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How to keep your hands warm in winters

There are different attires for different activities and seasons. Like in summers, you like light weight clothes and soothing colors so that you do not feel too warm similarly for winter’s people prefer layer of clothes to keep them warm and cozy.

As winters are approaching everyone likes to buy clothes for both innerwear and outerwear that helps them feel warm and cozy. Talking about women specifically they liked to be all decked up and fashionable during the winter season as well. For our upper and lower body, we buy sweaters, jackets, woolen pants or skirts, socks, for our head and ears we wear caps, likewise we buy gloves to keep our hands warm. There are limitless options of gloves or mittens available and you do not even have to sacrifice on your looks. Gloves are a very small part of your winter clothing but gives you lot of room for variety.

women gloves

In this guide, we would cover different styles and types of gloves that will help you keep your hands warm during winters.

Types of Gloves

Gloves have a quality that they encase each of your fingers individually. Different situations call for different designs or materials. It is for the women to decide, what type of glove she likes to buy. For women you like to go hiking, they should invest in gloves that are durable; else for normal wear like shopping or going out with friends casual gloves are a good to go option.

Gloves for Casual Wear

A casual wear glove is not specific to any particular task. The only factor attached to it that it provides warmth comfort for the wearer. Few known materials that are used to design the gloves are polyester, fleece and sometimes even woolen.

Make sure, that the gloves cover the entire palm and fingers to the wrist. Your skin should not be exposed between the gloves and the sleeves of your jacket.

Gloves for Dresses

Like old times even today, women like to wear gloves with a particular kind of dresses. These kinds of ladies hand gloves are called dress gloves and more formal and tailored. The known materials used for them are traditional leather as it is water resistant with woolen lining and they even look very classy. Some even like synthetic blend gloves. Like casual gloves, dress gloves should also snug and not get tightened at the wrist.

Durability of Gloves

Women like to fill their closets with all kinds of styles and trends and it is difficult to purchase accessories that match each kind of attire specifically when we talk about winter clothing. As we all know winter clothing is a little more expensive than your other outfits and it is all the more important that they buy things that can be used for a longer period of time. Hence, before spending your money on just anything, watch out for gloves that might be expensive due to high durability factor but they would last longer for other seasons as well.

At the end to sum it up, just go creative and funky with your gloves but remember the ultimate reason to wear them should be to keep you comfortable and toasted through the winters.

The guard of the hands in winter

Winter fashion keeps changing frequently and this has kept the designers on their toes. People are also becoming more fashion conscious and do not want to wear the same old designs. With this trend, the regular sweaters have taken a backseat and given way to Cardigans and other outfits.


There are a lot of garments and other accessories that can help people to keep the body healthier and warmer with the use of all these garments as well as accessories. The sweaters, cardigans, jackets and coats as well as shawls are the main outfits that can help the people to remain safer during the colder days. The legs and hands as well as ears are the main areas that also need quality protection but at the same time there is no particular outfit available for the same. However, there are accessories that can support one to get these body parts covered during minor to heavy cold.

For the females there are accessories such as scarves, strolls and gloves that can protect ears and hands. The wool gloves woman are much helpful to the working ladies who need to move out for job during early morning or even late evening when the cold is at its height. Hence these accessories can help them maintain the softness of their hands, skin and make the hands remain active.

There are a lot of winter garments that can help the wearer during this season. The sweaters such as cardigans and pullovers are the leading garments among all. If you need to use them during extreme cold weather, you can go for woollen cardigans and if you are just looking for a fashion accessory for the winter season, you can go for the cotton material. No matter what material you choose, make sure that the design suits your style and you feel comfortable while wearing them. Since the winter garments are delicate fabrics, you need to take care of them properly. There are a lot of online and offline shops from which one can choose the best outfits and accessories that can help to keep the body guarded against cold.

However, in the modern days the online stores have more advantages and therefore a lot of people keep on shopping from them only. They offer a huge collection of different item and a great discount in various methods that make the cost of the item lowered and prove beneficial to the customer. They also offer facilities such as easy exchange and refund as well as guarantee on every item which can win the trust of the shopper. The free shipping and home delivery of the items also help people to get the shopped from such online stores with great ease. The customer care service that helps the customers in case of any problem is also one of the drivers of the popularity of these stores.


