How to keep your child safe his winters

Thermal wear is an essential part of winter wear that is a must for the wardrobe of a person. Children are vulnerable to the cold as they have a weak immune system as compared to adults. They easily fall victim to the harsh winds of the winter season. The body of children is not able to produce enough amount of heat to withstand the cold season, and hence they need protective clothing, which could help in retention of body heat within the body. The best way to protect your children is thermal wear. Some layers of warm clothing and a layer of thermal wear can provide them with the maximum amount of protection from the winds.

In the past, thermal wear was made from cotton, and many manufacturers have preferred it as the best form of thermal wear till now. Although for kids, thermal wear are made up of wool along with fleece so that they can provide maximum amount of warmth to them. If your baby is going to stay at home for the whole day, then you can let him wear long cotton johns. It is because when your child is going to be active, he is bound to sweat a lot. Cotton will absorb the sweat and make your kid feel uneasy.


On the other hand, the woolen fabric spreads the sweat evenly on a large surface area so that it evaporates easily and fast and your child remains even after perspiration. Thermal wear are also available in synthetic materials, but it is not advisable to buy synthetic fiber material for your kid as the skin of the little ones are sensitive and could experience irritation and allergy from synthetic fibers. Nature fibers like wool are best as far as thermal wear for girls and boys is concerned.

One can find a variety of thermal wear for children at your local garment shops and shopping malls. Shopping at physical stores can be tiresome and time consuming. Also, they do not have many products to offer you, as well. In that case, you should opt for the online route. Numerous benefits are associated with online shopping. Online shopping saves your time and effort as you do not have to visit the numerous physical stores in search of the best product for your child.

The online stores offer you the widest range of products ranging from jackets, sweater, and thermal wear to other form of accessories. This allows you to shop for the kid’s winter wardrobe at one place. One can easily compare the price, which are offered by different online sellers so that you could choose the best in terms of quality as well as the price of the product. The prices, which are offered by the online stores are much lesser when one compares it to the offline stores. Hence, online shopping is the best idea when it comes to shopping for winter wear.

Kerala and its Hills

Travelers around India look out for new places to visit to spend the holidays. If you are looking for a hill station with moderate climate and gorgeous landscapes, you should visit Kerala. Yes, the coastal state of Kerala has a share of hill stations too. Munnar in Kerala can be a great vacation spot with its hills and greenery. Many are aware about the lush green lands in Kerala, but Munnar is not just about the green, it is also about the blue that the sky and the waters, spread on this land; also about the pure white that spreads when the mist and clouds touch the heavenly earth. Let us hence visit and experience some of the colors that Munnar spreads on our hearts.


The Tea Gardens

With plenty of Tea estates and gardens in Munnar, you would need a few days just to have a look at all of them. Varieties of tea flavors are cultivated in Munnar, and you can also have a taste of them in the Tea Gardens. You can also buy your favorite tastes of tea, to trigger conversations with your friends back home. Rainy season is much longer in Kerala, so always prepare for some loving moisture when you visit the ‘God’s own country’. Use water resistant jackets to stay away from cold. Women, can forget to stay prepared, but you always have a choice; you can buy women jackets online in India and get it delivered wherever you are.


Top Station

The Top Station of Munnar would simply make you think about early retirement. The Top Station is situated on the Kannan Devan hills. Top Station is a spectacular view point that provides a glimpse on a small part of the majestic Western Ghats. The mountain range clad in green from top to bottom enchants many tourists every year. Never miss out on this location if you love nature.


The Lock Heart Gap

The name has it all; situated on Munnar-Madurai highway, The Lock Heart Gap is a clearing in woods, revealing a majestic view behind it. As the name shouts out, it is known to lock hearts of many travelers travelling on the highway. On a normal early morning, the mist looks like it is rising from the trees, to the sky. It can be once in a lifetime moment for writers and poets, as the clouds seem to hatch in the forest and then travel to their mother skies. These are just a few view points out of more than 50 in Munnar. Hence if you visit Kerala, don’t forget about Munnar or you missed it all.

Stay safe while you travel to these locations. These are woods and forests that can have robbers and wild animals on your way. Check your vehicle well before leaving and don’t stop anywhere in the forest; wild elephants turn over buses and trucks, so if you encounter a wild elephant on your way, honk your horns loudly and flash your headlights repeatedly. This disturbs the jumbo and it may fall back.

Travel safe and enjoy Kerala!

