Wildlife in Ladakh – Vivacity of Ecological Adaptation

Ladakh certainly is a rugged terrain with extreme climate and high altitude. There are no sizable forests; however, greenery is found around rivers and lakes. Wildlife of Ladakh truly is a perfect example of the vivacity of the ecological adaptation to the most horrid climatic conditions. However, these animals and birds have adapted to survive in the harshest environments. Simply speaking, Ladakh is a place where you can expect a wonderful array of wildlife and around 310 species of birds. Surprisingly, you might not even spot them, as it is tough to notice them due to their natural instincts of survival. However, Ladakhi experts certainly assist you in spotting them in their natural habitat.

Wildlife you can expect to spot in Ladakh is


  • Snow Leopard – The magnificent beast has enormous strength, agility, and capability to survive in the harshest climate. Snow Leopard is found on high altitudes. Special sightseeing tours are available yet you need quite a good luck to spot them in the wilderness. Snow Leopards are called as “Shans” in Ladakhi. These assets of the rich Ladakhi wildlife are endangered species and Ladakh offers them a prominent shelter as well as support for their breeding and existence.43_wildlife
  • Birds – Ladakh never was known as a bird paradise due to the climate, high altitudes, as well as freezing cold temperature. However, around 310 species of birds are spotted prominently in the Suru Valley, Rumbak Valley, Hemis National Park, and Rizong Monastery. Some of the commonly spotted yet unique bird species in Ladakh are Fire-capped Tit, Longbilled Bush Warbler, White-tailed Rubythroat, Wallcreeper, Little Forktail, Brown Dipper, Himalayan Snowcock, Golden Eagle, and Rock Bunting. These birds need to survive through the variety of challenges and certainly are apt to deal with them.43_yak
  • Yak – Yak or simply a wild-ox is the largest animal ever spotted in Ladakh. The huge wild beast has quite a scary appearance. Yaks spend their summer at an altitude of 6000 meters and move down in winter finding water reservoirs and greenery. They have a thick black shaggy coat and it indeed is their best defense to survive in extremely low temperature. Domesticated yaks are used for safaris. In fact, it offers an opportunity for a close encounter with this magnificent animal. A typical yak weighs over a ton and moves in a herd. Spotting wild yaks in the wilderness is possible with the assistance of local professionals.

The vivacity of wildlife in Ladakh truly represents the ability of these animals and birds to survive in the bitter cold. Spotting the wildlife in Ladakh at times becomes a herculean task due to the harsh climatic conditions and high altitudes where you can barely breathe. Although, local professionals assist you in spotting them, you need to be prepared to deal with the chill. Buy women jackets online India stores offer right before you set your foot out there in the cold to spot the wildlife. In fact, these jackets are like a shaggy coat yaks have and you certainly need them.

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Are winter clothes necessary in Dehradun?

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The two largest rivers of the country, the Ganga and the Yamuna are located on both sides of the city. As it is strategically placed, the city is one of the most sought out in terms of tourism along with migration. The city is connected to various parts of the country and the climate is all the more pleasant. The scenic beauty and the ever pleasant nature are itself focal points for people, who want to set base in this part of the world.

132_dehradun (1)

One of the main reasons on why Dehradun holds a place of its own is that it is the home to some of the famous educational and military institutions of the country. Along with these, it is the home to some of the famous research institutes of the country, as well. Since the place is known to welcome people with different cultural backgrounds, it has gone on to become a cultural hub. This has paved way for a unique culture of the city. With the city reaching new heights, the place is calm and quiet. Coupled with the fact that the crime rate is one of the lowest in the country, it works out to be a perfect recipe for the elderly group.


Because of its location at the foot of the Himalayas, the climate of Dehradun is moderate. In a way, it is just like any other North Indian city, which is a replica of warm summers, rainy monsoons, and balmy spring along with chilly winters. The climate of the place is also dependant on the altitude as the higher you go, the colder one is bound to feel. Summer temperatures are not so on the higher range, but it is the winters, which are the cause of concern as the temperatures are bound to touch freezing levels. In the summers, the temperatures are in the range of 15 to 35 degrees Celsius, whereas in the winters, they fall in the preview of 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. One of the major talking points of the place is the monsoon. The rainfall occurs between the months of June and September. This is not forgetting to mention the fact that some amount of rainfall is prevalent in the month of January along with December.

So to withstand the cold temperatures of the place, adequate protection in the form of proper clothes is necessary. This is all the more so for the fairer sex and women’s winter parka jackets online would be not at all a bad option. It is a must for them as they are protected from the cold and chilly winds. Though woolen wear from other materials are also available, wool is the most preferred one as it is long lasting.