Preparing for outdoor camping during winters

Most of the time, we are confined to the indoors during the winter season. Traditionally, you sip in a coffee, catch hold of a great book with a bout of fire around. But the question which you need to ask yourself if you are limiting yourself to the indoors during the season as outdoor places has its set of charms. Outdoor activities in the form of camps with snow beneath your feet, the crunch of snow and the amazing clarity of the blue sky! Getting such sort of experience is not at all an easy task, but with the correct preparation and right equipment, one can have a great time outdoors during the winter season.

The first and most important thing which you need to consider while you undertake outdoor camping is the perfect set of winter clothes. Most of them who live in the area where the winters are intense prefer to wear layered clothing. This is important as the multiple layers of clothes create sufficient amount of air pockets, which help in keeping the body warm, and in hindsight prevent the heavy clothes to weigh you down.

women winter caps

  • For the first layer, one needs to wear insulated garments that are designed to wear next to the skin. Next is that you can encompass women woolen caps to protect your head in the best possible manner. This is all the more so as maximum amount of heat is lost through the head and research points to the fact that it can be as high as 70%. One could also use face masks to encounter the sultry conditions. The next layers could be any material of your choice.
  • One can wear skin pants for keeping the snow out of their boots. It is a well known fact that the mittens are much warmer than the gloves. To encounter such a situation, one can attach the mittens with the coats. When one requires the additional layer of warmth along with dexterity, then gloves would not be bad option.
  • For the protection of your feet during the winter months, you can wear many layers of socks. It should start off with a thin lining, which is next to the skin and should be followed with 1 or 2 blends of woolen socks.

But before you undertake any form of winter camping, it would not be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the cold conditions by going out. Once you are comfortable outdoors, you can then go out. In addition to this, there are number of items such as sleeping bag or tent. When you are purchasing them, remember you need to use them for the entire winter season.

How to find the correct form of gloves

Gloves and mittens are important for any form of winter related activities. Choosing the right form of gloves may be straight forward, but there are some differences as freezing hands and numb fingers can ruin a day in the mountains. You need to understand the materials along with the features of them before you buy the pair of gloves.

Gloves in comparison to mittens

This is the first decision which you have to consider, as do you prefer the warmth of the mittens or the dexterity of the gloves. Both of them can be donned for a host of occasions, and normally they are made from the same set of materials. Mittens generally are known to provide more warmth, as the fingers will share one component and generate more heat when one compared it to a glove. But on the flip side, they have a restriction on the mobility part and to access your pockets, you need to remove them. It is very much like a jacket, as gloves and mittens are made up of several components they can keep your protected and make you dry.

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Warmth of gloves

Mittens and gloves vary in the amount of warmth which they provide. It is important to find a pair which matches and goes with your style. Say in case if you are riding in cold conditions, you will need a warm pair of gloves. The amount of warmth which each glove set provides varies accordingly. Some of us tend to stay warm in certain conditions, while others tend to get cold. Glove material to a great extent is determined by the shell strength, amount and the type of insulation. In terms of the fairer sex, the women’s winter gloves are a favorite.

In case of ski gloves, it is observed that lining as an extra layer of material is provided. This ensures warmth along with comfort and you are comfortable at the same time. Lining material is determined by the brand and the glove to a large extent. One would also want to consider separate glove liners. In fact, some of them are available in the market with their own removal liners.

To sum it up, the choice of a glove depends to a large extent on the personal choice of an individual. One needs to ensure that they fit in properly. The best pair of glove will fit you snugly and provide ample amount of space to your outstretched fingers. Make it a point that your palm is completed covered inside the cuff so that the wrist remains uncovered. When you make a fist, the fit should not be so tight that it restricts the movement of your fingers. Consult the size charting when buying them.

Winter outfits to keep your body warm

Winter should allow the women to experiment with their wardrobe. There are also a lot of accessories available in the market that one may need to go for so that with proper winter outfits other body parts are also protected accordingly. The options for accessories you have these days are plenty. You can buy few of these and wear it according to different occasion. If you keep certain things in mind, you will know what to look for good winter accessories. Take a look at some of the points below that will help you to buy the right kind of accessories. There are ladies wool gloves for the protection of hands in this cold season which is also a part of these accessories.

