

Winter is not about layering with warm woollen garments. As the winter approaches, days get colder due to mist and solidifying breeze. It is always worth to keep your wardrobe prepared for all sort of colder days, be it rain, haze, or breeze. As opposed to being wrapped in your snuggled up cover, go out and appreciate the most vivid and exquisite season of the year. You can add a lot of style when you combine your sweaters and jackets with the right kind of winter accessories. In this article, we will guide you to select the best winter accessories to keep you in style.

Footwear can add style and comfort to basic outfit. In the event that you are wearing trendy and comfortable shoes or slippers, you will without a doubt look unique when compared to others. You should match your overall outfit with your footwear. Otherwise, either the dress or the footwear will look out of place. Avoid this situation and choose the right footwear to match your overall outfit.

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Jackets, overcoats and sweaters help you stay warm in the icy months. Include some beautiful and trendy coats to look attractive in this season. Additionally, keep yourself stunningly warm and comfy with over coats and long sweaters. Scarves, Caps and Mufflers keep you warm, as well as give you a cool and stylish look. Put forth your own particular style expression by rapping a pleasant printed scarf or muffler around your neck. You can also wear them in different ways to keep looking stylish.

Fitness enthusiasts ought to include some popular sweatshirts and jogging suits in their winter wardrobe. Make sure to buy woollen winter garments when you are shopping for sweatshirts and jogging pants. You need to keep yourself warm while working out in the open air. Otherwise there are chances that you will have a muscle cramp in this cold weather. To avoid this situation, the body should always be comfortably warm while doing any outdoor activity.

Casual winter jackets for women

Ladies have always had a preference for dressing elegantly when compared to men. They are sure to enjoy wearing good looking clothes irrespective of the season. To indulge their tastes, numerous stores and huge brands have come up with a huge collection for winter wear. Whether they go for chic garments or easygoing wear, they are spoilt for decision. It is difficult to choose the best one among the lot. You can keep searching the internet for hours together and still the entire collection of winter garments will not be over. Apart from that, these sellers also come up with new designs every day, and it is impossible to checkout every design in the market. However, you can choose some standard winter wear like parkas ladies and jackets and sweaters for women.


Coats have turned out to be the latest trend when it comes to ladies winter wear. These are significant even in official meetings if collaborated with tasteful frill. On the other hand, avoid these winter garments when you are going for a traditional function. Coats are beneficial when you consider their life span, since they have unlimited utility irrespective of the season. You can also use them in summer season if you are in an office meeting.

While the coats are termed as official wear in the winter garments section, you can try out the woollen jackets and parka jackets for other occasions. Especially the parkas are the ideal winter wear in chilly weather conditions and if is impossible to survive in sub zero temperature zones without these kind of jackets. It will also give you a casual look when compared to the traditional coats. Apart from that, you can also look into the various designs of jackets that are available in the market. You can get them in leather, denim and other synthetic material also.

If you plan to wear jackets for a college or any other casual outing with friends, you can go for the woollen jackets or the denim jackets. They will keep you warm and at the same time appear stylish. You will look young when you wear casual jackets. Make sure that the jackets you are buying for the winter season has hoods. It will be handy when the temperature is too low and you can also get additional protection for your head and ears without having to carry a cap.

In some regions where the temperature is very low during the winter months, it is also advisable to carry a pair of winter gloves. It is an essential requirement when you are riding a bike as your hands can get very cold in these conditions and affect movement of fingers. In some extreme cases, you may even get frost bites when you are not wearing the right winter gear. Take care of all these issues when you plan to shop for winter wear on the internet.

How to look great during winter for Women

Winter wear need not be boring with the regular thick jackets and old fashioned sweaters. The trend of winter garments has changed a lot in the recent times. Winter fashion has become more attractive especially for women. You can now look trendy and fashionable in the latest winter wear designs. The simple trick of getting the best winter wear is to choose the right fabric that can complement your overall personality. You should also take care to match the winter wear with other dress.

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Thermal wear: If you do not want to wear too many clothes for an outing, you can choose the best thermal wear to keep you warm. There are many varieties of thermal wear available in the market. You can choose the best one depending on the temperature in the region. Some thermal inner wear can withstand sub zero temperature. If you wear that in a place which is moderately cold, you will feel very uncomfortable. To avoid this, you should select the right thermal wear suited for your region.

