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Breathtaking trekking destination in Northern India

Spring is for the nature lovers who love to enjoy cold breezes with lots of blossom around but the winter season is mighty for the adventure freaks especially when it comes to trekkers in India. During winter season the breathe taking mountains of Himalayan range passing from five different countries like Pakistan, India, china, Bhutan and Nepal is ready to lure all the trekkers with the challenging way ahead in their treks to one of the highest summits in the world.

Thick blankets of snow in the highest mountains of Himalaya allures trekkers from all over the world to trek on one of the highest summits. Thousands of trekkers travel from distinct parts of the world and our country to enjoy trekking on the breath taking mountains of Himalaya. Today we are going to discuss some breath taking trekking destinations in northern India, which will leverage you with all the best restrains on your way to the summit.

Best breath taking trekking destinations in northern India

  • Annapurna base camp: Annapurna base camp is situated at the height of 8091 mts from sea level. It takes minimum of eleven days to reach the summit of this trek. Best season to trek on this mountain is from September to November and March to May. And if really want to experience the harsh low temperature and feet’s of snow the December to February is your best-suited month. Annapurna Mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world. women stole
  • Banderpunch: Banderpunch is situated at the height of 6316 mts from sea level and it takes minimum of eight days to complete the trek on this mountain. March to October is the best month to visit this mountain for trekking. Banderpunch is one of the most visited mountains for trekking in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Shawl online shopping is the best option to buy shawls for the nights in the base camps.
  • Bara Bhangal Trek: Bara Bhangal trek is situated at the height of 4800 mts and it takes minimum of 12 days to complete trek on this mountain. June to October is the perfect months for the trekking on this mountain. Bara Bhangal originates from the kullu valley, which is situated in himachal pradesh. Passing trough high passes and thick snow covered mountains it is one of the most difficult trek in the country.

Plan your trek now and leverage yourself with the difficulties and thrill of reaching the summit of any of the highest mountain or passes in the world.


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