Your activity: There are different winter gloves for women depending on your need and activity. Hence, in case you need to drive a two wheeler, it is better to go for such gloves that can offer a better grip on various requirements. If you are going for skiing, hiking, etc, choose the gloves that are thick but light weight. They must be moisture resistant. They must offer complete protection to hands and fingers.

Warmth: The sole purpose of the gloves is to keep your hands warm so that various activities are not affected during this season also. So, go for something that meets this need. It is advisable not to go only for looks. When you step out in the cold weather, the beauty of your gloves will not help you, if it fails to keep you warm. It is very important keep in mind the practicality and functionality rather than only looking for fashion.

Style: The style of your gloves depends on your personality as well as requirement. They are available in various materials. To make it convenient for the customers, now the online stores also offer a number of varieties in gloves, and therefore one can easily choose a better pair of gloves from them. There are usually standard sizes such as medium, small and large size that fits on any hands.

Fabric: The woolen gloves are considered as the best accessories so far as gloves are concerned. There are a lot of ladies who wear these gloves and do routine function with great comfort and ease. It also depends on the other clothes that you are wearing. It should match the other layer of clothing.

You can also do winter shopping online. There are plenty options there too. But keep in mind your need and purpose while going for the same, and if not satisfied with one store, you can easily move to another store that can offer the accessories of your choice with the same ease of shopping. The winter woolen gloves are nowadays almost mandatory to wear in the night time and early morning.

Protect your pretty hand with gloves

Gloves play a vital role in protecting your hand during cold weather. Your hands are very sensitive especially the finger tips. So it is essential to keep this part of the body warm. Most people don’t like winters because it makes you feel lazy and dull. But if you have the right type of winter wear then you can make most of this time of the season too. It is not only sufficient to get coats and jackets but other accessories like scarf, caps and gloves should also be your priority when you do your winter shopping. Hand gloves for women online shopping gives you multitude of options. The main benefit of online shopping is that while sitting at the comfort of your home you can browse through different websites and choose your product. Hand gloves for women online shopping are available in different colors, patterns and size. Take a look at the different types of hand gloves.

women gloves

Sports gloves: Sports gloves are made especially for people who like to have fun even during winters. Winter shouldn’t be the excuse to stay at home. Wear these gloves on your slender and pretty hands and you are ready to participate in any kind of sports activities. It is especially good for your hands if you like skiing and snowboarding. These gloves are water resistant, a great benefit if you want to play in snow.

Liner gloves: As the name suggests liner gloves are usually worn under your normal gloves. It will fit your hand comfortably. If the temperature is not very cold you can wear it alone without wearing any other gloves on top of it. These gloves are also water resistant

Insulated gloves: Insulated gloves are must if you are living in a cold climate region. The outer layers of these gloves are water resistant .The inner layer of insulated gloves are made of synthetic which is a great fabric to hold heat. It is good to wear if you are going for hiking.

Touch screen gloves: This glove is for those who are addicted to their mobile phone. Touch screen gloves are specially made for those people who cannot live without looking at their phone screen now and then. But during winters it can be hard for these mobile lovers if their hands are covered in gloves. If you have touch screen gloves, then your life is easy. You can wear these gloves and you can use your mobile any time of the day or night without removing the gloves. So stay warm and enjoy your smart phone.

Hand gloves for women online shopping help women to choose different varieties. Usually the gloves are made of woolen, synthetic, leather, nylon. The main idea behind the gloves is to keep your hand warm. When you buy these pretty things make sure it matches with thes rest of your outfit.

Skin care tips

For many people, the cold days of winter present more than just a cozy glow to the cheeks. It also brings to be dryness to the skin of the face, hands and the neck. For the kids, this problem is more than just a tight dry feeling. One needs to be extra cautious to combat winter chills. Here are some tips-

Avail the services of a specialist

If you visit a local store, you will find it hard to rely on the advice of the local salesperson. That is why going to a good dermatologist would be a good investment. They can analyze the type of your skin, troubleshoot the current skin care regime and give you advice on the use of skin care products one should be using

women gloves

But this in no way means that you will be buying high end expensive products. Inexpensive products work as much better as the high end ones. In fact, the extra price which you pay for these products may be for the marketing and the packaging aspect. In fact, what is important is how your skin responds to the product and do you think it provides value in terms of money.