Run! It’s Winter

Winter gets all the health conscious people worried, as working out in the cold weather can be very uneasy. Running, walking or simply sweating, can lead to life threatening situations during cold weather. Running on the treadmill, turns out to be the option for many, during winters. However, we all know that treadmills can’t match the fun of outdoor exercises. So, if you want to work out with nature, even in its harshest times, you need to be prepared for the weather.

Factors to Understand

Running or jogging requires great physical effort, which triggers rapid deep breathing, sweating, fatigue and increasing heart rate. With every deep breath, you take cold winter air straight into your lungs; this decreases your inner temperature. The work out simulates sweating which also cools you down when it dries on your skin. Decrease in body temperature and increased heart rate can all be dangerously fatal.

Well, if you understand cooling of your body, you already made it out that, proper methods to keep the cooling agents away from body and keeping the body warm can easily tackle with the situation. Hence, all you need to do is choose the right winter wear before you hit the road, for jogging in the early winter mornings.

Let us take look on clothing that is necessary for outdoor exercise in winter.


Head and Neck

Studies show that sensitive areas like your nose, ears and neck are sensitive to lower temperatures and hence covering them up before running can be very effective in keeping the internal body temperature stable. Check out the long lists of beanies, mufflers and scarves, and make your choice according to your activity. Synthetic and woolen fabrics would be a better choice, as cotton holds moisture. Woolen and synthetic fabric will keep the head warm and wick the moisture that your body releases during workout.

Body Coating

Choose to wear minimum three layer clothing, but the bulky layers can be a discomfort while exercising. Hence, it is very important to choose thin and warm layers for winter exercises. Put on a thermal wear, as your inner layer and a combination of hard and soft shell jackets, as the outer two layers. The thermal wear, wicks the body sweat to the outer layer for evaporation, while the soft shell jackets, will keep your body warm and the hard shell jackets effectively keep the wind and atmospheric moisture, away from the body. Women can choose well insulated sleeveless jackets that allow free movement to your arms. Sleeveless winter jackets for women would keep the body warm and free movement of arms can save energy during workouts.


Happy Feet

Wet and cold feet during winter can lead to painful infections. Always use well insulated boots that are water repellant. Insulating linings are available in market separately and hence, you can just introduce the insulated lining to your normal shoes, to turn them into winter shoes. However always make sure that your shoes don’t soak up water and transfer it in.

Your body releases heat during workout, however, during winter, loss of heat means death. So, simply choose the clothes that can keep your body heat in good levels and transfer the sweat away from body contact so that you can run all winter long.

Sense and Dressing

Unity in diversity has been India’s motto for long. Well, but if you count the diversities it can be a very long list. India is so different in every state; clothes, culture, people, languages even weather are different in every state in India. Yes, there are places in India where winter is much like a sunny summer, on the other hand, there are places where winter kills people. Human fatalities and discomfort arise during winter due to poor sense of clothing. Winter has to be dealt with, in a more careful way as it is one of the most extreme seasons.

Let us check what can save your winter days.


Never forget your jackets and if you don’t have it yet, buy one quick. Shawls, blankets and sweaters can work in moderate cold, but it does not prevent wind from entering into your inner clothing. Jackets effectively keep the wind out due to the insulation and zips, helping the inner body to maintain its higher temperature. Always leave home with a jacket because winter can be very unpredictable. You can easily go online for winter wear shopping. A wide range of products like soft shell jackets, hard shell jackets and insulated jackets are available online. Not only for men, but you can also buy winter jackets for women online.


Check Your Chores

Always check your daily plans, and understand what type of dressing should be preferred, according to your activity. If you are going to stay outdoors with some physical effort, use flexible material jackets that allow free movement of your body. Sportsmen and adventure hunters should prefer using wind cheating and water resistant materials. Office workers can pile up with layers of winter wear, to keep themselves warm till they reach the office. As mentioned above, you must always check what you are going to do and dress accordingly to adjust with nature.

Layers of Warmth

Always dress in layers in winter, to stay warm and healthy. Minimum three layers of clothing is required to ensure safety. You must always have an inner layer of thin thermal wear, a shirt or woolen wear as middle and an outer layer of good insulated jacket. Every layer actually stops wind from going any closer to your body. With this way of dressing, it is ensured that the innermost layer of thermal wear is kept warm and untouched by the chilling weather. This ensures that your body stays in contact with a warm fabric, covered with other layers of thick clothing. Dressing in layers works well, even in the coldest places on earth.