Yusmarg: The Jesus connection

The Yusmarg hill station is situated at an altitude of 2396 meters in Jammu and Kashmir’s Badgam district and is 47 km from Srinagar. It is a lovely valley covered with pine and fir forests, amid snow-clad mountains. The popular tourist destination, set amid the imposing Himalayan Pir Panjal range, is located on the banks of the Doodhganga, a tributary of the Jhelum. It has the Sunset peak and the Tatakooti peak close by.

A divine place

Yusmarg is well known for another reason. In the Kashmiri language, the name Yusmarg means the meadow of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus Christ had come to Kashmir and stayed at Yusmarg for some time. The haunting two-hour drive to Yusmarg from Srinagar is a clue to what the divine place has in store for the fortunate visitors. The natural setting is fascinating and picturesque. But snowfall can block the road in the winter.

Adventure tourism

It is the right place for adventure tourism. Doodganga has on its banks breath-taking meadow of Tosa Maidan, which nomads use for cattle grazing. A 4-km trek leads to the Nilnag lake surrounded by pine trees. The area has plenty of springs, including the one at Khag, which is known for its curative properties. Another 10-km trek takes the visitors to a frozen lake in Sang-e-Safed valley. Ice covers most of the lake ev

121_Womans Parka Jackets

Lazy wandering

Adventure lovers stay here for a week, stay in tents and trek to various peaks in the region. They can also go in for horse riding and enjoy long rides at reasonable charges. Fishing and photography are other popular activities here. But many tourists enjoy the quietness of the place. Yusmarg is not crowded like most other hill stations near Srinagar. So it is easy for the tourists to relax, wander lazily and aimlessly in the beautiful setting and unwind to overcome the stress and strain of their routine life.

Places of interest

Other places of interest include sunset peak, Mahadiv mountain, Watlab countryside by the Wular lake, Achabal garden, which was the favorite of Mughal Empress Noor Jehan, and Daksum, a walker’s paradise. The valley has the best spring flowers in Kashmir and the rural region has some of the most haunting scenery.

How to reach

The closest airport to Yusmarg is Srinagar, which has regular flights to Shimla, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Delhi. Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station for Yusmarg. It is connected by regular and direct buses to Srinagar. Local buses can take visitors to Chrarar e Sharief in Badgam district.

A mild summer

The summer temperatures in Yusmarg range a minimum of 18 ℃ to a maximum of 30 ℃. In winter, the temperature varies from a minimum of minus 2 ℃ to a maximum of 15 ℃. May to September is the right time to visit Yusmarg. There is snowfall in December and January. Families arriving for a holiday in Yusmarg in summer don’t need too much of protection against weather. The female members can try woman’s parka jackets and feel comfortable enough. During winter though, good protection against cold is mandatory.

Some useful tips for your Ladakh trip

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you are planning to visit Ladakh, then you are in for an experience of a lifetime. However, beauty comes in with its own set of dangers. Therefore, if you do not plan your trip well, you are bound to be in some sort of trouble. Therefore, it would be a good idea to know about the culture, climate and other important aspects of Ladakh so that you can plan your trip accordingly. A well planned trip will leave you with some incredible memories of Ladakh.


One can visit Ladakh at any time of the year. However, the most beautiful part to visit this part of the world is between the months of June to October. Most of the routes are closed during the winter season. As there is excessive snow, avalanches takes place. Therefore, trekking can be a problem during the winter months. However, the hill routes are still open at Kahltsey route. The time between January and March is the most ideal time to go for a trip to Chadar. Therefore, it is important for you to understand on when is the best time to visit Ladakh. In this manner, you would be able to make up for most of your trip.


Wearing proper clothing is important if you do not want to have frost bites all over your body. The kind of clothes you have to carry will depend upon the time of the trip, and also the parts of Ladakh, which you would want to explore. Say, for example, if you are planning to go to Zanskar, you would additional clothes in the evenings. However, day time is not all that chilly, and you can move around with a cotton clothes. In this regard, you could opt for jackets for women online in India from the various shopping websites.


The beauty of opting the online route is that you can get a variety of discounts and the sizes as per your patterns. Most of the shopping websites tend to offer freebies to lure customers and one must go through the reviews of each and every brand before they eventually purchase the product. In fact, the best time to purchase winter clothes is during the summer months when the price is on the lesser side and the demand is not all that more, as well.

During summers, the temperature in this part of the world is around 30 degree Celsius. However, the temperature during the winter months may drip to minus 20 degree Celsius. The amount of rainfall in this part of the world is also quite less. The rapid rise and fall of the temperature levels may cause unaccustomed reactions to the human being if proper amount of clothing is not worn. Therefore, additional clothing is a must to handle the chilly weather in this part of the world.