Moisturize more

You may have stumbled upon a moisturizer that works fine in spring and summer, but as the climatic conditions change, so does your skin care routine. Find one that is more oil based than water based, as the oil can create a protective layer on the skin that is known to retain more moisture than a cream or lotion.

Focus on your hands

The skin on the hands is thinner than the other parts of the body. It has few oil glands and it is harder to keep your hands moist especially when in the cold dry weather. This can lead to cracking and itchiness. When you need to go out, wear a pair of gloves to keep your hand warm. One could slip in a pair of cotton gloves to avoid any form of irritation, which the wool may cause. At any cost avoid wet gloves and socks as they can irritate and itch your hands. These days for hand gloves for women online shopping is the best platform.

Put on the sun screen

There is a wrong notion that the sunscreen lotion is for the summer months, but this is not true at all. Sunrays can damage your skin during the winter months too. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your face and your hands about 30 minutes before going out. Apply it on a more frequent basis when you need to venture out on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, you might have heard it a thousand times and that is to hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water.

The best protection for a caring hand

The women are the most important part of our society, and hence they need complete protection to health against the seasonal changes. The winter is a season when though it is believed that one can create good health condition, but at the same time, it can be harmful also if proper care is not taken and sufficient winter wears are not used for the protection of the body. There are a lot of winter outfits availed by various famous brands as well as non-brands that can provide absolute protection to various body parts. The sweaters, jackets, shawls, coats and sweat shirts are few of the most common forms that are available in the market. Majority of these winter wears are unisex and therefore can be used by males as well as females. However, there are many other body parts, which are though not covered by these winter garments, and therefore one also needs to provide protection to the body parts such as hands, ears and legs.

winter gloves combo

There are many companies that offer quality women winter gloves that can provide great protection to the soft hands in the season of winter. These gloves are made of wool, synthetic, leather, acrylic and polypropylene. There are various sorts of gloves in the winter which include half fingered and full fingered gloves. The half fingered gloves offer more firm grip on various items if one needs to hold or work. Therefore, they are preferred by a number of females that needs to drive a vehicle as well as do other household works. The ladies who are comfortable with full fingered gloves, they are more convenient as they provide more protection.

The hand gloves are available in online store as well as offline store and one can purchase the same with a great comfort. With the change in trend, the shopping habit of shoppers has also changed and accordingly there are more preferable from the online stores. The shopping from online stores is a quality shopping experience, and therefore more and more people especially females go for online shopping. There are a number of factors responsible behind the shopping pattern and preference such as convenience of shopping at any point of time, home delivery of the garment, availability of huge variety, easy mode of payment, quality items available at better rates, more discount, gifts and cash voucher, number of various online stores, easy exchange and return policy, cash on delivery facility, perfect view of items with complete description readily available, availability of latest and in trend items, payment through net banking, credit card or debit card, availability of unique items and easy access to the store as well as simple way of shopping. Hence, considering the favourable factors, majority of the shoppers now go for shopping of various items online only which displays the change in the marketing policy of the shop also.

Shopping in Darjeeling

Darjeeling also known as the queen of hills is a beautiful hill station in West Bengal, India. It is a popular tourist spot for its mesmerising natural beauty, lush green tea plantations and toy train. Darjeeling is one place from where you cannot go back empty handed. There are a number of shopping places that add to the list of reasons for visiting Darjeeling.

The old-fashioned tea stalls, shops stocking Buddhist artefacts and household knick-knacks set up on the sloping lanes of Chowk Bazaar, also called Lower Bazaar, attract many travellers. Items you must pick from here include carved boxes, masks, hand spun textiles, fur caps, rugs, silverware and brassware. It is located on the Hill Cart Road. the winding lanes of the market on foot and you will find everything from groceries, accessories, shoes, decorative items and woollens in almost every shop.