Along with these items, you should also choose the right set of scarf and gloves to keep you warm during the winter season. This is especially required when you go out on a holiday. You want to enjoy the winter with your family and not be bothered about your clothing. When you have a good set of winter wear, you can go outdoors and enjoy the holiday season without any tension. You can get the best winter wear at any of the reputed online stores. They will have a good collection of womens winter parkas made with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Things to avoid during winter season: There are many precautions to take care during the winter season. One of the most neglected aspects is your skin. You should take care of your skin are they are more prone to cracks during winter. A good lotion should be able to protect you from the chilling temperature. If you are having sensitive skin, it is better to consult your doctor before using the regular moisturisers. It is also advisable to use a proper cream for your lips. Otherwise it can crack and cause a lot of pain. Avoid eating junk food during the winter season. It is easy for any disease to spread fast during this season. Make sure that the water you are drinking is purified.

Since the temperature during this season will be very low, you should utilize this opportunity to work out every day. You will not sweat much like in summers and it will be a pleasant experience to get involved in any sports activity during winters. You can enjoy the game in a better way than in summers. If you are not inclined towards sports activity, you can choose a simple walking regime which will keep you fit and healthy in the long run. You can do this anytime and it does not require any equipment. If you follow these simple guidelines during the winter season, you can live a happy and healthy life.

Leh: The Best Tourist Place to Visit

Leh was the preceding capital of Himalayan kingdom of Laddakh. But now Leh is the district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the second largest district in the country in terms of area. Mountains control the land around the Leh. It is at altitude of 3500m. Leh has a cold climate with long harsh winter from the month of October to early March. The city gets occasional snowfall during winter.

Leh has many attractions like palace, trekking trails, Chamba Temple, Sankar Gompa, Magnetic Hill, the Victory Tower and many more. Everyone comes to enjoy Leh, should visit these historical places. Leh is one of the popular destinations which offer everything from adventurous tourism to spiritual healing. You can experience the colorful festival of Laddakh when you visit the place. You can also witness the traditional mask and peacock dances which are the part of the festival procession. There are a number of tourists who visit this place. However, there is a lot of preparation one has to do. The most important thing is the winter wear that one must use to counter the cold. One also needs to have quality winter wears that can help one here. For better quality of winter wears, one can have the women parka jackets online also.


How to Reach Leh

By Road:

Leh is connected to India by two high altitude roads. The national high way 1D from Srinagar via Kargil is generally open longer. The other way Leh-Manali highway can be some time troublesome due to the high passes and plateaus. The Jammu Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation operates regular buses between Srinagar and Leh.

By Train

There is no facility of rail currently in Leh.

But the cheapest way to travel to the region is by public buses. You can also make use of taxi for most comfortable and convenient travel.

By Air

Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport of Leh has flights to Delhi. It also provides services to Jammu and weekly flights to Srinagar. During peak time, private operators also operate Delhi to Leh daily flights.

Plan Your Travel to Leh

There are many places to visit while traveling to Leh. The Shanti Stupa is one of the finest monuments in Leh. It is an international collaborative effort between Japan and Laddakh to preserve remainders of the Buddha enshrined by the Dalai Lama himself. Sun Temple is very famous temple here. It is a medieval temple which was constructed by King Lalitaditya for honoring the Sun God. Padum is one of the largest towns in the region. The places are mainly populated by Tibet Buddhists and minority of Muslims. Stok Palace Museum is situated within the Stok Palace. It is the home of the royal family of Laddakh. You can see several royal crowns, artefacts copper coins, and precious stones and other instruments there. Thiksey Monastery is a popular Buddhist monastery which is situated close to Leh. The Victory Tower is also the important monument to visit. It is built in the memory of Laddakh’s victory over Balti Kashmir armies in the 16th century.

Known how about winter jackets

A parka or a winter jacket is a synthetic or a regular down jacket designed to provide additional warmth and this is normally achieved by thicker insulation. It is associated with longer length. In contrast to this, the winter jacket is designed to be an outer layer and is known to provide basic warmth for everyday occasions even if the wearer is standing still.

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Outer winter jacket features

Outer shell

It is an important part of the jacket, where the main focus is on protection against the wind and the rain? This jacket is ideal for areas with rainier winters.


It offers more than protection from the cold and the snow, but is designed to keep the head warm. It is always recommended to carry a warm hat but with an insulated hood can go a long way to provide the additional warmth. Some women parka jackets are available with insulated hoods, though this is less bulky; wearing a jacket with no hood requires a hat normally. The best hoods are the one which are adjustable.


