The perfect wear this winter!

With the arrival of winter, every person thinks of upgrading their wardrobe with new and more effective form of dresses. When it comes with winter wear, most of the people think of layer after layer woolens, which is necessary to protect yourself from the warm as well as chilly winds of the winter season. Well, that was the old perception that the winter wear has to be heavier in order to be efficient. In the present day scenario, the technology has become so advanced, and at the same time, the designers have also become creative that they are presenting new and stylish form of winter wear that not only offers you protection from the cold, but makes you warm and comfortable, as well. Here a few options, which you could consider while buying and upgrading your winter wear.


They are one of the most authentic and ultimate pieces of clothing, which is worn in the winter months. In the days gone by, the sweaters were knitted by hand and used to be heavy and bulky due to the reason that the woolen fiber, which were used in the manufacturing of the sweaters were not of very high quality. Well, now the situation has changed drastically. Most of the brands offer a wide range of stylish sweater vests, which are light in weight and offer you a stylish and slim look. These sweaters are manufactured using the finest quality of wool, which is processed by the most appropriate techniques so that they do not look bulky. In case, you are looking to find women’s winter wear plus size in India, you can log on to the internet. Online fashion stores provide the best option as far as women are concerned.

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They are considered to be the most stylish piece of winter wear. They are worn by people of all age groups or classes and never get out of fashion. The jackets for men as well as women are available in various patterns, as well as sizes. You can find hooded jackets, denim, fleece and leather jackets. It is up to you to choose the one based on your budgets as well as your requirements. One can get quality jackets in the various online stores as per their needs and choice.

A nice thermal wear can be your friend during the winter months. It is meant to insulate your body by wrapping it round your body. If you are looking to get complete protection from the winter, then you need to wear it next to your skin. It prevents the body heat escaping and keeps your body warm, when you are inside the house. One of the biggest plus of winter wear is that you do not need to put many layers of woolen. In fact, after you put on thermal wear, it is more than enough.

Gangtok: the paradise on earth

Gangtok is the capital and the largest town in the Indian state of Sikkim. It also happens to be headquarters of the East Sikkim district. As far as Gangtok is concerned, it is located at the Eastern Himalayan Range with an elevation of 1,650 metre. It is surrounded by high peaks of the Himalayas and it enjoys year round a mild temperature climate. Incidentally, it happens to be the feature of Sikkim’s tourism industry. The precise meaning of Gangtok is not clear, though in a lot of ways it means the “Hill Top”. Today, it is an epitome of Buddhist culture with the presence of a host of monasteries. Like the history of Sikkim, not much is known about the history of Gangtok.



One of the largest industries in Sikkim is the hospitality industry as it works out to be the main base for Sikkim tourism. Spring and summer are the two most common seasons as far as tourism is concerned. Many of the people in this part of the world are employed directly or indirectly in the tourism industry with many residents owning and working in hotels along with restaurants.

Eco tourism has emerged as the major activity in this part of the world, which includes river rafting, mountaineering and other nature oriented activities. In the year 2007, an estimated 207,000 tourists visited the city, which generated revenue up to 50 crores. The Nathula Pass, which is located about 50 km from Gangtok, used to be primary route for the wool, fur, and spice trade. The pass was reopened in the year 2006, to boost the trade scenario of Gangtok.



It features a monsoon oriented subtropical highland climate. Because of its sheltered and closed environment, it enjoys a mild temperature climate all the year round. Like most of the Himalayas, regions, Gangtok has 5 seasons. As far as the temperature range is concerned, it varies from 22 degree Celsius to 4 degrees in the winters. The monsoon time is characterized by torrential rains, which cause landslides. It is during this time of the year that the region is cut off from the rest of the country. This season starts from the middle of May with the peak in July. Snowfall is pretty rare, and there have been only a few situations where the temperature has gone below the freezing point. During the spring season, the weather is mainly sunny as well as mild.

So if you are planning to travel to this part of the world, then ensure that you have sufficient amount of winter clothes. Even if you are of plus size, no worries, shopping of plus size winter wear women’s online in India is also an option, which you could exercise as you can get a variety of designs at attractive rates of discount. But please go through the terms and conditions of each shopping website before you eventually purchase the product.

All about fashion and layers of winter clothing

The advent of winter season does not prevent the ladies from making the style statement. Although, they have to wear several layers of winter clothing outfit for the protection of their body from the cold winds and heavy snow fall in the winter season outside the warm and cosy home, it does not prevent them to impress others with their fashion sense and style. Most often, the prominent designers announce two or three colours as the flavours at any season and design their collection, which highlights every shade of those colours.

Evidently, the crowd, which prides them themselves on setting the trend, does not fall behind in purchasing the new garments and wear them during any events such as Christmas parties, office functions and other places. One of the most garments, which are very popular with this crowd, is jackets and coats. Normally, the coats are available in neutral colours in cold winter season such as black, white, grey, etc. But the fashion designers have made these colours redundant with some lovely colours so that the wearers standout from the crowd. They have become an important item in any women’s winter wardrobe during the cold winter season.

Layers in winter clothing

Every person has to wear several layers of clothing to ward off cold wind and protect the body with the cosy warmth.

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  1. Thermal wears next to the skin

The first layer of the winter clothing is definitely the thermal wear, which is always next to the skin of the body. The thermal wear has been specifically designed to insulate the body warmth and protect it from the cold winds of the winter season. This material is very effective for the protection of the body.

  1. Top or dress

The second layer of the winter clothing consists of normal garments such as tops, t-shirts, dresses, pants and trousers, as well as woollen slacks. Some people also wear casual jeans at home and when they are going outside.

  1. Sweaters, skivvies

The third layer of winter clothing can be defined by the sweaters and skivvies or half –sweaters. Their function is to retain the warmth of the body inside.

  1. Jackets

This comprises the next layer of winter clothing. They are available in the market in several colors, patterns and designs. The user can make a lot of choices based upon her taste and the affordability. She needs to check her budget before the purchase of jackets in the market.

  1. Coats

This is the last and outermost layer of winter clothing, which is available in various designs, patterns and colours. You will also require various accessories such as mufflers, hat, caps and gloves to complete the ensemble.

These are the essential layers of winter clothing in any women’s winter wardrobe. When the arrival of winter season is imminent, you should check your winter wardrobe for lack of adequate clothing. If there is any deficiency, you can make a list and visit online stores for the best choice and prices from the comfort of your home. If you want to get more choices, you can use keywords such as winter mufflers for women online shopping”. You can get the best choices and deals on the internet in your leisure time.