Life threatening situations and experiences are not only for the television, but can also happen to anyone, anytime. Layer clothing according to your activity and good jackets, can easily make your way through the chills of winter. However, along with the above mentioned clothing ideas, it is also important to make changes in your diet according to the seasons. Increase fats and proteins in your diet, to ensure warmth from within and implement sensible clothing, to ensure warmth outside.

Stay stylish during withers without giving up your comfort

In winters, everyone wants to look great but it seems so hard and difficult to stay warm as well as stylish with such heavy and bulky. The wide range of winter wear available in the market can overwhelm you and get you confused about which one to buy for maximum style and warmth during the winter season. Here are some of the practical winter styling tips which will not only make you look good but will also provide you best comfort level during the cold season.

Buy cashmere

Buy some cashmere sweaters to add glamour as well as luxury to your wardrobe. They are best for warmth and comfortable as well. When it comes to woollen wear, there is nothing better than cashmere.

Thermal wear

Buy some sets of good quality thermal wear s they are soft and can provide a high level of insulation to your body. The best thing about thermal wear is that they go well with any type of outfit as you need to wear them as an undergarment you need not to worry about how they look on you. When you are wearing thermal wear, you can also skip a layer or two from your winter dressing, which makes you, feel light and also it does not affect your comfort level. Make sure you buy thermal wear with perfect fitting so that they could provide you best protection from cold. Wrong fitting would either create irritation or will not provide any protection from cold at all.

29_winter jacket

Include some jackets to your collection

Women’s winter jackets are the ultimately stylish winter wear to include in your winter wardrobe. The winter jackets never go out of trend because there are so many designs and styles available for you in the market. Another reason for their popularity is that they provide you best styling opting without compromising with the comfort level.


Leather winter wear are also a good choice for winters. They are very stylish and are warm too. They are always in trend and you will love them. The most favourite colour for leathers is black but other colours like brown are also gaining popularity.


The cardigan sweaters provide you the best option for layering during winters. They are light weight and are very warm for extra comfort during the winter season. They can be well paired with denim jeans or trousers as well as with skirts too.

Foot wear

Do not forget your foot wear for winter style and comfort. Buy a set of tall boots with warm lining which look extremely sexy and stylish and also protect your feet from extreme cold outside. along with boots, you should buy some woollen socks also as they not only keep you feet warm but also absorb the sweat from your feet and keep them dry and free from odour.

With these styling tips for winters, you don’t have to give up your comfort to look good in winters.

Thermal wear for extremely cold climate

In India, the northern parts of the country receive extreme climatic conditions. In most of the places, winters come very soon and say there for a long time. In some places, temperature can go as low as minus 250 c to 300c whereas in some places, temperature remains in single digits for many weeks which can be very dangerous for people if proper protection from cold is not available. In such frigid climatic conditions, it becomes very tough to go out.

Protect your self

One of the best ways to protect you during extreme winters is to stay at home near fireplace so that you don’t have to face the fierce climatic conditions outside but this is not a viable solution. Most of the people have to get out of the house necessarily for various purposes. Children have to attend school. Adults have to go to market and work. You cannot avoid all of this because of cold weather outside. It would be better to adopt some feasible protection from cold which allows you to go outside for different purposes.

Winter wear

Although the southern states never receive such extremely low temperature hence they do not need any type of special protection from cold but people living in the northern region where climate is frigidly cold, they need proper and heavy winter wear to protect themselves from extreme cold. These winter wear include sweaters, jackets, long coat, warm trousers and many more but when the temperature is near zero degree Celsius, you will need thermal wear which can give you a lot of additional protection and warmth.


Thermal wear

Thermal wears are very popular nowadays as a good protection from cold weather. They are usually made from high quality materials such as wool, polyester, nylon, cotton and fleece. These materials are best for providing insulation to the body as well as keep it dry by absorbing moisture from the body. Thermal wear come with a close fitting at the wrist and ankles. This tight fitting prevents cold air from entering the clothing hence protects the body from cold.

Buy online

Due to increasing popularity of thermal wear as a nice protection from cold, thermal wear for both men and women are now available widely at online as well as physical stores. The physical stores might not be able to much variety of products when it comes to designs and colours and it also takes a lot of time to explore different store from place to place. You can also buy online cotton thermals women as at online stores, you have the choice of having a look at the widest range of products with a large variety of designs and styles. Another benefit of online shopping is that you can explore the products offered by a large number of sellers in very less time and without spending much energy and choose the one that suits best to your requirements and budget.