Technical parkas

If one is looking for a coat to keep them warm during winter camping, you are more in the market for a technical parka. These jackets have fewer features, but the ones in them are more than enough like adjustable sleeve cuffs. There are usually light in weight than a casual parka and more compressible. They can be worn around, but will look much different than a professionally oriented jacket.

Casual parka

A winter jacket is one which is there for the winter, and that is for more than any winter activities. Visiting Mountain ranges or taking part in winter sports are a few activities which you could undertake this season. The beauty of the season should be experienced in a warm coat, rather than cotton sweaters or thermals. Though, a point mentioning is that the casual jackets have more comfort features and pockets which make wearing of it every day easy. On the flip side, they would be heavy and cumbersome.

The removable features, like the fur linings or the hoods can contribute to the versatility of the product, but it can easily become lost or misplaced. In addition to this, the adjustable cuffs can also be useful, which can be clinched around the waists and not wearing the gloves.

The list of winter jackets goes on and on and the best place to buy them is through the online platform as you are bound to get variety of choices as well as designs. But undertake a survey of the various shopping websites such as terms and conditions, return policy, shipping details, etc. before you eventually purchase the product.

Chitwan National Park – Explore The Bounty Of Nature

Chitwan National Park is one of the most amazing places to visit when you are in Nepal. It also is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. It is one of the major contributors in the 34,186.62 sq. km of vegetation on the lands of Nepal. The national park has headquarters in Kasara. Bharatpur offers excellent access to Kasara. Moreover, reaching Bharatpur is quite easy as it is 146 km away from Kathmandu and tourists can fly or travel by road to reach Bharatpur from Kathmandu. Always be sure to prep well while visiting Chitwan National Park and never forget women parka jackets, as you certainly need them during the night outs. The scenic land of Chitwan National Park has many secrets and visiting here indeed is a lifetime achievement.

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Visiting Chitwan National Park demands fees remittance in Nepali rupees. Rs 100 for a Nepali person, 750 for member of SAARC nations, and 1500 for foreigners are charged. However, Nepali person need to pay perf day for every entry whilst others can pay once for a day. You can visit the park is throughout the year except monsoons. However, great time to explore the park is between October to March. The cool ambient temperature at around 23° offers a pleasing experience to enjoy the offerings of the park. Moreover, April to June is quite hot and you need to prepare to deal with hot climate at around 43° C. monsoon begins in July and lasts up to the September. However, avoid visiting the park during the rainy season.


Chitwan National Park offers stunning landscapes of scenic views, rich flora, and fauna. 56 mammal species, 539 bird species, over 600 species of deciduous plants are spotted here. In fact, the park is the chest of the treasure of the Mother Earth and Nepal has preserved it in an immaculate state. Moreover, you are lucky if you could spot 49 species of reptiles. It is a one-stop resource to spot everything from geese to crocodiles and from one-horned rhinoceros to Royal Bengal tigers. Jungle safaris on elephants and jeeps help you in exploring the richness of the nature. Moreover, canoeing, treks, and stay in the jungle are also available. Enjoying a few days loaded with thrill and adventure is amazing when you are in Nepal.

The first class facilities offered by lodges and resort hotels make your stay comfortable. These facilities indeed are precious especially when you come back from a daylong trek or a jungle safari. Make sure to prep well to deal with the extremities of the jungle. Mosquito repellent cream and water purification pills come handy when you are out there in the jungle on your own. Few moments of relaxation and thrill offered by the Chitwan National Park are precious and memorable too. However, be sure to stay in line with the regulations and do not dare the nature blindly. It could turn fatal too as wild animals out there are not your pets. Take care when you are out there and make the most from every moment.

Run For Your Pride – Accept The Challenges Of Marathons In Nepal

Nepal, the immensely busy activity center offers a plethora of activities to keep tourists busy and enjoy the most fascinating time of their lifetime. Certain activities in Nepal indeed offer a challenge to the tourists to dare and marathons in Nepal are prominent activities among them. Well, do not forget to wear parka jackets for women during the run as you are bound to face climatic extremities far beyond the usual limits of sustaining without adequate protection. Visit Nepal and run in its marathons when you need to dare the nature, rugged mountains, and extremely cold temperature. It is amazing when you are in Nepal. Moreover, it indeed helps you to enjoy the finest moments of the highest endurance, bravery, and courage.