Set up along a train track, Batasia loop market is a unique place to witness. Shopkeepers build makeshift stalls on the railway lines and remove them before the toy train arrives to cross the Batasia loop. The market is a small collection of street shops that sell typical touristy souvenirs, bags, decorative items and woollen clothes.3_best-gloves

Mall Road has everything you can think of, from shops, emporia and book stores to , cafes and tea stalls. Open from morning to evening the place is frequented both by locals and travellers. Along with the souvenirs, the market is especially known for a vast variety of woollens including shawls, jackets, boots, women hand gloves, caps and scarves.

The Ghoom monastery is the best place to buy Tibetan curios like prayer wheels, prayer flags, singing bowls, wall paintings called thangkas, and Buddha heads at reasonable price.

The Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre has excellent shopping options, including short kurtas, Nepalese woollen clothes and jackets, stoles, and Tibetan curios. It opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm.

 On your way to Mirik Lake you will find the Pashupati Nagar market. Here you can buy cheap cosmetics and clothes imported from Thailand. It is a short distance away from the Darjeeling-Mirik road.

 Teesta Bazaar, also known as the Tenth Mile among locals, is the main market area. It has several colourful stalls selling different items. This market is named after the Teesta River that passes through the area of Kalimpong. The market place has a collection of some exquisite artefacts and handicrafts, which will be perfect to take home as souvenirs. You can find a tasteful collection of handmade items, woollen jackets and shawls in this market.

Along with all this, the market is also known for local items such as thankas, tea cups, footwear and lanterns. You can also shop for copper and silver items and jewellery at affordable prices in this bazaar. The market is full of colour and life. You can capture interesting pictures of the bustling market with people looking at the interesting things on offer or bargaining with shopkeepers.

Winter holidays in Chennai

History is delightfully written in every niche and corner of Chennai city. The seat of force for real South Indian kingdoms, it turned into a focal point of force for the British and the French too. Chennai one of the four metropolitans situated on the waterfront district has glimmering natural excellence with fabulous ocean shorelines. This city is an immaculate spot to unwind and restore.

women gloves

Climate in Chennai:

Climate in Chennai is hot and sticky amid the three noteworthy seasons, summers, and winters and in addition storms. In any case, because of its closeness to ocean, the climate is pleasurable and truly agreeable to wander around. Chennai gets adequate downpours amid rainstorm. The winter season conveys merriment in abundance to Chennai and this is the best time to encounter the rich cultural and social heritage of this essential city in South India. Make sure to carry warm clothing during your holidays. It is very easy to get sweaters, jackets and hand gloves for women and men over the internet. You can do some winter wear shopping ahead of your holidays.

Chennai Tourist Attractions:

A morning stroll at the shoreline offers astonishing picturesque perspectives of the smooth ocean, white sand and cool wind. These brilliant shorelines effectively draw the vacationers with their all encompassing exquisiteness. The Elliot’s and Marina Beaches, lined with delightful palm trees and dabbed with gleaming sand give visual treat notwithstanding total mental peace. The visitors can likewise appreciate the pictorial perspective of dusk in the Bay of Bengal which is basically amazing.

Other Chennai Tourist Attractions are the National Art Gallery, Annai Velankini Shrine, Adeeswar Temple and Parthasarathy Temple. In spite of the fact that Chennai is home to various consecrated sanctuaries, holy places and numerous delightful spots of visitor premium, an excursion to Chennai is deficient without a side trek to Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Tirupati and a visit to the Crocodile Bank situated close Mamallapuram.

Accommodation in Chennai:

Chennai furnishes its voyagers with a scope of rich stay destinations outfitted with very much delegated rooms and suites, fine eateries and bars, awe inspiring spa offices and world class cordiality. Chennai additionally has an extensive variety of budget accommodation facilities that offer explorers completely outfitted rooms with every single cutting edge amenity and premium administration at sensible rates.

Festivals in Chennai:

A standout amongst the most imperative celebrations in Chennai, Pongal is celebrated with much intensity and energy at the coming of spring. The merriments and festivities that last for four days include decorating of cows and brightening yards with vivid Rangolis. Other essential occasions in Chennai are the Arupathumoovar Festival that incorporates a religious festival in the renowned Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore. The Chithirai celebration in the Madurai Temple is extremely prominent among nearby inhabitants and in addition visitors. Natyanjali Dance Festival is yet another essential religious festival in Chennai.