How to choose the base layer of your winter clothing

In winters, everyone is looking for clothing that makes them not only warm but also makes them look stylish especially women who are very conscious about their looks. Winter wear are mainly very heavy and bulky which add a lot of bulge to your looks unnecessarily. One best thing that you can do to stay war as well look slim is to wear thermal wear during winter season.

Thermal wear or usually called long johns are very popular as winter clothing as they provide you best solution for insulation from cold as well absorbing moisture from the body. Here are some features of thermal wear that make them best option for maximum warmth and comfort during cold days.

  • Better at taking perspiration away from the body.

  • Faster drying as compare to cotton fabric.

  • Reduce the risk of irregular body temperature.

These features make them a life saver in extremely cold or breezy climate. Thermal wear for women are available in a variety of fabrics and materials with different features and qualities. Let us discuss the different thermal wear for women in details.


Synthetic thermal wear

Synthetic thermal wear are made from basically polyester and other synthetic fibres. The synthetic thermal wear feels very soft against skin. They have a very light weight. They are non-absorbent fibres hence they do not absorb moisture from the body instead they transport the moisture to the outer surface which speeds the evaporation. The synthetic fibre also dries up very well in very less time. The synthetic thermal wear is cheaper than other types. The problem with synthetic fibres is that they get stained very easily and cannot be worn more than once without washing as there would be odour build-up. Also the synthetic thermal wear may cause some allergies on your skin hence you need to be careful while buying them.

Woollen thermal wear

Woollen thermal wear are the most preferred option for women as the wool is better in absorbing more sweat as well as proving warmth to the body. Nowadays, women pure-wool thermal wear as well as merino wool thermals are popular amongst women. Merino wool thermal is softer than the traditional wool and is also light weight. As they are natural fibres, there is very less chance that your skin would be allergic to them and they are safe for your body. The problem with woollen thermal wear is that they can shrink upon washing as well as they take more time in drying up once they have absorbed moisture. Also woollen thermal wear are more expensive as compared to synthetic thermal wear.

Apart from them, you can also find silk (treated silk) Thermal wear and cotton thermal wear at the online and physical stress which are not as popular as synthetic or woollen ones but still are available if someone wants to try.

How to use summer outfits in winter layer clothing?

With the imminent arrival of the winter season, there are lot of changes in weather and behaviour of the nature. The trees all over the area start shedding their leaves, the warm blooded animals including the human beings start preparation for the onset of the winter season. The homes and other places are winterized, the vehicles are overhauled and the repair companies start preparing them for cold winter season and snow on the roads.

Most of the people start bringing out winter wardrobe from the closet where they were safely stored with mothballs. They start checking the winter wear for damage and sizes for themselves as well as the other family members. In addition to that, they start collecting summer clothes and put them in storage for next summer season. But, you can also use summer clothes during winter season by combining them with other layers in winter clothing. You can also make a stylish statement with these combinations and still keep warm with summer blouses as well as summer dresses.

For successful combination of summer clothing in winter layers, you must have these necessary winter accessories in your wardrobe for winter,

132_girls coat

  1. Ladies Knitwear

  2. Thermal underwear

  3. Boots.

  4. Fashionable scarves

  5. Leggings and tights

When you are combining your summer dresses and clothing with winter layers, the first accessory you require is ladies knitwear in varying styles such as ribbed jersey tops, turtle necks, polo necks, scoop neck jerseys, v neck knitted tops and lightweight long sleeve turtle neck jumpers. The fabric combination of this knitwear can include cotton, cashmere and wool. This is because the lightweight knitwear gives a less bulky look under the summer pinafores or dresses. The variety in necklines of knitwear offers you lot of flexibility for mix and match the layers as per necklines. You can also wear lightweight long cardigans and short cardigans over the summer dresses as and summer sleeveless tops.

Once you have lot of variety in collection of these five necessary winter accessories in your winter wardrobe, you can layer up the summer dresses by slipping roll neck polo or a lightweight long sleeve jersey under summer dress for making a style statement or for extra warmth in your body. You can accessorise the outfit with tights or leggings for keeping your legs warm and add the knee high boots. You can also wear winter jacket over the outfit to keep warm. To complete the ensemble, you can wrap the large scarves about your neck to accentuate the outfit and keep the body warm. If you don’t have the matching jacket for the outfit, you can browse and purchase jackets for women in India online from the comforts of the home.

With plain coloured pullovers, you can choose the summer blouses, which are long sleeved and geometric patterned. Taka for, an example, if you use a yellow pullover, which is combined with the summer blouse that has a white shirt collar with turquoise brown and long sleeves, it will make a fabulous fashion statement.