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Annapurna Marathon

Nepal celebrated Nepal Tourism Year in June 2011 and it was then the beginning of a mega marathon event Annapurna Marathon. June 3rd after every two years since then is the day filled with lots of action and rush of the adrenaline. The sanctity of the day 3 June has arrived from the remembrance of the successful climb of Mt. Annapurna by a French team. The team was led by Maurice Herzog. The first climb of Mt. Annapurna in 1950 eventually is celebrated every two years on June 3. The marathon covers a stretch of 42.19 km amidst the rugged mountains and freezing cold temperature and truly asks for the guts of steel to complete it. Annapurna Base Camp is the starting point and Dhampus village at 1650 m is the destination.

Everest Marathon

29 May every year is a fest for runners from various countries due to the annual Everest Marathon. The stretch of 43 km amid the Himalayan range indeed tests the endurance to the fullest. Moreover, it unleashes the bounty of the nature as the marathon track passes through stunning landscapes, monasteries, and suspension bridges. The marathon is a remembrance and celebration of the first successful climb of Mt. Everest back in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary as well as Tenzing Norgay. The traditional Everest route and the grandiosity of the Himalaya make this marathon unique and quite a demanding challenge for the participants. The journey between the Everest base camp and the Sherpa village is filled with loads of excitement and thrill.

Unleashing the deliverables of various adventure sports activities while you are holidaying in Nepal is amazing and that indeed helps you to revive and regenerate. The amazing experience offered by these marathons truly is mesmerizing. Participating in these mega events is also easy. However, you need to be sure to visit Nepal between May end to early June. Wonderful holidays in Nepal are loaded with fun, thrill, and excitement and all you need to do is visit Nepal to earn your share of the bounty. Well, it is easy and tantalizing. Get used to celebrating every moment filled with unstoppable action when you are in Nepal. It is possible in real-time. Moreover, Nepal is acclaimed to serve such wonderful possibilities making your holiday the best experience of a lifetime.

Dining In Nepal – Authentic Traditional Ways To Gratify Taste Buds

Dining is one of the essentials of holidaying in Nepal and the variety offered indeed is capable of gratifying your taste buds to the fullest. Tantalizing, tangy, crispy, and much more are available here on a platter ready to serve you round the clock. Moreover, places like Thamel are paradise for foodies and they serve you up to the mark of your expectations. Nepal offers all the mainstream cuisines in various choices. The best of ethnic food and the blend of perfect hospitality make dining in Nepal a memorable experience and an attraction for tourists. Well, eating is as essential as ladies parka jackets for you in winter and being choosy is always nice as it offers more options than otherwise.


Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Thai, and many such streams of cuisines are available in Nepal and all starred hotels as well as many roadside shacks serve them. However, relishing the real essence of Nepali food comes through enjoying authentic ethnic food available in several restaurants. This food is cooked everyday in Nepali houses and savoring them is a perfect idea to get the ultimate feel of how Nepali kitchens deliver. The best of the Nepali cuisine has potential to add a brand new paradigm to your dining experience making it larger than the real life.

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The typical Nepali food eaten in millions of families is distributed into four broad types. These are

  • Snacks and appetizers
  • Main dishes
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

The broad classification into these four segments has everything that Nepali cuisine has to offer. Moreover, a perfect fit is always available amidst innumerable choices. In fact, the food line offered in Nepal reflects its wealth of the heritage and opens a perfect gateway to serve what your taste buds crave for. It is amazingly simple when you are in Nepal.


Nepali deserts are strongly dependent on the use of curds during the preparations. Various drinks are often consumed. Some of them are rice based and the others are millet based. Rural Nepali people often rely on Tongba for enjoying the good times. Moreover, enjoying a sip of Tongba is an amazing experience as you sip it using a bamboo straw. Tongba is commonly served in hilly regions of Nepal.

Nepal is quite an attraction for foodies as they get more choices to satisfy craving than they expect otherwise. However, savoring the authentic ethnic cuisine is possible only if you know the authentic sources. Well, be on a lookout for dining at the homes of Nepali locals when you are out there trekking or engaged in any other activity. Moreover, various in-home stay facilities come with food services and staying at these facilities indeed is a first class avenue to enjoy the best of Nepalese cuisine and its offerings. Be a Nepali when you are in Nepal and feel the difference. It is far more amazing than you would expect otherwise.