How to keep body warm during the harsh cold winter?

Although, winter season is anticipated greatly by the people all over the world, who want to escape the heat of summer season and mud of rainy season, yet they have to prepare themselves for retaining the body warmth. There are many ways in which they can keep the body warm during the harsh winter season. Some of the interesting and exciting ways include the hot cup of coffee or chocolate, staying near the fireplace of the living room with a good book. You can snuggle in the bed with a warm quilt made by your grandmother for retaining the body warmth. One of the best ways to keep body warm also includes wearing several layers of clothing as well as jackets and down parkas.

It is a known fact that the fabrics, which are used for manufacturing your clothes, reflect your sense of style as well as your personality, which mostly depends upon your preferences and tastes. As your body is very delicate, you need to purchase thick overcoats from saving your body from cold harsh winter season and chilly winds. Most of the women use jackets and parks as the undercoats for the winter season. If you have to purchase the jackets and parkas, you can visit internet and key in words, jackets and down parka women on any major search engine for the best deals which are available in the market. If the temperature in your area goes down to 0 degree, you must wear sweatshirts with long sleeves under other winter clothing for the prevention of cold.

133_women jacket

You can combine these garments with trainers or cotton Capri under the jeans. You can wear socks and favorite boots on the feet. You can wear skiing snow shoe when you are going out in the thick snow. For keeping your torso warm, you can wear the jacket of skiing suit. Also, you should never forget the winter accessories such as hats and earmuffs. To complete the winter ensemble, you also need to wear gloves or mittens and scarves.

But, while protecting your body from harsh winter season, you should not fail to take current fashion trends in the consideration. There are many types of women’s headbands, which look very pretty in beanies as well as knitted headbands. There is a very large selection of knitted headbands as well as beanies in the market available in various colours and patterns. You can match them with your winter outfit and make a fashion statement in this festive season. To add texture in your winter ensemble, you can pair a flat textured beanie with a bubble scarf or a colourful scarf as per your choice. When you wear the warm colourful long sleeved top, you can match fingerless or cashmere gloves with them to complete the ensemble.

For winter parties, you can get a pair of excellent flat boots and over the knee heeled boots during the season. You can wear a couple of chunky jewellery to complete this sophisticated and elegant personality.


All about fashion accessories and their effect on your style statement

Every person has experienced some day when everything goes wrong while getting ready for the office. The clothing, which has been earmarked for the office, looks mismatched or incomplete whatever you wear does not look good. Also, nothing works when you try to have neutral look while going to the office. As you are getting late, you do not have any time to start getting ready all over again. Here, you can use the fashion accessories to complete the ensemble. These fashion accessories can turn a dull look to a diva.

The fashion accessory, which you can grab in a hurry, can include an oversized handbag, a unique stylish bracelet, or a scarf, which you can tie around your waist. The proper and imaginative use of fashion accessory can change your personality and overall look in a dramatic way. When you visit the market or online store, there are unlimited ranges of fashion accessories, which are available and you can purchase as per your choice.

But, you cannot wear all the accessories at once and look like any cartoon. Here, we will give you some idea about how to wear some fashion accessories, which have the ability to transform your rather dull looks to a fashion diva or which can take your style quotient a step further. Not only you will love these fashion pieces, but you will also feel very comfortable while wearing at your home or outside your home.

128_women jacket

The one special statement piece

The statement piece can be broadly defined as the jewellery piece which oozes sense of style, boldness and loads of confidence on the part of the wearer. It can be a big cocktail ring, necklace, or a bracelet which is centre of attraction for the audience. You can wear a simple outfit and choose the right statement piece for gaining extra attention.

Oversized Handbag

Do you have a tablet and a smart phone and need to carry a big handbag. You can choose an oversized handbag as the fashion accessory with you that are also useful to carry your required items with safety and security. The oversized handbag is one of those accessories which helps to boost your personality as well as completes the external look. There are many styles in oversized handbags which are available for the benefit of the customers such as big vintage style frame handbag or beaded style to match different outfits.

Magic with scarves

If you want to jazz your simple and boring outfits in office, scarves are the definite magic you require to complete the ensemble. Tying the colourful scarf around your neck and waist can give a complete makeover to your simple winter outfit.

While taking your style quotient one step higher, don’t forget to protect your body against the harsh winds of cold winter season. Check your winter wardrobe before the arrival of winter season. Make a list and shop for winter wardrobe including jackets for women online in India at elite winter wear store where you can select the best items from famous brand names. Enjoy and have fun during your winter shopping online.